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Members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary, personal or personal and prejudicial interests they may have and the nature of those interests relating to items on this agenda and/or indicate if S106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.   


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 74 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held 31st January 2017.


The Health and Wellbeing Board considered the minutes of its last meeting held 31st January 2017. Further to minute no. 35 (Membership of the Integrated Commissioning Board) in response to a question from the Board’s HealthWatch representative, asking if the membership of this body could be further extended, the Chief Executive reported that membership issues were being reviewed and further requests for organisations to be represented thereon would be considered in due course.


DECIDED - That the minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board, held 31st January 2017, be approved as a correct record.  


Shadow Integrated Commissioning Board pdf icon PDF 66 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held 14th March 2017


DECIDED – That the Minutes of the meeting of the Shadow Integrated Commissioning Board held 14th March 2017, be noted.


Rochdale Boroughwide Housing pdf icon PDF 239 KB

Presentation by representatives of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing


The Health and Wellbeing Board received a presentation from the Ms. Anna Charlton representing Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) regarding the services that they provide for their tenants in terms of their impact on health and wellbeing.


RBH had specialist teams that worked to promote health related issues such as the Independent Living Team which worked in close association with the Council’s Adult Care Service and the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group helping to meet disability needs through adaptations and best use of existing homes and often supporting hospital discharges.


The presentation referred to the RBH response team and to their ‘extra care’ facility that was based at the Harehill Court complex in Littleborough. The presentation also analysed the work of the RBH’s Community Partnership team. Their role was to engage with communities and deliver in partnerships, usually in most deprived parts of Borough:

              Pantry project

              Gardening - Kirkholt

              Big Life health awareness courses

              Digital Inclusion

              Funding to local groups

              Combatting social isolation


Members of the Board asked questions of the presenter seeking clarification on opportunities for work with staff from the Fire and Rescue Service, supported living options (for residents aged 55 years and over), RBH’s attitudes and policy in respect of complaints and the possibility of joint working between RBH and the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust in terms of the provision of mental health services.


DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.


CAMHS Local Transformation Plan pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to report.

Additional documents:


The Health and Wellbeing Board considered a joint report of the Director of Children’s Services and the Director of Integrated Commissioning which advised as to the progress made against the January 2016 Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Local Transformation Plan (LTP). The report also sought formal approval (and sign off) of the CAMHS LTP refresh.


Following publication of ‘Future in Mind’ local areas were required to develop and publish a Local Transformation Plan for CAMHS in January 2016.  HWBB approved the first LTP in 2016 and this had been published by 31st January 2016 deadline. Local areas were required to publish a refreshed CAMHS LTP by 31st March 2017 – detailing progress made against priorities, financial allocations and future plans.  These are set out in a document that was appended to the submitted report and which had been developed by the Borough’s CAMHS Partnership.


DECIDED – That the Health and Wellbeing Board approves the refresh of the Borough’s Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Local Transformation Plan (LTP), for publication by 31st March 2017.


Locality Plan

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to report.


The Board received a report of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group for Rochdale was presented, for Members to have sight of and an opportunity to comment on the developing Transformation Fund bid in support of the Rochdale Borough Locality Plan.


Members of the Committee had received as background –

·         the draft Transformation Fund Bid (v3)

·         the six programme overviews circulated to Committee members in July 2016

·         an update report  on Locality Plan programme development submitted with Committee papers in November 2016.


Circulated at the meeting were

·         the draft Transformation Fund Bid (v5)

·         The Locality Plan “Co-operating for a better health and wellbeing”

·         One page overviews of the key themes within the bid

·         Meeting presentation slides

·         Notes of a meeting that members of the Health, School and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee held 27th March 2017


The Board received an update on the bid to ensure Members’ knowledge and appreciation of the Plan.


The Locality Plan was one of ten produced by each of the Greater Manchester (GM) districts that contributed to the GM System Transformation Plan to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.  The Rochdale Plan, which had been subject to extensive consultation in the development phase, had been submitted to the GM Health and Social Care (HSC) Partnership in November 2016.  The changes proposed in the Rochdale Plan would be delivered through six inter-related work programmes; these were those contained in the programme overviews that were previously circulated to Board members in July 2016.


The Transformation Fund bid to the GM HSC Partnership provided an opportunity to bring significant funding to the Borough to assist in the delivery of the Locality Plan. 


The bid offered the opportunity to cover double running costs while assessing transformation proposals.  Consultation from earlier phases had been considered, and further engagement had been undertaken with a wide range of stakeholder including clinicians, staff, public and communities to develop the bid.  The Integrated Commissioning Board and the joint CCG Management Team/RBC Leadership Team had also been involved in the process.


The meeting received a presentation that addressed

·         The matters that the bid would need to demonstrate

·         The criteria against which the bid would be assessed

·         Detail of the engagement to support the submission, along with engagement activities going forward

·         The Cost Benefit Analysis that that required a 3:1 return on investment

·         Managing delivery, performance and benefit

·         Transformation Fund bid themes


DECIDED – That the Rochdale Locality Plan Transformation Fund Bid, be approved in principle, subject to any minor amendments to be made before 31st March 2017 when the Bid is formally submitted and the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Councillor Emsley, be authorised to approve the final document for formal submission.


Suicide Prevention Strategy

Director of Public Health to report.


The Director of Public Health and Wellbeing reported that she had, on 2nd March 2017, held a training session for Rochdale MBC Members on the Greater Manchester Suicide Prevention Strategy. The training session had been well attended and feedback from those 16 Members who attended had been overwhelmingly positive.


To give an indication of the scale of the problem there had been 277 suicides in the Greater Manchester region in 2014. Of the 10 Greater Manchester Authorities 48 occurred in the City of Manchester but Rochdale was second with 31 (11%) which was proportionately higher than its population, which at around 210,000 was about 6% of Greater Manchester’s overall population.


DECIDED – That the report be noted and welcomed.  


Oral Health Improvement Strategy Study Group pdf icon PDF 162 KB


The Health and Wellbeing Board considered a report of the Oral Health Scrutiny Study Group which presented its final report of its study in oral healthcare.


In September 2015 the Health, Schools and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee established a Scrutiny Study Group to attempt to gain an understanding of the prevalence and severity of dental decay amongst the Borough’s residents, especially amongst five year old children and to examine recommended actions for inclusion in the local Oral Health Improvement Strategy 2016 – 2020, to rectify the current situation. The Study was therefore closely linked to the development of the Borough’s Oral Health Improvement Strategy and was concerned with improving health outcomes for service users in the Rochdale Borough which should improve healthy life and wellbeing outcomes. As a consequence, this directly linked into the ‘People’, ‘Place’ and ‘Prosperity’ corporate priorities of the Council.


DECIDED – That the report be noted.


Greater Manchester Civil Resilience Arrangements 2016 pdf icon PDF 55 KB


The Health and Wellbeing Board received a report, for information purposes, that presented an overview of Greater Manchester’s civil resilience arrangements that had previously been considered by the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Steering Group.


DECIDED – That the report be noted.


Health and Wellbeing Board - Draft Work Programme 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 86 KB


The Director of Public Health submitted a draft work programme designed to set the agenda for future meetings of the Health and Wellbeing Board starting in 2017/18. The Director was looking to have ‘themed’ meetings that would be guided and accompanied by presentations designed to encourage discussion and debate. It was suggested that the Health and Wellbeing Board have a separate development session, early in the 2017/18 Municipal Year which would inform the Board’s Work Programme.


DECIDED – That (1) the report be noted;

(2) the Health and Wellbeing Board resolves to hold an informal Development Session at a date and time to be determined, early in 2017/18, for the purpose of developing its Work Programme.