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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 77 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

Updates from the previous meeting

Crompton Avenue culvert - update

·           The repair to the damaged culvert under 2a Crompton Avenue is substantially complete.

·           The culvert running under 2a Crompton Avenue is a 1.8m diameter brick culvert.  The repair was undertaken by contractors appointed by the household’s insurance company (Direct Line).

·           A substantial part of the culvert had collapsed leading to large amounts of bricks and spoil being washed downstream and posing an increased risk of future blockage of the culvert with subsequent risk of flooding.

·           The contractors have cleared the debris which was sitting in the culvert under the adjacent road; but have not cleared any more debris present further downstream which may be under private gardens.

·           Rochdale Borough Council’s Legal Team are now pursuing the insurance company (Direct Line) to carry out additional clearance work downstream and they are awaiting their response.

·           Local ward councillors have now instructed that the Highways Department map all the culverts situated in the borough, making sure they are structurally sound.

Potholes – Access path to the front of 1-15 Hill Top Drive
Councillor Meredith escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department and the potholes are now repaired.

Balderstone Library extension – update required
Councillor Meredith acquired an update – the extension is due to start in April 2020.

Crompton Avenue – road repair needed
Councillor Meredith escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department and the road has been repaired.

Hilltop Drive trees
A resident previously requested that Townships raise a tree matter with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.  The trees have since been surveyed and they have been assessed as safe and healthy.  There is a need for some pruning back, but this is non-essential work that will take place once a new supplier has been contracted.  There were some urgent works identified on a tree to the side of 15 Hilltop Drive and Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have instructed Rochdale Borough Council to action this as a priority.


PACT Meeting - Greater Manchester Police


GMP updates
PC J. Thompsen introduced himself to the forum.  He advised that he was pleased that Balderstone and Kirkholt policing team was now fully staffed; made up of one PC and three PCSOs all full time.  Councillor Meredith commented it was great to see the police visibility on the streets.  A resident enquired whether the government had plans to increase neighbourhood policing and GMP advised that there was a plan going forward with the Mayor of Manchester to get community policing back into areas.

PACT priorities
Anti-social behaviour
Drug dealing
Speeding cars

The forum agreed the PACT priorities should stay the same.  GMP advised that recent episodes of anti-social behaviour have mainly been centred at the Stoneyvale Court flats location, but an issue regarding the main door not closing has now been raised with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.  GMP also advised that anti-social behaviour at The Strand has calmed down since the buildings were demolished.

Speeding cars had also been a problem, but a recent traffic operation carried out on 11 March 2020 had involved 22 cars being given tickets for the non-use of seatbelts and cars not being fit for road use.  Future operations every few months will be scheduled.  Councillor Meredith made a request to GMP that he and the other Ward Councillors be informed of the date of any future speed operations, offering their support.  Members of the forum and the GMP held a discussion about hotspots of future operations.

No statistics could be presented to the forum by GMP due to the ongoing problems encountered with the newly installed computerised systems still being down.

GMP reported that they are now receiving reports of bogus callers to residents’ homes offering assistance with shopping, etc, in light of the recent coronavirus situation.  The Council does currently have some staff out in the community offering assistance to residents, but the advice is to be vigilant and if unsure, do not open their doors.


Ward Fund


Township funds are now all spent for this financial year, however, residents are always encouraged to identify any needs in the community, initiatives or groups that could benefit from future grants.  Contact your local Ward Councillors or the Township Office for more information and assistance.

Matters funded in the ward 2019/20

Balderstone Library Christmas event


Santa's Grotto selection boxes


Kirkholt Ride & Repair


Kirkholt Bowling Club Ground Maintenance


Balderstone Library display boards


Wellfield Place Japanese Knotweed


Kirkholt Our Local Pantry Christmas hampers


Apple Tree Way salt bin


Balderstone Road bollards


The Willows Allotment bulbs/seeds


Aldwych & Tavistock Road Junction bollards


Kirkholt Christmas tree


Broad Lane Wood Flag Wall Restoration


Conrad Cole Dedication Service road closures


Flowers for Conrad Cole Dedication Service




Open Forum


Councillor Meredith informed the forum that he is meeting with fellow Councillors and officers, along with volunteers to hand deliver a leaflet to all households of the ward to offer assistance to the more vulnerable members of society.  It will form a co-ordinated response and offer assistance with food, prescriptions and also address any social issues encountered by residents in light of the current situation.

Conrad Cole Dedication Event – 26 February 2020
On the 26 February, Conrad Cole who served with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the youngest soldier to have died in the first Gulf War, was honoured in a dedication service held at the junction of Balderstone Road and the new ‘Conrad Cole Road’, Kirkholt.  The dedication service involved dignitaries, military, family and friends and the event was attended by several hundred people.


Councillor Update


Councillor Nickson
Councillor Nickson gave her apologies but provided the following written update to the forum:

·           Councillor Nickson has been undertaking a variety of casework.

·           Supporting matters at The Willows for the good of patients and local residents.

·           Finalising spending from Ward Funds on bollards along Balderstone Road and also Balderstone Park works.


Councillor Meredith

·           Councillor Meredith advised residents he’s been busy undertaking casework.

·           He has been vocal to senior officers of the Council regarding cancelling all public meetings in light of the current situation concerning COVID-19.

·           Councillor Meredith stated he is opposed to the traffic regulation order for double yellow lines/traffic restrictions on Queensway.

·           Updated that Well i’th Lane has now been resurfaced.

·           Gleeson Home’s new developments situated on both Hill Top Drive and Queen Victoria Street will require resurfacing works carried out to the highway in front of the properties.  Councillor Meredith has written to the developer, stating he feels they should be responsible for these works not the Council.

·           A walk around Balderstone Park was recently carried out by officers and Councillors to address concerns regarding making the park more secure and also in order to plant trees.  The group also have plans to start the process of making it Green Flag status, although this is a lengthy procedure and it may be delayed because of the development plans.

·           Springhill Playing Fields – the location of the footpath to be reinstated is still under discussion due to the plans from 1929 showing it as next to the current touchline of the football field.


Councillor Farnell
Councillor Farnell gave his apologies.




Kirkholt Million
The annual general meeting will hopefully be held next week, but in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, this may now be cancelled.  Preparations are now being finalised regarding the next five year plan, moving forward until the end of the scheme in 2026.  There is a suggestion that £300k is earmarked for schools, but the books still need to be balanced before figures are finalised on expenditure in the future.  The cleaning of the ravine is due to be finished by late spring.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH)
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing g
ave apologies.


Date and time of next meeting


Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 6.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Oldham Road, Balderstone, Rochdale.

Agendas and minutes of the meetings are available on the Council’s website under the heading of ‘Councillors and committees’ and then ‘Agendas, reports and minutes’.