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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Councillor Besford was welcomed as a newly elected Ward Councillor for Littleborough Lakeside and Ann Stott was thanked for her hard work during her time as an Elected Member.


PACT - Greater Manchester Police pdf icon PDF 459 KB


PC Lucas McGregor, Neighbourhood Beat Officer for Littleborough, introduced himself and the PCSOs and gave an overview of the main issues affecting this area, as detailed in the newsletter provided.

Wildlife Crime
A resident was advised that the GMP website gives advice regarding wildlife crime and how to report it.

Off Road Bikes
Residents reported that the bikes are still causing a nuisance; the Police are aware of the situation and reminded residents to continue to report the issues.

Reports were made of vehicles parked at Hollingworth Lake Visitors Centre and the occupants appeared to be smoking drugs.  Police are aware of this issue and regularly patrol the area.  Intelligence was passed directly to Officers present.

Safe Plate Events
Residents asked whether there could be a safe plate event for Littleborough.  Police agreed to include this request for consideration.

Nitrous Oxide Canisters (also known as laughing gas)
Residents reported seeing empty Nitrous Oxide canisters in high volumes in lots of different areas.  The issue can be reported to GMP.  Residents were informed whilst there are a number of side effects, it isn’t illegal to consume Nitrous Oxide, however, legislation is under review.

Traffic Lights at the Ox and Plough Public House
A discussion took place regarding the sequence of the lights which has now improved since the phasing was changed.  It was explained the reason for the louvres on some of the lights is
to avoid confusion for motorists.

Speeding is a constant problem.  GMP have regular operations including assisting with the community speed watch scheme with Councillors.  A request was made for speed humps on Smithy Bridge Road.  Councillor Taylor said he has already asked Highways for speed humps.
Action 1: Establish the criteria for speed humps and seek Highways’ advice (Tracey Knight)

Crime Figures
13 March 2019 – 31 May 2019

Domestic burglary      20        Previously       44
Other burglary             10        Previously       6
Theft of a vehicle        21        Previously       18
Theft from a vehicle   29        Previously       33
ASB issues                  42        Previously       46
Criminal damage        25        Previously       72


Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 79 KB


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a correct record.

Action Updates

Action 1: Missing Road Sign on Wildhouse Lane
Confirmation received from Highways that a replacement sign has been ordered.

Action 2: Temple Lane Traffic Volume and Speed
Response from Highways - I have reviewed a number of service requests that have been logged with Highways over a number of years.  I fully appreciate that Temple Lane is narrow and that this creates pinch points.  There is no formal assessment that could be made to make Temple Lane one-way.  The Council could make a Traffic Regulation Order to make Temple Lane one-way, but the Highways Service does not have a budget to undertake this request, and funding would most likely have to be sought from Township.

Hopefully the below are some useful points to consider;

·         In making the street one-way, speed is likely to increase.  Highways would therefore recommend that the one-way order is accompanied by traffic calming features such as road humps.

·         Whilst damage to vehicles is very unfortunate there is no guarantee that making the street one-way would prevent future damage such that has beendemonstrated on the photos.  Standards of driving and motoring offences are enforced by the Police.


Highways have previously explored the costs of traffic calming to be in the region of £20,000 to add a one-way TRO plus public consultation and associated signing that would need to be lit.  I estimate that the costs would be nearer £40,000.

Action 4: Arrange a public meeting to discuss residents’ concerns regarding GMSF and GM Transport Strategy
The Head of Planning has given the following updates and he advised that they haven’t attended, and will not attend, open public meetings.  Instead they used the formal consultation sessions where Officers could meet with residents individually.

Formal consultation on the GMSF took place from 14 January 2019 through to 21 March 2019 during which time a series of consultation events were hosted across the borough.  This included a session in Littleborough that was well attended by local residents.  The Council’s Transport Strategy Officer attended that meeting and a representative from TfGM was available to speak with residents about transport issues.

During that time residents had an opportunity to submit representations during the consultation period and many did, and the Leader also met with individual groups to listen to their views.  The Head of Planning also attended a meeting with representatives from each of the Green Belt groups in Rochdale to discuss their concerns.

The GMCA, with districts, is now working through those representations and will consider them ahead of the next stages of the plan.

Planning have recently replied to Mr Cropper; the concerns are not new and were dealt with at the time.  It is not thought that the latest email fundamentally changes Planning’s position – but the situation is being double checked.  In summary

·           The Council and Coal Authority are aware of  concerns.

·           Planning contacted the Coal Authority and they had nothing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Councillors Updates


Approved Funding Updates: New grit bin on George Street; Wardle Society grant award for local activities and events; Alderbank grass verge protection; Clough Street play area seesaw; Hollingworth Lake Pavilion raised stone bed for fruit trees; Hollingworth Lake replacement flagpole; NatureEd project at Ealees Woods Forest School.

Clean and Green Schemes: Ribble Avenue; Greencroft Way; Land off Union Road; Duke Street and St Mary’s Primary School; Clough Street; Featherstall Brook View; Featherstall Road; William Street; Milnrow Road/Wildhouse Lane; Hare Hill Park to Cricket Club path; Blackstone Edge Old Road; Whitelees Road; Salley Street.

Other Councillor Updates: Grit bin for Dearnley Cemetery; Community Payback working on land by St Andrew’s Church; Progress with Wardle FC; Paths and kissing gate completed at Dearnley Playing Fields creating a safe access to St Andrew’s School; Litter picks at Birch Hill Lodge and Wardle Village; Improvements to parking site in Wardle Village; Arrange paint to be removed from cobbled area in Wardle Village and Clough Street Play Area; Liaise with Persimmons Homes on behalf of residents on the Birch Hill Estate to resolve ongoing issues in the apartments and on the estate, including plans for the playground.  Organise two public meetings; Arrange for the old gates and stone to be reinstalled back on the Birch Hill Estate; Refurbishment of post box at former Post Office in Wardle; New Bollards on Bamford Street, Duke Street, Featherstall Brook View, Spenwood Fold and Aberley Road; Repair railings on Halifax Road and Foxcroft Street; New signs at the top of Shore, Wuerdle Street and Turf House Close; Repair/replacement of broken/rusty sign outside Wardle Pavilion and bottom of Duke Street; Repair of CCTV in Wardle Library; Ongoing liaison with RBH regarding issues at Crowther and Halliday Court; Corner of Whitelees Road tidy up including new bench to be installed opposite Royal Exchange Pub and new planter at corner of Featherstall Road and Whitelees Road which will contain herbs, for anyone to use; Repair of street lights on New Street and Wardle Village; Meetings with the Leader and RBC Head of Planning about GMSF presenting residents’ concerns and getting an initial briefing on the consultation responses; Met with Environment Agency to learn about their future plans for flood defence in Littleborough; Have got a commitment for landscaping work on the flood defences off Springfield Avenue; Exploring ways to reduce plastic waste around Hollingworth Lake.  More to follow on this in the coming weeks; New waste bin near the children's play area in Hare Hill Park; Virgin Media finally sorted out the dip in the road on Todmorden Road that was making a noise disturbing residents as cars drove over; The fly tipped asbestos on Calderbrook is being removed by the hit team; Graffiti wall in Hare Hill Park - had discussions with artist, Officer is liaising with Schools to get some ideas for designs to be incorporated in the work.


Open Forum


Littleborough Public Conveniences
A resident raised the issue of the lack of public conveniences in Littleborough and the impact this situation has on the visitors to the village.  It was explained that the super-loo was removed as a Council efficiency saving as the annual cost was £31,500 with a total annual income generation of £180.  It was suggested that the Community Toilet Scheme be more widely advertised.
Action 2: Arrange Community Toilet Scheme posters to be displayed (Tracey Knight)

Resurfacing Calderbrook Road
A resident requested an update regarding the plans for resurfacing Calderbrook Road and Clough Road.
Action 3: Request update and feedback to resident (Tracey Knight)

Bus Stop on New Road
Councillors confirmed that the location of the bus stop is in place temporarily for six weeks.

Littleborough Train Station Platform Steps
A resident reported that the new steps which have just been opened leading up to Platform 2 should be clad to be in-keeping with what had been replaced, which hasn’t happened.
Action 4: Report issue to Planning and request action is taken (Councillor Besford)

Lockside Development, Halifax Road
A resident advised that, under the initial plans, the land at the back of the development should be landscaped, instead a hedgerow has been removed and the land was used for storage of building materials.  It was also reported that this land may have been sold for development.
Action 5: Report to Planning and request land status update (Councillor Besford)

A representative from the residents group gave an update to the meeting; this is a community issue which needs to be raised at every opportunity.  A meeting is organised on 30 June at 6.30pm at Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club, everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.  The issues need highlighting and residents are being sought to display banners and spread the word.

The complexity of the online GMSF consultation form was discussed; residents viewed this as obstructive.

It was agreed that the concerns regarding the GMSF and the effects it will have on local infrastructure were shared by residents and Councillors alike.

Councillor Besford gave an update (see Action Updates) and reiterated the process and the Council’s legal framework.

New School
The decision regarding an application for funding for a new school in Littleborough is not yet known; the DfE has not yet responded.

A resident advised that there is now a school bus for Kingsway Park High School starting in September.


Any Other Business


Blokes at Hare Hill House
Thanks were given to the organisers and members of the group which is a social club promoting friendship and reducing isolation and loneliness.  There are now 30 people attending and a similar group has recently started in Heywood.


Date of next meeting


24 September 2019

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