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To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Sultan Ali and Blundell.


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Members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary, personal or personal and prejudicial interests they may have and the nature of those interests relating to items on this agenda and/or indicate if S106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.   


There were no declarations of interests.


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To determine whether there are any additional items of business which, by reason of special circumstances, the Chair decides should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items of business for the Committee to consider.


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To determine any items on the agenda, if any, where the public are to be excluded from the meeting.


There were no private items of business for the Committee to consider.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To consider the minutes of the meeting of the Health, Schools and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee held 27th July 2017.


DECIDED – That the Minutes of the meeting of the Health, Schools and Cate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, held 27th July 2017, be approved as a correct record.


CAMHS Local Transformation Plan pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Report and presentation on propoals for service provision

Additional documents:


The Committee scrutinised a report, of the Director of Children’s Services which advised of progress made against the Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Local Transformation Plan (LTP).


The Committee was advised that following publication of ‘Future in Mind’ local areas were required to develop and publish a Local Transformation Plan for CAMHS in January 2016 and the Health and Wellbeing Board had approved the first LTP in 2016. Local areas were required to publish a refreshed CAMHS LTP by 31st March 2017 – detailing progress made against priorities, financial allocations and future plans and details of these were set out in the appendix that was attached to the Committee’s report that had been developed by the Borough’s CAMHS Partnership.


In addition to the report, the Committee received a detailed presentation from Karen Kenton (RBC – Children’s Services) and Jason Smith (PCFT – CAMHS Service) advising that there had been many achievements during 2016/17, some highlights included:

·                     ‘The Stories we Can Tell’ helping young people who have experienced trauma to tell their stories through a variety of medium – performed to packed audience at Middleton Arena;

·                     Clueless – delivered by M6 theatre company into secondary schools to raise awareness about mental health and self-harm;

·                     Kooth – on line counselling service mobilised;

·                     Community Eating Disorder Service mobilised;

·                     #Thrive – a new service to offer early support for children and young people who may be experiencing emotional wellbeing/health difficulties.  This is based at ‘Around the Corner’ and was launched by the Borough’s Mayor, Councillor Dutton, on 25th March 2017. It offers a café and drop in, self-help and information, awareness and training into schools, social prescribing, as well as a range of psychological therapeutic interventions.


The CAMHS Partnership had identified a number of priorities for 2017/18, including:


·                     Building on the success of and learning from the CCG’s Social Investment Fund. The CCG has commissioned a range of schemes to be delivered by third sector and voluntary organisations which raise awareness of mental health, offer peer support, reduce isolation and stigma. These Groups also engage with vulnerable groups, support participation and engagement and support the wellbeing of asylum seeking children and young people. A prerequisite is that these schemes must link to and enhance the service offer within # Thrive;

·                     Launch of ‘MeMotional’ a new website developed by Early Break aimed at raising awareness around emotions – goes live April 2017;

·                     Evaluations of Kooth and #Thrive to assess impact and to inform future planning;

·                     Redesign core Healthy Young Minds Service;

·                     Redesigning the emotional and mental health ‘front door’ as part of the Borough wide single point of access within the Family Services Model (as developed within locality plan transformation);

·                     Work with Greater Manchester to support development of crisis support, and peri-natal mental services;

·                     Enhance the support and pathways for children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions/ADHD;

·                     Develop enhanced support for asylum seeking children and young people.


The performance of key services in relation to the numbers of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29.


Outcome of NHS England Consultation on Proposed New Clinical Model for Learning Disabilities in the North West pdf icon PDF 4 MB

NHS England report attached.  Further detail available at NHS England consultation learning disability services across North West


Further to Minute 14, of the Committee’s previous meeting, held 4th August 2016, Members received a presentation and report from representatives of NHS England who addressed the Committee in relation to their consultation exercise that was still ongoing: ‘Transforming Care a proposed redesign of Learning Disability Services in the North West’. The report/presentation described the background to the Transforming Care Agenda and detailed the engagement process that had been undertaken with specific reference to the options for the models of service that were being proposed. The proposals were for ‘medium’ and ‘low secure’ beds in England’s North West region.


The model for a low secure unit was designed to meet specific population groups in the North West Region and would consider: services for women, persons with autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities, enduring needs, the rationalisation of some mainstream services and the maintenance of some existing services.


In order to expedite the exercise there was to be a key focus on less in-patient provision and more care within a community setting.  Therefore organisations providing inpatient care for this group of people were under review.  The document also aimed to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and or autism. Mersey Care Specialist Learning Disability Division, formally known as Calderstones Partnership was the only remaining stand-alone Learning Disability Hospital in England, with 223 beds. Calderstones Partnership prior to acquisition had been looking to find other partners to work with in order for them to be viable as a provider of Learning Disability Services in the future. Following a scoping exercise the Calderstones Board agreed that the partner that could bring most benefit to its service users in the long term was Mersey Care.  In March 2015 both Boards agreed that Mersey Care, following its authorisation as a Foundation Trust, which was granted in May 2016, should acquire Calderstones. This acquisition was completed in early July and Calderstones Partnership Foundation Trust was no longer an organisation in its own right. 


The work had coincided with the national plan for learning disability services so that people with a learning disability and/or autism will be supported to lead more independent lives and have a greater say about where they live and the support they receive. Central to the progress being set out in the consultation exercise was the proposal that over the next three years there would be new, high-quality, community-based services, for those with a learning disability and a move away from long stay inpatient hospital care.


The Committee considered the report in some detail commenting on the ambitious breadth and scope of the proposals, the implications for out of borough placements and the impact on local institutions.


DECIDED – That the report and presentation updating the Committee on the consultation exercise: Transforming Care a proposed redesign of Learning Disability Services in the North West’ be noted and welcomed.


Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust - Update

Representatives of the Trust to report


DECIDED – That consideration of the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s update report and presentation be deferred to the Committee’s next scheduled meeting on 23rd November 2017.


Schools Final Outturns and Reportable Surplus 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 218 KB

Report details performance in 2016/17


The Committee scrutinised a report, prepared by the Chief Finance Officer that, in line with the Scheme of Delegation with respect to school budgets, noted the overall position on the balances held in schools.


Under the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 (as amended) and the Scheme for Financing Schools, local authorities in conjunction with their Schools Forum are required to review and challenge the level of surpluses held by individual schools.  In general, funds given to schools are for the purpose of educating the pupils in school at that time, although it is recognised that schools will accumulate some funds for specific longer term planned projects. Excessive accumulation of surpluses, unless saved for a planned purpose, could represent a loss of opportunity for these pupils.


The Committee were advised that the Schools Forum is a statutory body comprising representatives of the Borough’ schools and the local Authority and which had statutory responsibilities for certain school funding and operational issues.


The Committee were informed that the capital funding available to schools had reduced significantly in recent years and schools are increasingly have to use revenue funds to carry out improvement works to their premises. A review of the reportable surplus statements due from schools over the summer months will be analysed and form part of the report to the Schools Forum in October 2017. The Schools Forum being the statutory body to receive such reports.


Following review of the use of reportable surpluses, the Schools Forum has delegated authority to claw back from individual schools any reportable surplus amounts over the agreed percentage which has not been or will not be utilised by schools in accordance with the Scheme. Any funds clawed back go back into the Schools Block to be re-distributed to all schools through the fair funding formula.


In considering the report Members of the Committee sought further details on the pupil premium scheme that was referenced in the appendix to the submitted report as it was mentioned that ‘pupil premium monies carried forward – up to 12% of the pupil premium allocation for the financial year’.

It was suggested that in future the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee may be a more appropriate forum for School’s Final Outturns and Reportable Surplus to be presented given the detailed financial content contained in the report.


DECIDED – That (1) the report be noted;

(2) the Director of Children’s Services be requested to write to all Members of the Committee explaining the ‘pupil premium’, including how it operates, who is eligible to benefit from it and how successful it is in the Borough;

(3) future annual reports relating to ‘Schools Final Outturns and Reportable Surpluses’ be presented to the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Obesity Action Group pdf icon PDF 157 KB

Minutes of the meeting of the Group held 12th July 2017 including supporting information.

Additional documents:


The Committee considered the minutes and associate agenda papers for the meeting of the Obesity Action Group that was held on 12th July 2017.


DECIDED – That (1) the minutes be noted;

            (2) Members of the Committee continue to be updated on the activities and meetings of the Obesity Action Group.


Greater Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 90 KB

To note the minutes of the meeting held 12th July 2017.


DECIDED – That the Minute of the Greater Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee held 12th July 2017 be noted.


Health, Schools and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Work Programme 2017/18

To consider the Committee’s Work Programme 2017/18 (to be circulated)


The Committee considered a report of the Interim Director of Resources that presented the Committee’s Work Programme 2017/18.


DECIDED – That the report be noted.