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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 80 KB


In the absence of Steve Lowe, Councillor Butterworth chaired the meeting.  Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and introductions were made.


PACT - Greater Manchester Police


The Police introduced themselves and gave the following updates.

Crime Figures
There has been a 50% reduction in crimes reported in the last three months. This is a positive step forward and helps residents and the community to feel safer. Of the burglaries that have taken place half of them have been due to insecurities at properties and vehicles. Residents were urged to secure their homes, cars and outbuildings and keep car keys out of arms reach and out of sight.

Travellers in Kingsway
The Police advised that they are currently monitoring the situation, and there have been no major problems reported to the Police.  The Council and other agencies also deal with reports of travellers and it is important to report issues as soon as possible.

Vandalism & Burglaries in Milnrow
There were reports of possible sightings of squatters in Dale Mill. The Police are unaware of any reports but will clarify the situation. A resident advised that there has been 24 hour security in place on the site for the past week.
Action 1: Establish the current situation regarding squatters in Dale Mill (PCSO Broome)

Community Speed Watch on The Cray
Residents expressed their concerns about the speed of vehicles traveling through the estate. One particular vehicle has been recorded travelling at 64mph; this is an obvious concern for the residents in this area.
Action 2: Request Community Speed Watch vehicle (PCSO Broome)
Action 3: Report the issues to the Ward Councillors with the request for a traffic speed survey (Tracey Knight)

The forum agreed the priorities as follows:

·           Burglary

·           Anti-Social Behaviour


Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 80 KB


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.

The following action updates were given –

Bealcroft Walk Signage
It was clarified that the Council paid for the relocation of the signage.

Road Sweeper, Weir Road
The issues had been reported to the charge hand at Environmental Management.

HGVs on Bridge Street
Highway Officers confirmed that HGVs are permitted to use the right hand lane on Bridge Street when turning left on to the Elizabethan Way provided they are signalling, other motorists have to give way as per the Highway Code. This applies to any difficult junctions that HGVs have to negotiate.

Work on Water Lane
Planning Enforcement Officers have advised that they are unaware of any landfilling approvals for this area.


Tree of Time: Rochdale Borough Timebank


Nobody attended for this agenda item.


Milnrow Clock


The following updates were given by Councillor Kelly on behalf of the Friends of Milnrow Clock:

·           The clock is still in private ownership, the transfer of the asset needs to be negotiated with the owner.

·           The owner is currently overseas. He has given verbal authority to the group to access the clock tower, however, the group are pursuing confirmation of this in writing.

·           The group also need permission to repair or replace the access ladder as it is in a bad state of repair and currently poses a health and safety risk.

·           In 2017 it will be 50 years since the clock was last restored.

·           Once the group own the clock funding can be applied for.


Open Forum


Waste Bin Assistance
A discussion took place regarding asylum seekers receiving assistance with their waste collections. It was explained that this was managed by Serco and not the Local Authority.

Manhole Cover on Rochdale Road
A resident reported that the manhole cover on Rochdale Road, opposite the entrance to Dalton Close, was extremely noisy when vehicles drive over it and it was causing a disturbance for nearby residents. The resident was advised that it was United Utilities responsibility and, as it was painted with blue paint, it is likely that work will take place soon to replace the frame and cover.

Drainage on Rochdale Road
Prior to the meeting, a resident had raised an issue of the poor drainage on Rochdale Road causing a large amount of surface water to pool opposite what used to be The Nelson public house. The resident was advised that a works order had been raised and the blocked gully will be cleaned in the next two days.

A further discussion took place regarding the flooding in Milnrow and Littleborough. The Council are looking at flood alleviation measures for Littleborough; it is a long term issue.

Ladybarn Development
The area has been subject to anti-social behaviour and Councillors and Community Safety Officers have met on site. Progress has stalled with the development. It was discussed that the property may have been sold on again with planning permission; it wouldn’t be unusual for this to happen. Community Safety has informed the Police of the issues and the Youth Service will do some engagement work with the young people.

Weeds on Princess Road
A resident complained about the amount of weeds growing on the footway and along the kerbs on Princess Road, Firgrove.
Action 4: Establish when the road is due for weed spraying (Tracey Knight)

Dale Mill Update
A discussion took place regarding the sale of Dale Mill. It would appear the mill has been sold and possibly sold on again; there are no visible signs of progress.

HGVs in Milnrow and Firgrove
A discussion took place regarding HGVs driving through small villages when there are alternative routes. It was explained that whilst residents would prefer HGVs to take alternative routes to Kiln Lane and Rochdale Road, the vehicles are permitted to drive on them and so there is no restrictions that can be put into place. There is no easy solution, the situation has been reported to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework meetings with the request that this be in the plan for future development.

Clean and Green Team Request
A resident reported overgrown weeds at the rear of Rochdale Road, Firgrove and requested whether the community payback team could clear them. The resident was advised that this would be added to the list for the Council’s Clean and Green Team to undertake.
Action 5: Add the rear or Rochdale Road to the Clean and Green list for a clean-up (Tracey Knight)

Dog Waste on Canal Towpath
A resident complained about  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Any Other Business


No other business was raised.


Date of next meeting


22 September 2016