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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 80 KB


The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


PACT - Greater Manchester Police


The Police introduced themselves and gave the following updates:

Crime Figures

Current quarter

Previous quarter




Vehicle Crime



Anti-Social Behaviour




Of the 17 reported burglaries, 9 of them were through insecurities and could have been avoided.  The forum were encouraged to lock their windows and doors, keep valuables and keys out of sight and leave a light on, don’t be an easy target.

A known car thief is currently serving a three month jail sentence; the figures for motor vehicle crime should reduce as a consequence.  Residents reported several sightings of a vehicle driving at speed throughout Milnrow and The Cray; the details were given to the Police.

The reduction in ASB figures reflects the recent move, out of the area, of a key offender.  Following usual trends, figures should continue to decrease moving into the autumn and winter months.

The Police advised that Operation Dark Nights will soon commence.  Residents were advised to leave low energy lights on during the dark nights as it acts as a deterrent for would be burglars.  ASB is expected to increase around Halloween and Bonfire Night.  Issues can be reported to the Police on 101 or to Rochdale Council on 0300 303 8878.

Off road bikes and quads are still causing a nuisance in Milnrow and Newhey villages.  The Police advised that they need to catch offenders in the act to be able to enforce the law; Police Officers are not permitted to chase offenders on their bikes because of the associated high risks.  Residents advised that the culprits have been on a community Facebook site condoning their actions.

Sgt Martin and his officers were thanked for their commitment and dedication in their policing of the Pennines area, and they were also thanked for their honesty in their advice and open and frank discussions.
Action 1: Interrogate social media for quad bike offender intelligence (GMP)


Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a correct record, and the following action updates were given:

Action 1: Dale Mill Squatters
The Police and Councillors confirmed this is no longer an issue.  Security continues to patrol the site.

Action 2: Community Speed Watch – The Cray
The Police advised that Milnrow and The Cray are not currently registered as a Community Concern Area.

Action 3: Request a Traffic Survey of The Cray
The forum was advised that the Township has funded a traffic survey for The Cray; the consultation may still be open for comment via Rochdale Council’s website.  The area of consultation has already been defined; additional areas cannot be added at this late stage.

Action 4: Princess Road Weed Spraying
An update from Environmental Management was provided.  The first weed treatment started in the second week of April and was completed by mid-May.  The second treatment started on 22 July 2016 and is still in progress due to poor weather.  It should be completed in the next few weeks.  The Council are considering starting the third spray as soon as this one is finished which should be sufficient until next season.

Action 5: Grot Spot Rear of Rochdale Road
The resident confirmed the clean-up had taken place.

Action 6: Litter Rear of Kingsway Retail Park
The area had been litter-picked twice since the last meeting.

Action 7: Lack of Speed Limit Signage in Firgrove
Response received from Highways - Rochdale Road, Firgrove has a system of street lamps and therefore the national speed limit of 30mph applies.  Signs are only provided where there are street lamps and a speed limit different to that of the national speed limit.

Action 8: Public Footpaths Blocked in Milnrow
The forum was advised that the public rights of way in the area had been walked by John Edge who hadn’t found any issue with them being blocked.


Milnrow Clock


Updates given by Councillor Davidson on behalf of the Friends of Milnrow Clock as follows:

·           Andrew Kelly Estate Agents have spoken to the clock owner on behalf of the Friends of Milnrow Clock.  The group have now received the conditions by which they need to abide in order to proceed; the conditions are there to protect the nearby residents.

·           The group are concentrating their efforts in determining the clock’s history; local schools are encouraged to get involved.  The Youth Service offered to assist with the young people they work with.

·           Once the history had been determined, the next step would be to apply for Heritage Lottery funding to restore/replace the clock.


Open Forum


Litter Bin on Canal
A resident made a request for a litter bin to be installed near to the canal at the start of the Barrett’s Estate on Rochdale Road.
Action 2: Establish if a litter bin meets the criteria for this area (Tracey Knight)

Chemical Smell on Rochdale Road
The residents updated the forum that the smell hadn’t been as noticeable recently.  The diary sheets had been completed and returned to the Council but had not been received by the Public Protection Department; the source of the smell has not yet been identified.  Other residents complained about a similar smell at Albert Royds Street.

Hollingworth Grange Residents Association
Residents reported issues with the flow of water in the stream on Water Lane, and debris needs clearing to improve the movement.  Councillors advised that they have met with the Environment Agency to make them aware of the stream and discuss the issues.  Work is ongoing.

There is also an issue regarding gates that have been installed that possibly block a public right of way.  Councillor Davidson was aware of the issue and will speak to the Council’s Planning Department to raise the concern.

Flooding in Milnrow
A discussion took place regarding the large amount of recent rainfall causing flash floods and the impact of this on local shops, businesses and the community as a whole.  It was acknowledged that the drains are not able to cope with the volume of water that falls.  Highways are undertaking a project to investigate how to improve the functionality of the surface water drainage system in this area.  As part of this there will be a CCTV survey of the drains on Dale Street and Kiln Lane.  Gullies are also being repaired ahead of schedule which should their improve performance in this critical area.

Illegal Dumping
The forum was informed that the perpetrator of illegal dumping in the brook has admitted responsibility and is currently awaiting charges.

Planning on Cleveland Drive and Avenue Severn Drive
Residents were concerned that the land in between these two streets was being developed for housing without submitting a planning application and receiving approval.  The Council confirmed they hadn’t received a planning application for this area.  Councillors also confirmed the Planning Enforcement Officer is dealing with the case.

Subway Graffiti
The existing graffiti on the subway walls has recently been painted over and whited out; a resident advised that more graffiti has now appeared.  It was discussed that it is impossible to stop it happening but the Council will remove any offensive graffiti.

Firgrove Playing Fields
There are a number of ongoing issues in this area; a resident would like to know what date the Council took over the responsibility of the playing fields.
Action 3: Report the issues to Rochdale Council’s Estates and establish the date on the deeds (Tracey Knight)

Local Bus Service Changes
There was a discussion about the impact of the withdrawal and changes of the local bus services.  A petition has been  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Any Other Business


No further business was raised.


Date of next meeting


8 December 2016