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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 76 KB


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.  Attendees were asked to abide by the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.


PACT - Greater Manchester Police


GMP were unable to attend the meeting due to a recent significant incident.

Crime Figures

Milnrow and Newhey


This quarter

Burglary dwelling


Burglary other


Theft of motor vehicle


Theft from motor vehicle


Criminal damage





This quarter

Burglary dwelling


Burglary other


Theft of motor vehicle


Theft from motor vehicle


Criminal damage






Matthew Iddles (Metrolink) and Kate Green (Transport for Greater Manchester - TfGM) introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their roles and responsibilities.  Partners including TfGM, Metrolink, GMP and Rochdale Borough Council have been working together successfully in targeted operations over the last two years to address the current issues, including ASB.

Metrolink Customer Service Representatives have a number of responsibilities including fare evasion, customer care and community engagement with businesses and schools.

The recently introduced GMP Transport Unit consists of 56 Police Officers who cover the public transport network in both uniform and plain clothes.  Data intelligence directs the Officers to the hot spot areas using the threat, harm and risk model.  Travel Safe Officers assist Metrolink in dealing with ASB issues, etc and they also implement fines for byelaw infringements like smoking and consumption of alcohol.

Q. What evidence is there to measure and support TfGM’s successes and improvements?
A. Kate advised that improvements were in progress to address the lack of publicly available statistics; figures are available and will be shared with the Forum.

Q. Are there plans to engage with all the High Schools?
A. School engagement is reactive and based on identified need.  To further improve engagement with young people, work is taking place to introduce a module for schools.  It is really important to report every incident as this action will direct the necessary resources available.

Q. Can tram drivers report ASB issues?
A. Yes, they can radio direct to the control room, which can then direct Officers to the area and zoom in CCTV cameras.

It was acknowledged that it isn’t always young people causing the issues.


Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch


Dave and Gill gave the following Street Watch updates:

·           The scheme is progressing well, with regular monitoring patrols taking place.

·           A meeting has recently taken place with Metrolink and TfGM who have agreed to allow free travel for Street Watch members between local stops.

·           Other Street Watch schemes across the Borough are in the planning stages; there are robust rules and procedures to follow.

·           5000 publicity leaflets have started to be delivered to households in Milnrow, Newhey and Firgrove.  This publicity will increase the groups reach to people not on social media, and hopefully result in some new members.

·           There are two new Street Watch members and the group’s first Street Watch dog.


Dave, Gill and the Street Watch members were thanked by the forum and congratulated for the scheme’s ongoing success.


Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 71 KB


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.

Ladyhouse Lane Road Surface
Councillor Davidson advised that the road has been inspected by Highways Engineers; she is expecting an update at the Highways Champions meeting next week.

Action updates

Action 2: ASB Milnrow Tram Stop
Eon are arranging for a night time inspection on Station Road.  The report should be available next month.

Action 3: School Crossing Patrols
The Council’s Highways Service carried out a risk assessment of all School Crossing Patrols points, and the decision from the Council was to charge schools for those points which were rated green using Red Amber Green (RAG) rating system.  Points RAG rated amber OR red are still being funded by the Council even though this is a non-statutory duty.

A recruitment drive is currently being carried out to try and fill vacant posts including a jobs fair in January 2020.
Council funded School Crossing Patrols – Opposite 211 Newhey Road; Rochdale Road/Moorhouse Fold; Kiln Lane/Dale Street; Wildhouse Lane.
Non Council Funded School Crossing Patrols – Crossgates Primary.

Action 4: Huddersfield Road Pavement
The pavement has been inspected and no work was identified.

Action 5: Public Right of Way at Beechfield Road
The definitive rights of way has to be accessible to the relevant members of the public in accordance with its status.  There are several rights of way in the area of Beechfield Road that the Council will ensure can be passable without difficulty for use by the general public on foot; it is a duty on the Council.  The Soft Sand signage is still in place.

Action 6: Harbour Lane North Removal of Double Yellow Lines Request
This question has been asked before and unfortunately the answer is no.  They were installed as part of Metrolink.  The restrictions were reviewed in 2015 when restrictions were introduced on Station Road.

One of the main reasons is that there is no turning head at the top so vehicles have nowhere safe to turn around.  There is also nothing protecting the timber fences for the residential gardens, behind which is a steep drop.  The road is also narrow and is a cycle route.

Action 7: Parking on Water Lane, Charles Lane & Hollingworth Academy
The locations of Water Lane, Charles Lane and Hollingworth Academy have been added as hot spots for Enforcement.

Action 8:
Cornfield Street Footpath
Awaiting update from Environmental Management who have advised they will send a contractor to site to assess the issues and work needed.
Action 1: Provide update at next meeting.


Open Forum


Scam Calls Update
The forum was advised that BT Call Minder will block scam calls; other telephone providers may also offer similar services.

M62 Junction 21 Slip Road
A number of complaints were made about the lack of visible white lines and lane distinction at the bottom of the slip road.  The missing street lamp on the island adds to the problem as some motorists are not aware of the island and they have been seen driving over it.  Highways and Street Lighting are aware of the issues.
Action 2: Chase update and timescale for works to be carried out (Tracey Knight)

New Doctors Surgery
A discussion took place regarding the plans to build a joint purpose surgery on the current stables site near to the railway bridge.  Concerns were raised about the access and egress onto the busy road.  Residents agreed to make their views known with the surgeries.

Dale Mill
The forum was advised that the Council are aware of the issues and Councillors are working with Officers to escalate the issues.

Road Sweeper
Since the roads around Severn Drive, Pennines Drive, Kiln Lane and Crossgates Road were resurfaced there is still a lot of excess grit/small stones on the road surface.
Action 3: Request road sweeper for this area (Tracey Knight)

Water Lane Damaged Verges
It was reported that vehicles have been driving over the grass verges on Water Lane causing damage; residents are responsible for the area.  Street Watch will include this location in their patrols.

Milnrow Youth Centre
A discussion took place regarding the £3000 savings proposal to relocate the centre to Milnrow Library.  The consultation ended in December 2019 and a final decision will be taken by Cabinet on 12 February 2020.  The relocation to the library isn’t supported as the young people feel that it isn’t suitable for their needs.  There is a petition and the focus now is to raise £3000.  The centre is currently open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, additionally there is detached local youth work.


External Funding Update


Updates were unavailable.


Any Other Business


No other business was raised.


Future meeting dates


5 March 2020

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