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No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from David Wilcock.


NB: Councillor Iftikhar Ahmed attended the meeting for agenda item 15 – LCO Contracting Arrangements.


Declarations of Interest

Members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary, personal or personal and prejudicial interests they may have and the nature of those interests relating to items on this agenda and/or indicate if S106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.   


Councillor Heakin and Dr C. Duffy each declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 15 – LCO Contracting Arrangements and they both left the room during the consideration of and voting on this item.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 66 KB

For the Board to approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on the 26th February 2019.



That the Minutes of the Integrated Commissioning Board held 26th February 2019 be approved and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Changes to Health and Wellbeing Board

For Members to receive a presentation on changes to the Governance arrangements for the Health and Wellbeing Board.


The Board received a presentation by the Director of Public Health which advised Members that following a review of the governance arrangements of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) a number of issues had been reported as requiring revision including: the Greater Manchester Public Service Reform agenda, place based and integrated working footprints and the disengagement of key partners from the HWBB.


The Health and Wellbeing Board on 12th March 2019 had delegated work on frequency of meetings, membership and other technical issues to Officers in consultation with the HWBB Chair to finalise.


It was suggested that a Strategic Partnership Board be established to replace the HWBB and draft terms of reference were appended to the submitted report.


The proposals were subject to approval by the Council at its meeting on 26th March 2019.



That the presentation be noted and the proposals contained therein be endorsed by the Integrated Commissioning Board.


Opening Pooled Budget pdf icon PDF 190 KB

Integrated Commissioning Board (ICB) will receive an update on the current budget gaps for the Integrated Health & Social Care Pooled Fund for 2019/20 & 2020/21.


The Board considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer that updated Members on the current budget gaps for the Integrated Health and Social Care Pooled Fund for 2019/20 and 2020/21.


The current budget gap for the Integrated Health & Social Care Pooled Fund was reported to be £16.6m and £17.2m for 2019/20 and 2020/21 respectively. It was noted that the final pooled fund gap would not be known until the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group had completed all of its contract negotiations.



1.     The report be noted

2.     A further report will be brought to the meeting of the Board, scheduled to be held 28th May 2019, updating members on the savings programme that is being developed to close the budget gaps detailed in the report.


pooled budget position - Period 10 pdf icon PDF 164 KB

Members will receive a report on the pooled budget fund – period 10.


The Board considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer which updated members on the financial position of the pooled budget for the financial year 2018/19 as at the end of January 2019. The pooled budget excluded the Better Care Fund (BCF) and the Greater Manchester Transformation funding which were subject to separate reporting arrangements. The pooled budget had been amended to take into account the savings reported in previous reports to the ICB. The gap at the end of January on the pooled budget was £400,000, which represented an increase of £400,000 since the position reported at the end of November 2018. This was due to a reduction in the Local Authority contribution towards the pooled gap agreed by the Board at its meeting on 29th January 2019 from £1,000,000m to £600,000. The balance of £400,000 was required to meet increased demand for adult social care services.


The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were showing a pressure of £2,700,000 at the end of January 2019. The CCG pressure was shown in the pool but the CCG had contributed an additional amount to the pool from reserves to offset this pressure. The pressure related to acute contracts (£1.4m) and Mental Health placements in excess of the Pennine Care block contract (£1.3m). This was £900,000 more than reported at the end of November 2018.


The Board noted that the Council’s Cabinet were to be asked to approve an additional contribution of £200,000, in addition to the £550,000 approved at the ICB meeting on 29th January 219 which was the Local Authority’s share of the increase in the pooled gap for 2018/19 on a 50:50 basis from the Equalisation Reserve. The Chief Finance Officer of the CCG has delegated authority to undertake this on behalf of the CCG, via use of the CCG contingency, which is fully utilised.



That the report be noted.


Better Care Fund - update report pdf icon PDF 207 KB

The Board will receive an update on the Better Care Fund.


The Board considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer which informed Members of the proposed budget for the Better Care Fund (BCF) for the financial year 2019/20.


Alternatives considered:

It was a requirement of NHS England’s guidance to produce a budget for 2019/20. The submitted report provided details of the proposed 2019/20 budget taking into account the known changes in Better Care Fund Allocations; therefore, there were no alternatives to consider.



1.    The Integrated Commissioning Board approves the revised revenue and capital budgets for the BCF for 2019/20.

2.    The Integrated Commissioning Board notes that the capital Disabled Facility Grant (DFG) allocation for 2019/20 has yet to be confirmed by NHS England.


Reasons for the decision:

Rochdale’s Health and Well Being Board have responsibility for the administration of the BCF budget as mandated in the BCF’s Policy Framework and Planning Guidance. However, the Health and Wellbeing Board has delegated that responsibility to the Integrated Commissioning Board. The 2019/20 budget is based on the 2018/19 budget, taking into account known changes in allocations and nationally mandated NHS uplifts.


NHS England are still to decide if Greater Manchester’s BCF partners will receive graduation in 2019/20, until that decision is made it is assumed they will require quarterly budget and planning templates to be produced to monitor against in 2019/20, as yet no dates for these submissions had been received.


Transformation highlight report pdf icon PDF 937 KB

The Board will receive the Transformation Highlight Report.


The Strategic Commissioning Programme Director provided the Board with an update on Programme Delivery outlining transformation progress, finance not covered elsewhere on the agenda, an update on the operation of the Local Care Organisation, an update on progress against measuring the performance of transformation interventions and an overview of the progress made towards a collaborative Communication and Engagement Programme.



That the report be noted.


Finance Update on the GM funded Transformation Fund Programme pdf icon PDF 236 KB

For the Board to receive an update on the GM funded Transformation Fund Programme.


The Board considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer that updated Members on expenditure incurred through to the end of February 2019 on the Greater Manchester funded Transformation Programme.



That the report be noted.


Performance report pdf icon PDF 134 KB

The Board are asked to consider the Integrated Commission Board Performance Report.

Additional documents:


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Commissioning Programme Director that updated members on the ICB Constitution Performance Scorecards and which reported progress against the NHS Constitution and Adult Social Care indicators.


in terms of the NHS Constitution the Board were presented with data and information relating to: Accident and Emergency; Referral to Treatment; Early Intervention Psychosis; Cancer (two week waiting periods and Breast two week waiting periods); and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Recovery. In terms of the Adult Social Care indicators the Board examined: Cash Budgets; Re-abled or remain at home; Learning Disabilities; Delayed transfer of care; Long Term Support; and Carers.



That the report be noted.


Operating Plans

The Board will receive a verbal update on the Operating Plans.


The Chief Finance Officer verbally updated the Board with regard to the proposed timetable for the submission of the ‘operating plans’. These were required to be submitted to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority by Friday, 29th March 2019 and then nationally to the Department of Health by Friday, 5th April 2019.



That the report be noted.


Exclusion of Press and Public

To consider that the press and public be excluded from the remaining part of the meeting pursuant to Section 100(A)4 of the Local Government Act 1972 on the grounds that discussions may involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in the provisions of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 and public interest would not be served in publishing the information.


That the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following three items of business, in accordance with the provisions of Section 100A (3) of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended.


Reason for Decision:

Should the press and public remain during the debate on this item there may be a disclosure of information that is deemed to be exempt under Part 3 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.


Savings proposals update 2019/20 and 2020/21

The Board will be provided with an update on Savings proposals 2019/20 and 2020/21.


The Board considered a report of the Strategic Commissioning Programme Director, which provided Members with an update on: the current budget position for the pooled fund; the contribution the Savings Programme has made in closing the Pooled Budget Gap; the remaining Pooled Budget Gap taking into account the schemes identified thus far.


Alternatives considered:

The alternative to a full Planned and Urgent Care Review would be to continue to carry out speciality focused reviews in isolation using ‘RightCare’ data. However, this was considered to be unlikely to deliver an appropriate level of savings. In addition it was felt that reviewing services in isolation would fail to address major overarching issues such as outpatients and demand management.



1.     The report be noted.

2.     The Board endorses the prioritisation of further work being undertaken to mobilise a full system review of Planned and Urgent Care and the allocation of sufficient resources to enable this.

3.     Details of the updated savings proposals be circulated to Board Members for information.


Future Provision of Children’s Community Health Services

To consider a procurement process for the future provision of Children’s Community Health Services


The Board was advised that Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (PCFT) had confirmed its intention to divest itself of community physical health service provision during 2019/2020. PCFT were a key provider of children’s community health services within the Rochdale Borough.


The ICB had previously agreed to a procurement process for these services. The submitted report provided an update in relation to progress and procurement timelines.



1.     The process and timeline for the procurement of children’s community health services, as detailed in the submitted report, be noted.

2.     The ICB agrees to delegate authority for continued decision making in relation to aspects of the procurement process to the Chief Executive/HMR CCG Accountable Officer, in order to minimise the risk of slippage.

Reasons for the decision:

At the Board’s meeting, held 29th January 2019, it had been agreed that a procurement process be undertaken for an integrated children’s community health service.


The procurement timeline had been developed so as to support the transfer of services from PCFT by the end of September 2019. This allowed little if any time for slippage.  It was essential therefore that any decision’s required were made as swiftly as possible to avoid delay and slippage.


LCO Contracting Arrangements

Members will consider the future contracting model for the LCO.


The Board considered a report of the Chief Finance Officer that requested approval on the future contracting model for the Local Care Organisation (LCO) including high level timescales and interim arrangements.


Alternatives considered:

None reported.



1.               The Board approves the development of a refreshed LCO Partnership Agreement to cover the period of April 2019 to March 2021.

2.               The Board approves further development of the current LCO Contract to cover 2019/20 and 2020/21.

3.               The Board approves a Lead Provider recruitment process to enable a Lead Provider to be in place by 1st April 2021.


Reasons for the decision:

Four potential options in relation to the contracting model for the LCO had been developed. Option 2 was considered the most favourable in terms of the ability to deliver the outcomes for the local population. It had been acknowledged that a lead provider model would take a significant amount of time and resources to implement and that therefore an interim arrangement was required. Subsequent discussion has resulted in the three recommendations made in this paper.