Agenda and minutes

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Welcome, Apologies and Introductions


All were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair, introductions were announced and apologies were noted as above. 



Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.


  • The minutes of both of the last meeting (21st January 2016) was agreed as a true and accurate record.
  • Cllr West announced that the corporate events leaflet is not in print but can be emailed on request.
  • Cllrs announced the news that ‘Spring Clean for the Borough’ - a programme to improve the condition of all the gateways of the Borough – will be rolled out to Middleton.  This will involve the planting of shrubs and flowers to adjacent grass verges on the gateways.  Officer Ian Trickett will circulate papers to friends groups.



Street Cleaning, Waste, Clean and Green


  • B. Stringer commented that the Clean & Green team had done a wonderful job at Morton Street and the 24 Steps area too
  • A resident advised that the area of Tintern Rd / Scout green required a litter pick-up and maybe a refuse bin would assist this area. 
  • A resident advised of an issue in the area where the metal benches are situated in between the old Scout Hut and former Alderman Kay – litter and anti-social behaviour with drinkers.
  • A matter was reported regarding dog fouling and fly-tipping at Bonscale Park, Bonscale Crescent. 
  • Resident reported that after youth groups use Springvale Community Centre, litter is left around the centre. Cllrs advised residents that caretakers at Community Centres are no longer employed but that youth workers do get the children attending to clear up their mess.  Cllrs will take up the matter with the service concerned.
  • Litter issue was reported for area on Oldham Road near to Mills Hill train station.
  • Langdale Crescent, Langley – bins set alight.



THI (Townscape Heritage Initiative) Update


Sue Oakley was not in attendance, R Hudson read out an update as follows;


·         Redcroft – The project is on site and progressing well.

·         Long Street School – This project is being prepared and should be complete by June 2017.

·         Exedra – The schedule of works is being prepared and the project should be on site in the summer.

·         23 Market Place – Quotes have been returned and this project should be on site in the spring.

·         51 and 53 Rochdale Road – The schedule of works is being prepared and the project should be on site in the summer.

·         37 and 39 Rochdale Road – Negotiations are still ongoing with the Heritage Lottery Fund and owners.

·         34-48 Rochdale Road – most of the property owners are now interested in grant funding so the projects are being prepared.  Work should be on site in the autumn. 

·         Old Burial Ground – Improvement works are being carried out at the moment and other work including wall repairs and works to overhanging trees is planned through the Council’s winter works programme.



Event Planner


Details of events from group members can be forwarded to Middleton Township Office before the end of February for the new seasonal newsletter.  The Spring edition will be being compiled after this date.



Transport Issues


  • Email from TfGM read out to group regarding the 412 bus route.  B Stringer to be updated – R Hudson actioned on 22.01.16.
  • S O’Brien (RVS) advised group of the services of the Royal Voluntary Service in providing transport home from hospitals and hospital packs to those in need – R Hudson advised info can go in Spring Newsletter – contact details have been exchanged.




a)    Friends of Middleton View

b)    Friends of Jubilee Park

c)    Friends of Wince Brook

d)    Green Volunteers

e)    Friends of Alkrington Woods

f)     Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery

g)    Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve

h)   Any other groups/events


  • Friends of Middleton View – nothing to report.


  • Friends of Jubilee Park
  • Cllr West advised she is still chasing items on previous Environment minutes concerning bins and benches and also to ensure that the coping stones had been reinstated on the pathway. 
  • There have been on-site meetings with Council Officers recently – thanks given to people responsible for the work being carried out.  THI are involved – large improvement on building work.  New path being installed to get direct access to Sam Bamford’s family grave.  Public event organised to clear up graves covered in grass/moss and to record all grave inscriptions on Saturday 23rd April 2016 (practise session – March 23rd 2016).


  • Friends of Wince Brook
  • Group has approached United Utilities who cannot contribute and the paths have got progressively worse now.  5th annual general meeting will be held in February. 
  • Due to recent rainfall the Wood Lane section of the bridge has fallen down the Wince and a tree needs cutting up – Cllr Borris advised that Mike Cummings has looked into this matter. 
  • Request for the C&G team to look at a clear-up at the Peachbank side of Wince Brook as there is reports of rubbish and overgrown vegetation – R Hudson emailed Environmental Management.


  • Green Volunteers
  • Group has been working in Wince Brook and have planted 150 trees up near the Mainway East cleaned up area. 
  • A clear-up took place of rubbish washed-up by the river after the recent floods.  Paths were cleared up and the displaced sand and gravel redistributed.


  • Friends of Alkrington Woods
  • Several trees have come down due to flood. 
  • Vandalism of 2/3 benches which have been destroyed in McBride’s Wood – the wood from them stolen and fencing knocked down.  R Hudson to source quotes for replacement benches from Env Management for metal/recycled plastic benches (same used in Lime Fields Park) and if funding is required from township then a commissioning form can be sent to Friends of A Wood by R Hudson.


  • Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery – Nothing to report – next meeting is 9th February 2016, 2pm Old Boars Head PH.


  • Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve
  • Had meetings with planning regarding recent flooding issues and pathways. 
  • Group has heard that the cycle path is going to be tarmacked (from St Anne’s to Hopwood Hall) which they strongly oppose.  Emails correspondence between group and Highways dept.


  • Absolute Angling – Not present, no update.


  • Friends of Bowlee Community Park (new group)
  • Reported large problem with fly tipping. 
  • Street cleaning wagons dumping leaves and debris in park. 
  • Rochdale Football Club interest – mixed messages as to whether they still are interested. 
  • Requested any history from other residents/groups on Bowlee Park.


  • Any other groups/events – N/A



Any other business

Date of next meeting

Thursday 7th July 2014


  • Resident raised issues over shops at Wood Street – officers reported that the owners are in financial difficulty and although the Council doesn’t have the resources to compulsory purchase the properties although it remains constant on the Councillor’s radar to be monitored and will be discussed at higher level at the Regeneration Meeting.