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Welcome, apologies and introductions


All were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair, introductions were announced and apologies were noted as above. 



Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true and accurate record.  The Chair requested that any matters arising which were not on the agenda be dealt with;


·         Item 5 – Event Planner

The Chair advised that following the previous meeting the event planner/ Township newsletter has been withdrawn, this will be replaced with a corporate event guide.  Following a discussion about this it was agreed that the members would like to request a formal response as to why it was withdrawn (Action – LM)

·         Item 7 – Updates – Rochdale Football Club

Members were advised that this is being dealt with by Councillor Neil Emmott and an update will be requested for the next meeting (Action – LM)

·         Item 7 – Updates – Friends of Alkrington Woods

Carol Geddes advised that the benches, in McBride’s Wood, which is situated at the lower end of Alkrington Woods, have been vandalised.  Councillor West advised the Friends of Alkrington Woods were advised to complete a commissioning form at the last meeting.  A discussion took place about the responsibility of the area, and Carol was advised that although McBride’s did a lot of the original work the area was then passed over to RBC (Action – F.O.A.W’s to complete a commissioning form)



Street Cleaning, Waste, Clean and Green


Attendees at the meeting were provided with an update report from Ian Trickett (Appendix 1) which details work taking place on the ‘Gateway Improvement Project’.    A discussion took place about the rhododendrons which have been planted in the Long Street sunken roundabout and Members were advised that these were thought to be miniature rhododendrons.  (After note – following the meeting a discussion with Ian Trickett was held and he has advised that the rhododendrons are standard size but they will be maintained to ensure they don’t over-grow).  


Councillor West asked for member’s views on the roundabouts; Councillor Martin advised that she felt they were a disgrace and also raised concerns about the workloads staff are facing in the current climate.  The group felt that they were disappointed by these areas, within the Town’s main roundabouts, had been dug up and then weeds allowed to grow.  Councillor West asked the areas which have been dug up are re-grassed, to ensure that the roundabouts look neat and tidy.  Councillor Martin requested that the views of this group be sent to Steve Rumbelow, Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council. 


A discussion took place about Junction 19 Roundabout of the M62 and Councillor Furlong advised that a lot of the work in this area was sponsored or completed by the Heywood Round Table/ Rotary Club, who all assist with Heywood’s entry to the ‘In Bloom’ competition.   Members discussed the recent ‘In Bloom’ event which has taken place throughout the Borough and questions were raised about why Middleton never enters the competition?  Councillor West advised that the decision to not participate was taken a number of years ago, and the competition requires large involvement from the community, but Middleton’s involvement is being looked at and it is hoped in future years Middleton may get involved.   


Christine Grime advised that she had recently contacted Township to ask for assistance in cleaning up the route to be taken by the Victorian Society when they visited Middleton on Saturday 30th July, and the route was cleaned to a high standard, and the comments fed back were all fantastic.    Christine asked that her thanks to Councillor West, Lauren Mason and Bill Percy and the Environment Team be noted. 


Audrey Riches asked that it be noted that weed spraying was taking place on pavements/ kerb areas on Manchester New Road and this is gratefully received as it has not happened over the last few years. 


Brenda Stringer advised that a team have recently visited Morton Street but a number of sections have been missed, these included the kerb area between Morton Street and the green.  Bill Percy will get a team out to look at the issues raised by Brenda. 


Concerns were raised about the loose step at the bottom of the 24 Steps, this follows the recent thefts from stone.  Brenda advised that she has previously reported this as dangerous but as yet nothing seems to have been done, it was agreed that this will be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


THI (Townscape Heritage Initiative) Update


Sue Oakley was not in attendance, but an update will be brought to the next meeting. 


Jean Bunner raised concerns about the railings at the bottom of Long Street, opposite Broadbents and queried why these are grey and not the historic style black ones situated further up.  Councillor West advised that she has requested these be painted black, but there is not sufficient funding to install heritage style railings.    Brenda Stringer queried whether the large posts which hold the Christmas lights will be painted black; Councillor West advised that she has requested this as they are situated in the conservation area. 


Audrey Riches advised that previously a list of blue plaques to be installed had been passed to the THI Officers, due to the changes in staff over recent years these didn’t get ordered/ installed and Audrey queried if the funding was still in place for the 5 blue plaques requested by the Middleton Civic Association?  (Action – LM to discuss with the THI Officers). 


Councillor Boriss advised that the paint on the pavements on Long Street has still not been cleared.  (Action – LM to discuss with Nick Barton).  Concerns were also raised about the ingrained stains on the pavement outside one of the shops recently occupied, Councillor West advised that she has raised this with Nick Barton and a solution is being sought. 


Jean Bunner advised that the pavements on New Lane are dangerous, it was agreed that this would be raised with Highways and an inspector asked to visit (Action – LM). 



Rochdale Borough Timebank Presentation (Natasha Kirkby)


No body attended from the Timebank to provide the group with a presentation. 



Transport Issues


No representative attended from Transport, but the following was raised; David Lappin advised that since the 415 no longer went via Lees the service was running to time. 




a)    Friends of Middleton View

b)    Friends of Jubilee Park

c)    Friends of Wince Brook

d)    Green Volunteers

e)    Friends of Alkrington Woods

f)     Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery

g)    Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve

h)   Absolute Angling

i)     Friends of Bowlee Community Park

j)      Any other groups/events


  • Friends of Middleton View

Geoff Grime advised that ‘fly-grazing’ has restarted and provided photographic evidence (appendix 2) of the damage being caused to the wild flower meadows and surrounding area at Middleton view.  A discussion took place about ownership of the land and the group were advised that some of the land was rented from the Diocese, with the remainder being council owned.  It was agreed that Bill Percy will request Julie Simpson, who has previously dealt with this issue, revisit the horse owners and take action. 


  • Friends of Jubilee Park

Audrey Riches advised that at the last meeting the Friends of Mellalieu Street attended and this was much appreciated by the group as there is a lot of work across the 2 groups ongoing.  Audrey advised that there are still no bins at the bottom end of the park, it was agreed that Bill Percy will look into this (Action – BP). 


A further clean-up of the Old Burial Ground is scheduled for 3rd September, and all are welcome to join in. 


  • Friends of Wince Brook

Bob Magee advised that work on the extra pathway has been completed by Mike Cummings, following this David McKail approached Untied Utilities who have put him in contact with Farrans Construction, who are working in partnership with UU.  A representative from Farrans, Collette Flynn, visited Wince Brook and looked at the work required to reinstate the pathway and restore the steps.   The visit was very positive and Farrans advised the work would take around 2 days to complete, the F.O.W.B are awaiting assurance from Farrans that they will do the works free of charge as part of their community commitment. 


  • Green Volunteers

Work has been done on trimming around Boarshaw Lodges and Alkrington Lodges.  Geoff advised that work will be taking place at Alkrington Road South tomorrow. 


Councillor Martin advised that she recently nominated Christine & Geoff Grime for a Hero’s Award, unfortunately they weren’t able to attend but each received a small glass award.  Councillor Martin requested that her gratitude to Christine & Geoff be noted, this was echoed by all the in the room. 


  • Friends of Alkrington Woods

Jerry advised that he had hoped to come to the meeting with good news following work on the bridge being completed; unfortunately this has already been attacked by vandals and a number of the wooden struts removed and thrown into the river.  It was agreed that this will be reported to Eric Holliday (Action – LM). 


Jerry advised that he has spotted a number of terrapins basking in the sun around Rhodes Lodges; this will be reported to Gary Leigh of Absolute Angling, although it is not thought any action can be taken (Action – LM). 


  • Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery

Brenda advised that the recent yearly service was held in the Chapel, this was well attended and a number of flyers about the work of the Friends Group were handed out.  Brenda requested that thanks to the cemetery staff be noted and passed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Any other business


  • David Lappin requested the C&G team visit the pathway between the new houses on Millfold and Sunk Lane as the area needs clearing up.


  • John Burton asked that thanks from the Cricket Club to Middleton Township be noted for help with the recent damp-course works. 


  • Councillor Boriss advised that there is a bottle stuck in the Sam Bamford artwork which is mounted on poles between Middleton Gardens and Tesco.  It was agreed that Bill Percy will look into this and see if the bottle can be removed (Action – BP). 


  • David Lappin advised that the pathway at Farmway Stocks has once again washed away; he suggested that this be tarmacked to stop this happening yearly. 


  • Concerns were raised about the tree roots and over-grown trees which line Kingsway, even during the day the area is difficult to walk down due to lack of light and the roots which are coming up through the pavement are a trip hazard.  It was agreed that an email will be sent to the South Ward Members to look into this (Action – LM).


  • Christine Grime advised that she has brought along leaflets for the ‘Golden Cluster Month’, which takes place every September.  Christine advised that a company has been paid to deliver 6,000 of these locally, but she still has 3,000 left and asked that people take the ‘pre-packed’ leaflet packs to any centres they may visit. 


  • Brenda Stringer informed the group that the ‘Floral Art’ demonstration would take place tomorrow evening (Tuesday 2nd August) at St. Aidan’s in Castleton, there will be a small charge made for entry. 


  • Brenda advised the group that the Allotments recently secured funding for fencing works. 


  • Brenda raised concerns about the indiscriminate parking of vehicles on Morton Street and advised that she has witnessed mothers with buggies having to walk in the middle of the road due to the pavements being blocked by vehicles.  She was advised that this was previously being dealt with by Councillor Rowbotham, but Cllr’s Williams and Furlong will assist and speak to Brenda. 


  • A presentation, from Dr Jiva, was recently delivered to members and those attending the Middleton Township Committee and John Wilkins advised that the Middleton Community Voice is still looking for volunteers, and anyone interested was welcome to attend the next meeting which will take place on Wednesday 3rd August from 4pm at the Lighthouse Project, prior to the meeting there will be a tour of the Lighthouse Projects premises. 


  • Bob Magee advised that the pathway leading up to Oldham Cats on Saxon Street has become overgrown.  It was agreed that Bill Percy will arrange for this to cleared back.  (Action – BP)


Allmeetingscommenceat 6:15pmandtakeplace 1st Floor,Middleton Library.

·         1st September 2016

·         2nd  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.