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Welcome, Apologies and Introductions


All were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair, introductions were announced and apologies were noted as above.  Councillor West requested that all turn off or put on to silent mobile phones.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


·      Page 4, Item 6 – THI Update

Sue Oakley advised that there was an amendment to the notes of the last meeting; it should read Redcroft and not Towncroft as has been minuted.


·      Page 2, Minutes of the last meeting; Rochdale Football Club

Terry Linden raised the above and Councillor Emmott advised that there is work ongoing for a community project at Bowlee to introduce new sports to reach people of all abilities/ages, such as lacrosse, hockey etc.  In order to do this a ‘Playing Pitch Strategy’ is being developed, Councillor Emmott explained that this has been to Cabinet and will now go to consultation with stakeholders.


·      Page 7, Updates; Friends of Bowlee Community Park

Terry Linden advised that many years ago Rochdale Football Club entered into an agreement regarding the pitches on Bowlee, this resulted in some issues around and Terry advised that the agreed fees were not paid.  The pitches were not used.


Terry advised, at the time, Councillor Peter Williams, as Chair felt this was not a good decision and local teams used the pitches.  Terry felt that any decision made on the use of the pitches, going forward, should be made by Township.  Eric Larmett advised that the Friends of Bowlee received a presentation from Rochdale F.C. and felt that the friends group should be involved in further discussions and the park used as a community base/facility.  Councillor West advised that Township would have a say in any decisions made about the park going forward.


Terry Linden queried why there is only the suggestion for Rochdale F.C., and Councillor Emmott advised that the ‘Playing Pitch Strategy’ is out for consultation and therefore comments can be made on this.  Eric advised that the ‘Friends of Group’ are not in favour of this.   Councillor Emmott advised that with increased development in the area, he is concerned about the loss of Bowlee, in the future to further development and the strategy would create another layer to protect Bowlee.  This was subject to a discussion with the Friends of Group, who disagreed with this.


A discussion took place about the lack of athletic facilities, and Gordon Beverley advised that this is not part of the Playing Pitch Strategy. 


·      Page 5, Transport Issues; Grid on Market Place

Terry Linden advised that following the last meeting the gird on Market Place has been repaired.


·      Page 5, Transport Issues; Councillor Burke Meeting with TFGM/ Manchester City Council

Members requested an update from Councillor Burke, who unfortunately had sent apologies to the meeting this evening.


Street Cleaning, Waste, Clean and Green


Gordon Beverley advised that the report on the Playing Pitch Strategy will be going to the next Middleton Township Committee meeting on 1 December 2016.

Councillor West advised that she was thrilled to report that Middleton recycled 95% of its waste, in this quarter.

As no report had been brought to the meeting it was agreed that questions would be invited;

·           David McKail advised that the litter bin adjacent to the Lancashire Fold is too small, as it is a lamppost mounted bin.  Gordon Beverley advised that a number of litter bins have been allocated to each Township.  Councillors West & Boriss advised that they will request a floor standing bin at this location.  Councillor West advised that she would encourage anyone with a location request for a bin to send this into Township, although she did advise that any requests would be subject to approval and availability.  Sue Oakley queried if news bins will be generic, Gordon advised that when the request is made the area it is being placed in will be considered.

·           Terry Linden advised that the underpass is flooded due to poor drainage.  This issue will be reported by Gordon Beverley. 

·           Geoff Grime thanked the team as he recently reported fly-tipping and this was removed within 24 hours of his report being made.


THI (Townscape Heritage Initiative) Update


Sue Oakley advised that the scheme is going well and went through each of the schemes;

·           21-23 Market Place La Min Haz – work is going well and the building has had a full re-roof in addition to a new shop front being completed, which is a green colour and looks fantastic. Completion is expected for November.

·           51-53 Rochdale Road, this received Heritage Lottery approval and Sue advised that there is a full restoration of the building, the owners accepted the grant offer and work is ongoing.

·           Long Street Methodist Church & School – this is currently behind schedule and the grant scheme has been extended, but it will move forward very soon hopefully.  

·           Exedra & Staircase – work is expected to commence around January/February time.


Terry Linden queried what is happening with the shops at Middleton Triangle; Sue advised that the RDA have a scheme ongoing to better the aesthetics of the shops frontages.

Sue advised that the Assheton Arms has now been sold at auction.  One of the new owners is known and will be contacted regarding a possible grant scheme.


Transport Issues


No issues were raised.



a)    Friends of Middleton View

b)    Friends of Jubilee Park

c)    Friends of Wince Brook

d)    Green Volunteers

e)    Friends of Alkrington Woods

f)     Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery

g)    Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve

h)   Absolute Angling

i)     Friends of Bowlee Community Park

j)      Status4All

k)    Middleton Civic Association

l)     Middleton Lads and Girls FC

m)  Middleton Round Table

n)   Link4Life Update

o)    Any other groups and events


A discussion took place about the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), and Terry Linden advised that all the relevant documents are available in Middleton Library.  Members requested that a special item be put on the agenda of the next meeting to discuss plans for the area.  David Lees advised that there has recently been an article in the Middleton Guardian about development on green belt land.  It was agreed that Councillor West will make enquires to see if someone could come and talk to the group about the GMSF.


·           Friends of Middleton View

The group were advised that following the last meeting, the grass has now been cut.  It is hoped that the group will be able to secure funding of £120 to restore on of the pathways; Councillor West invited the group to apply to Township for funds.


·           Friends of Jubilee Park

David Lees advised that the works on the retaining wall are nearing completion.  A THI scheme for the exedra and associated works will hopefully commence in January, as stated by Sue Oakley earlier under the THI Update. 


David advised that operatives from Environmental Management visit the Old Burial Ground once a month to assist the Green Volunteers etc. in clearing/tidying up the cemetery.  This has resulted in a visible impact on the area. Two dead trees have been reported, as they are considered to be dangerous, and there is a process in place for removal, although as yet no action has been taken.  Following a discussion, it was agreed that any issues around a lack of progress should be reported and Councillor West will follow this up with an email to Martin Taylor (Head of Service). 


David advised that some of the work of clearing of graves and recording of the inscriptions has taken place, and a grave has been uncovered of a sergeant who died in 1918, this has enabled some research to take place about this individual.  Councillor West thanked David for his report. 


·           Friends of Wince Brook (discussed earlier in the meeting)

David McKail advised that United Utilities sewage chamber leaked and went into Wince Brook, this resulted in fences and trees being cut down at the Davidson Drive entrance. 


David advised that North West Electricity (NWE) have been cutting down trees under the powerlines, and in the surrounding area due to a fear of falling wires.  At present it is very unsightly, but trees will be replanted/ replaced and fences will be reinstalled.  Bob explained that NWE were given permission to undertake the works and letters were delivered to residents prior to the works taking place.  Bob explained that time will heal the area hopefully; the works carried out enable NWE to deliver power to around 70,000 homes in this area. 


Bob advised that the group have been in contact with two young men who are assisting with pushing through a social media strategy, it is hoped that this will enable plans, history and maps etc. to be brought into the public domain  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Any other business

Date of next meeting

4th January 2017, 6:15pm Middleton Library


Dates of future meetings, allmeetingscommenceat 6.15pmandtakeplace 1st Floor,Middleton Library.

·           Tuesday 24 January 2017

·           Thursday 6 April 2017