Agenda and minutes

Venue: Middleton Library, Long Street, Middleton M24 1AF

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel. 01706 923124 

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Welcome and Introductions


All were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair of the meeting, Councillor Donna Williams, and introductions took place.  It was requested that mobile phones were switched off and put on to silent.  Lauren gave a reminder for everyone to ensure they had signed in.




Apologies were noted as above.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


·           Any Other Business – No Entry Signage
Lauren advised that following the last meeting she met with colleagues in GMP who have agreed to continue undertaking enforcement on Wood Street at the ‘No Entry’ signage.  As reported at the last meeting, this is a ‘moving traffic offence’ and it has to be dealt with by GMP colleagues.  Lauren stated that the dates of the visits to this area by GMP would not be shared, but in advance of the next meeting she will ask Officers for a breakdown of offences and action taken (Action: Lauren to liaise with GMP colleagues for information regarding the visit to this area)

·           Friends of Mellalieu Street ‘Residents Parking Scheme Update’
Lauren has approached colleagues in Highways about this matter and as yet there is no update, but once an update is available this information will be passed on to residents.  Lauren also advised that a request came from residents of Mellalieu Street for speed limitation measures, unfortunately due to the costs of this proposal, it has been deferred by Township to a future meeting.

·           Concerns were raised about a named licensed premise in Middleton, and it was agreed that this information would be passed to the Public Realm Inspectors and the Pub Watch GMP Officer (Action: Lauren to pass the information on to the above named Officers).  Councillor Martin advised that at a previous Middleton Township Devolved Funding & Devolved Services Sub Committee, Middleton Councillors approved funding for GMP to provide metal detector wands to all the licensed pubs in Middleton.  The funding also included the purchase of drug detection wipes to enable licensees to check their premises for drug use should they have suspicions regarding customers.  All agreed that this was a great idea.

·           Concerns were raised about an ongoing leak at the sunken garden subway near to the Asheton Arms.  Lauren explained that this problem has been ongoing since March 2018, that she is aware of, and it is the responsibility of United Utilities to repair it.  She has made at least three calls and website reports to United Utilities.  It was suggested that everyone report this problem to try to force the hand of United Utilities to undertake this repair as soon as possible, as the Local Authority has no powers they can use against United Utilities to force this to happen sooner. (Action: All to report to United Utilities at or via telephone on 0800 330 033)

·           Councillor Nolan advised that the drains on Long Street are all blocked and this issue is forcing a lot of waste water runoff, especially with it being on an incline. (Action: Lauren will report the problem on behalf of Councillor Nolan, but should others wish to raise concerns with Highways regarding blocked gullies, the Contact Centre Number is 0300 303 8879 and it can also be reported via the website at

·           Councillor West advised that there is some rubbish dumped outside the Roebuck Pub; this will be reported to the Public  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Street Cleaning, Waste, Clean and Green


Councillor Donna Martin advised that Neil Maver, who took up a role two years ago within Rochdale Borough Council as the Waste & Recycling Delivery Manager, was retiring tomorrow, and it was agreed that Township would like to send their sincerest gratitude to Neil for all his hard work over the past two years and wish him well in his retirement.

Lauren advised that Nick O’Neill hadn’t been able to make the meeting and he has provided a written update.

An exercise is being undertaken to rebalance the refuse rounds.  A vast majority of properties are unaffected, but there are some in Middleton and Castleton and these have been leafleted and Environmental Management are doing door knocking to these areas.  Recruitment is taking place again with jobs advertised for loaders (10) who will be from the borough.

Street Cleansing
After receiving extra funding (Housing Growth), Environmental Management have filled all vacancies and the Clean and Green Teams are now permanent staff, and there is also an additional person on each Streets Team.

Grounds Maintenance
All vacancies are now filled with permanent staff, and Environmental Management are currently carrying out winter works, shrub pruning, edging off, etc.

Other Environmental Issues
Following the last meeting in which concerns were raised about the bin emptying cycle, in particular bins on Springfield Road and in Jubilee Park, Lauren raised this matter with the relevant teams.  She advised the bins on Springfield Road will be emptied three times per week and the bins in Jubilee Park on a more regular basis as and when needed, as this area is visited daily by the Gardeners and they have been asked to monitor this location.

Also raised at the last meeting were comments regarding bin crews not always returning bins to their location.  This issue was passed on to colleagues in Waste Management who have agreed that they will attend the next meeting and provide an update on Waste & Recycling Services to the Environment and Culture Forum meeting on Wednesday 23 January 2019.

Concerns were raised at the last meeting about the amount of cigarette ends and glasses (plastic and glass) dumped outside a Town Centre pub, and it was agreed that Lauren would pass this information to the Public Realm Inspectors and PC Tracey Lowe who manages the Middleton Pub Watch Scheme.  PC Lowe has raised concerns direct with the venue.


Link4Life Update


Unfortunately, Andrew Entwistle has had a late notice shift cover and he couldn’t make the meeting.  He is happy for any comments or questions to be raised via this forum or they can be emailed to him direct at

Members advised that they have recently agreed to some funding to improve the lighting outside Middleton Arena to ensure that during the darker hours, the disabled parking bays outside the building are adequately lit, and hope this will improve people’s feeling of safety in this area.


Public Realm Officers


As requested at the last meeting, following concerns being raised about an individual feeding pigeons in the Town Centre, Victoria Davies (Middleton Town Centre Management Company) has advised Lauren that she has met with the Public Realm Inspectors and future meetings will be arranged as required.

All agreed that any issues which are passed to the Public Realm Inspectors are dealt with, and Lauren was asked to note that a good service is received from the dedicated Middleton Officers.

A discussion also took place about a recent incident in which travellers accessed Limefields, and due to the work of the Public Realm Inspectors and the orders in place, they were moved on within a few hours and there was no damage to the park.  Again thanks were asked to be noted and passed to the team.


Transport Issues


Attendees raised concerns regarding the 415 Bus Service, which has recently been cut from a 30 minute service to a one hour service, and Members were asked if they could do anything to reverse this decision?  Members advised that the comments from the meeting will be passed to the Transport Representative, Councillor Burke, but unfortunately there is very little Rochdale Borough Council can do to force TfGM to reverse this decision. (Action: Lauren to liaise with Councillor Burke)

Friends of Bowlee raised concerns about traffic in and around Bowlee and a decision they have been advised is to install traffic lights at the bottom of Langley Lane.  The group felt that there has been no consultation nor discussion with people living in that area who will be affected by an increase in pollution.  There was a suggestion made for s.106 funds to be used to provide an average speed camera, rather than install lights in this location, and there was some discussion about this proposal as some people felt that this junction needed lights due to the difficulty in seeing out of the junction and previous accidents in this location.  It was agreed that Highways would be asked to contact the Friends of Group to discuss their concerns and options going forward. (Action: Lauren to ask Highways to contact Eric/Ted to discuss this issue further)




Middleton Town Centre Management Company
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Middleton View

·         Geoff advised that in late summer a project was undertaken by the Green Volunteers on Tonge Field; this was a big scheme and took sometime given the size of the area involved.

·         A discussion took place as to why the Green Volunteers have to undertake this cutting, when in other areas a machine is used to cut large open spaces.  It was agreed that Environmental Management would be asked why this doesn’t happen at Tonge Fields and if a baling machine could be used to ensure that the grass collected can be reused. (Action: Lauren to liaise with Environmental Management to seek agreement for cutting equipment used in other areas to be used on this large open space)

·         The group advised that they are looking for funding for knee-rail fencing, and it was agreed that Lauren would send the Township application pack to the group to apply to the next Middleton Township Devolved Funding & Devolved Services Sub Committee meeting in February 2019.

Friends of Jubilee Park

·         Simon advised that the group are working with Rochdale Council Environmental Management Officers to replace the barrier which has been placed in the park near to the New Lane entrance, as all agreed that the current barrier is an eyesore. 

·         Planting works to the Exedra are expected to be completed during November and December.  Again Simon is meeting with Council Officers to agree the plants/trees used and ensure that they are in keeping with the park and the Exedra.

·         Simon advised that he has been working with the Officers to develop a scheme to repaint the Exedra, and an agreement has been made that works will take place in 2019, with the colours agreed in principle by the Officers and Friends of Group, to ensure that the bandstand remains in keeping with the historic park.

Friends of Wince Brook

·         David McKail advised that due to the old pond becoming full of weeds and as such no longer serving its purpose as a pond, the group worked with Mike Cummings and Volunteers to dig a new pond which is now in place, and it has become a local visiting place for a much sighted Heron.

·         The Community Orchard is being enjoyed by all, and works to remove brambles and blackthorn have been undertaken.  On 12 November 2018 a scheme to plant 400 new trees will be undertaken in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, with full support from the Green Volunteers and Mike Cummings.  When the group were approached by the Woodland Trust regarding these trees, they were informed that there was no other site in the Borough where these trees could be planted.

·         David advised that 125 bulbs have been ordered by the group and will be planted around the Community Orchard.  There is also a litter pick taking place on 7 November 2018, meet at 10am at Kirkway for anyone interested in helping.

·         A discussion took place about  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Any other business (not already discussed on the agenda)


·         The THI scheme officially ended on 5 September 2018 and unfortunately funding for the Heritage Open Days ceased as part of the Lottery funded grants, which meant that some venues were only able to open twice as part of the Heritage Open Days.

·         Concerns were raised about people, such as delivery drivers, using the Burton Street Car Park to pick up orders when this area is for disabled drivers.  It was agreed that this concern would be passed to Highways to investigate.

·         A discussion took place concerning the original Manchester Town Hall façade which is now situated in Heaton Park and saved by Edgar Wood.

·         Councillor Nolan advised that over the last 12 months he has been working on a filming project based on the life of Sam Bamford, and he invited all to the film premiere at Middleton Arena on 2 February 2019 (more details to follow).

·         The group were advised on Friday 2 November 2018 the Peterloo film will be realised.


Dates of future meetings


23 January 2019
20 March 2019