Agenda and minutes

Venue: Middleton Library, Long Street, Middleton M24 1AF

Contact: Lauren Mason - Tel. 01706 923124 

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Welcome and Introductions


All were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair, Councillor Donna Williams, and introductions took place.  It was requested that mobile phones were switched off and put on to silent.  Lauren gave a reminder for everyone to ensure they had signed in.




Apologies were noted as above.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting which took place on Wednesday 4 September 2020 were agreed and seconded by Councillor June West and Councillor Donna Williams.

Agenda Item 5 – Street Cleaning, Waste, Clean & Green

·           Councillor West raised her concerns about the issue discussed at the last meeting in relation to the industrial bins which have been placed next to the row of shops below the Kohinoor on Long Street.  Diane Lodwig advised that the conditions of a business license is an ‘Industrial Waste Contract’ and Diane cannot remove the bins as these are needed for the shop to operate.  A discussion took place about if there are any other options available to the shop owners, and a member of the meeting advised that there is facilities for bins to be stored at the Kohinoor but this is charged for by the land owner.


Diane advised that that she has visited the premises and checked for rear access/storage for the bins, and is aware that there isn’t any other options available to the owners of the shop. Concerns were raised by some members of the meeting regarding H&S if there is no fire exit at the rear of the shops and it was agreed that these concerns will be passed to the relevant department (Action: Concerns will be passed to the relevant Council department)


All other items are to be covered under the agenda.


Coop Pioneers


Andrew Hughes, who is the Coop Pioneer Member for Oldham, Chadderton and Middleton, introduced himself to the meeting.  His role as the Coop Pioneer member is to act as an intermediary between the community and the Coop as a business, covering areas such as Funeral Care and Food Stores.  Andrew advised that the Coop is able to support community groups through not only grants, but volunteers and advice.  The process for applying for a grant is online and it is straight forward with three projects supported per year.  In the last financial year £17,000 was allocated to local good causes.  The decision on who to fund and the split of funds is decided by local Coop members and businesses.  Grants are available for charities, churches, cooperatives and community interest companies.  Any groups applying for funds is expected to demonstrate that their organisation supports at least 10 local people.

Andrew advised that any local groups looking for support, either financial, promotion or volunteer time are able to contact him for support.

Andrew explained that local Coop stores and Funeral Care companies can offer small grants of up to £250.  The grant application process is open from April and closes in September.

Andrew was thanked for attending and providing a very detailed presentation to the meeting, and invited to attend future meetings.


GM Arts Network


No representative available for this item.  Apologies received.


Street Cleaning, Clean & Green and Enforcement


A resident raised concerns about vehicles parking in the disabled only bay outside of The Edgar Wood.  Councillor Donna Williams advised that vehicle issues do not come under Diane’s role and this situation has previously been raised with Highways colleagues and Licensing (as previously it was noted that the worst offenders were Uber/Just Eat Drivers).

Councillor Dale advised that she had received a complaint regarding a recent near miss involving a bin truck and it was agreed that this issue would be passed on directly to the Head of Service.

A resident raised concerns about a number of recent incidents involving young people riding bikes in the Town Centre, riding without care and attention to pedestrians.  The resident was advised that any such issues need to be reported to GMP via the 101 line as this allows GMP to build up a picture of incidents.

Due to the confusion regarding roles, Diane explained her role and that she covers Heywood and Middleton.  Also Diane is able to make statements on behalf of the authority without having her personal information shared (Diane advised of this situation as often people report issues but are scared to make statements which may require eventual attendance in court).  Diane stated that where residents do see issues these should be reported immediately and a visit would be made by an officer to collect the evidence as this can then be presented by the Council, rather than individual residents being called as witnesses.  Residents were also informed that they must not touch any fly tipping, etc, as once it has been touched, it is classed as tampered with and therefore is unlikely to result in action.


Transport Issues


Following the last meeting where residents were asked to report any bus issues when they happen, Lauren again advised that there have been no reports made.  A reminder was given that if there are any issues, these should be sent to Lauren who will send them to Councillor Burke as he is the Council’s Transport Representative.  Lauren stated the report needs to happen when the incident happens as without details such as the specific time and date these incidents cannot be investigated by TfGM.




Middleton Town Centre Management Company
Victoria Davies sent her apologies to the meeting.  No update provided.

Friends of Middleton View

·           The Friends of Middleton View advised that they recently reported some fly tipping via the Township Office and this issue was dealt with promptly, so they echoed the above advice from Diane about reporting.

·           The group asked that a report be brought to the next meeting on the current status and work regarding Tonge Hall.  It was agreed that Lauren will raise this matter with the relevant department and ask for this information to be brought to a future meeting.

·           Concerns were raised by the group in relation to some works being undertaken at the far side of the field by a group of tree surgeons.  When approached the tree surgeons have advised that they are undertaking the work for the horses, but it is not seen as fit for this and concerns were voiced at the meeting.


Friends of Jubilee Park

·           The Friends of Jubilee Park received a gold award last year as part of the In Bloom competition, which they entered as a stand-alone to the town-wide In Bloom competition.

·           The group advised that they have recently had a tree come down in the bad weather and this issue has been reported to Rochdale Borough Council.

Friends of Wince Brook

·           The Friends of Wince Brook representative advised that the group held their AGM last night and the meeting was fairly well attended.

·           14,000 saplings have recently been planted with the eventual aim of returning some of the area to a forest, but making sure that the right trees are planted.

·           As discussed by the Friends of Middleton View, the group have also been approached regarding wood chippings.

·           The group advised that they are working with Mike Cummings to secure funding for hardstanding to replace the boardwalks in the Brook as these are much more durable and longer lasting.

·           The group asked that their thanks to Mike Cummings and the Green Volunteers be formally noted.


Green Volunteers

·           The Green Volunteers have been working this morning in Alkrington Woods and they have undertaken the planting of saplings as mentioned in the Friends of Wince Brook update.

Friends of Alkrington Woods

·           1,800 tree saplings have been planted recently with help from Mike Cummings, local schools and the Green Volunteers.

·           The group now has around 60 people on their regular mailing list.

·           Work is taking place on Saturday morning to cut back some trees in the Woods.

·           The group have produced walking maps which are being distributed locally.

·           The group advised that with funding they have applied for and been awarded they are now currently in a secure financial position.

·           A family walk is being arranged for Good Friday.

·           The group are working to plant some Lord Suffield apple trees as part of a scheme to develop a community orchard.  A member of another group advised that this particular tree does not self-pollinate and it will need assistance.

·           The group have spoken  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Any other business (not already discussed on the agenda)


·           The meeting was advised that an Environmental Meeting has been arranged to discuss various issues, and this is scheduled to take place at Burnside on 22 April 2020.

·           A grassroots gathering, which was arranged by Action Together, took place on 5 February 2020 at The Lighthouse Project and it was attended by some local groups and Township.  Another session is being arranged and Lauren will again circulate the details once this event has been confirmed.

·           A member of the group requested an update, to a future meeting, on the proposed tramline extension to Middleton.

·           The Historic Cheapside Group advised that a tree at the corner of Cheapside and Rochdale Road has fallen.  It was agreed that this issue will be looked into by Councillor Williams.


Dates of future meetings


To be advised.