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Pennines Township Committee

This page lists proposed meetings of Pennines Township Committee and historic meeting dates with agendas and minutes.


Information about Pennines Township Committee

The Council’s four Township Committees have become an integral part of the Council's decision-making process, they are some of the most developed area committee in local government. The Council recently approved an approach for developing the role of Township Committees, giving increasing responsibility for budgets and day-to-day delivery of services. The Township Committees now hold responsibility for the delivery of the following Council services:–

  • Environmental Management (excluding Refuse Collection and Recycling and Bereavement Services)
  • Highways and Engineering
  • Community Centres
  • Libraries
  • Development Control
  • Township Funds
  • Leisure Projects - commissioning


The Pennines Township Committee comprises the Members of the Wards (Littleborough Lakeside, Milnrow and Newhey, Smallbridge and Firgrove and Wardle and West Littleborough) that fall within the boundaries of that Township. The Township Committee meets six times per year, at venues within the Pennines area. Each Pennines Township Committee meeting commences with an Open Forum session, which gives local residents the opportunity to ask questions of their local Members or to raise issues of local concern.