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Employment and the Equalities Committee

This page lists proposed meetings of Employment and the Equalities Committee and historic meeting dates with agendas and minutes.


Information about Employment and the Equalities Committee

Employment and Equalities Committees

·         To discharge non-executive functions as set out in Part 3 to the Constitution relating to the terms and conditions of staff

·         Approval of proposals for organisational changes where the number of staff affected is 100 or more in any one proposal including the transfer of services and changes to service delivery models

·         Pay Reviews for Directors and Phase 2 Senior management Review

·         Power to undertake the assessment of Director Performance for the purposes of salary progression within the Council’s agreed performance framework

·         Power to consider the outcome of consultations on organisational change where there is a failure to agree between management and staff/trade unions on issues of principle/significance.

·         Policy work relating to Equality Impact assessment work, Equality policies , HR workforce equality information, any data analysis, any learning and understanding our communities and customer profile

·         Receipt of updates on Compliance with the Corporate Equalities Action Plan.