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Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 17 February 2014 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given:

Bamford Way - Surfacing
Highways Maintenance were requested to inspect the stretch of Bamford Way that was recently re-surfaced to below standard and to make good where necessary. There may be ongoing litigation and a progress report will be requested.
Action (1) Obtain Highways progress report. (Stuart Hay)

Pot-holes on Greenvale
Greenvale is on the forward works programme, however, a new contract is to be negotiated and no date is yet available for the works to be done.
Action (2) Establish what the plans are regarding resurfacing of Greenvale. (Stuart Hay)

Blocked drains
The drain near to The Treatment Works was cleared using high technical equipment but is now blocked again as are several on Norden Road and Bagslate Moor Road.
Action (3) Request inspection and clearance of the drains. (Stuart Hay)

Norden Road Re-surfacing
Norden Road resurfacing took place in March 2014 and it was agreed to a high standard but also questioned whether the work is complete as it finished abruptly with work on the pavement opposite the end of Martlett Avenue appearing to be unfinished and still outstanding.  The kerbs in that area were replaced but the road surface including the anti-skid surface is badly eroded.  It was also asked if and when the stretch down to Bury and Rochdale Old Road would be done because the kerbs along that length have virtually disappeared.  It was asked if and whether any delay, if that is the case, is connected to potential United Utilities works on The Green and if that is the reason why the pavement had not been surface finished, but it was pointed out that access to The Green by United Utilities would be off road via the Bamford Mews Road.
Action (4) Enquire with Highways (Stuart Hay)

Parking on grass verges and burglaries
Parking on the grass verges of Norden Road and burglaries in the Diggles Lane area were updated in the Police and Community safety section.

Bus shelter – Norden Road
Transport for Greater Manchester were requested to assess the suitability for the siting of a bus shelter on Norden Road, they have made two replies one on 21 February 2014 and the other on 6 May 2014, direct to Councillor Ian Duckworth, both of which were read out:
Before we install a shelter, we consult the Local Authority Highways Department who are responsible for providing and maintaining roads and footpaths throughout the borough and Greater Manchester Police, who ensure that a shelter would not block sight lines or affect traffic flows.  We also talk to local residents and local councillors before we make our final decision whether to install a shelter at a bus stop.

Our final decision is based on a number of things including:


·       whether the pavement is wide enough;

·       the number of passengers using a bus stop in a 12 hour period;

·       what type of shelter is best for the location;

·       whether the shelter would obscure sightlines for other road users; and

·       whether the shelter would provide a safe and secure waiting place for bus passengers.


At present, Transport for Greater Manchester has many such requests for passenger shelters but have very few surpluses.  Therefore, I shall add your request to our ‘Additional Passenger Shelter Register’ and contact you in due course regarding your request.

The bus stop has been investigated in 2007 for a shelter, however, it failed the minimum passenger count of 40 passengers boarding within a 12 hour period, to enable TfGM to progress with the request.  We will re-investigate shelter requests only after a further 5 years and therefore we will firstly ensure that a shelter is physically suitable at the location and if so, undertake a further count”.

The second reply followed the Bus Network and TfGM Services Sub Committee on Friday 2 May 2014:
“The site visit has now been undertaken by TfGM’ s Route Equipment Manager, along with representatives from GMP and Highways.  The representatives have confirmed that the location would be suitable for a three Bay Shelter with no seats and no side panels.  The reason we would not be able to install side panels or seat is due to the limited pavement width.  The Highways representative is also currently confirming land ownership of the grass verge behind the proposed location to ensure that it is Council owned.  Access would be required via the grass verge for maintenance and cleaning of the shelter.  In the meantime and in line with our processes, a patronage count would need to be undertaken to also ensure the minimum number of 40 passengers within a 12 hour period is met.  I will arrange for a passenger count to be undertaken at the bus stop.

The forum will be given an update following the receipt of the patronage count, however, please be aware this can be a lengthy process.

Pelican crossing – Norden Road
The response as to whether the timing can be changed on the Norden Road Pelican Crossing is:
“Crossings operate to the criteria set down by the Department for Transport, the timings set into the controller are nationally agreed.

Pedestrians should wait until the pedestrian indicator changes to show a green man.  Once a pedestrian has pressed the button the controller (via the detectors mounted on the top of the signal heads) looks for a gap in the traffic.  There is never an instant change, there is always a minimum of 7 seconds to wait for a green man.

If traffic is approaching the crossing, the controller will not change until there is a gap in the flow, this is to prevent rear end shunts.  After 30 seconds and there has not been a gap, the controller will change anyway as by then the approaching drivers can see pedestrians waiting and start to anticipate the lights changing.  Pedestrians need to be patient and use the crossing correctly and safely”.

Bamford Green and Copse
Bamford Green and Copse has been cleaned up.

Tree planting
Councillor Duckworth has allocated the £1,000 Ward Funds towards a tree planting scheme at the Forest School Scheme on Roch Valley Way, a really worthwhile scheme where school pupils from around the Borough will benefit.  Non-native trees have been cut down and wildlife hedges formed from them, native fruit tree species will be planted, ponds have been made and accessible pathways installed.

Martlett Avenue 20mph zone
Councillor Duckworth advised the Martlett Avenue 20mph is still being looked at and that the result of a recent study showed the average speed to be 24mph.

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