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Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 1st December 2014 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given:

Bamford Way Surfacing
A Highways update on the alleged sub-standard resurfaced stretch of Bamford Way that is possibly under litigation is still outstanding.
Action: Obtain Highways’ progress report (Stuart Hay)

Potholes on Greenvale
A date for Greenvale to be resurfaced is still to be established.
Action: Obtain timescale for resurfacing (Stuart Hay)

Norden Road Resurfacing
Unsatisfactory patch repairs have been carried out on Norden Road at the junction with Martlet Avenue, the whole junction needs resurfacing properly. The drains on Norden Road are blocked again as are the ones on Clay Lane near to the Treatment Works.
Action: Request drains be cleared and work completed on the road surface at the junction (Stuart Hay)

Traffic lights at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane
Highways’ response to the request for a traffic light enforcement camera to be fitted at Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane was read out:

“Red light cameras fall into the same category as speed cameras and are unfortunately tarred with the same adverse publicity. As a result all new sites must be justified on accident numbers before they can be introduced.

The criteria states that there must be at least one killed or serious injury accident (KSI) in the direction of travel plus at least five more slight injury accidents or one other KSI in the last 3 years.

We currently have one KSI recorded plus another recent fatal but both offending vehicles that contravened the red lights were travelling in different directions, one from Sandy Lane and one from Bury Road. As such the site wouldn’t meet the set criteria for a red light camera.

I appreciate the concerns of the forum as red light running is becoming a big problem and I have been carrying out a piece of work at key junctions to try and justify a new site but as yet have been unsuccessful.

The other big drawback is that if a new site met the criteria the cost of installation would be for the authority to find.”

Given that no enforcement camera can be installed due to lack of criteria and that no physical measures can be installed on arterial roads to slow down traffic, it was requested that Highways conduct an investigation in to what can be done and what allowable measures for an arterial road to slow down traffic, such as textured road surfacing, or rumble strips could be employed to make the junction safer. A date for the installation of the agreed traffic island near to Pegasus Court was requested and an update on the specialist investigation in to the fatal Road Traffic Collision on the 9th November 2014 was requested.
Action: Raise all points with Highways to address (Stuart Hay)

Roch Valley Japanese Knotweed
Another location in the Roch Valley, at the rear of Oakenrod Mount, where Japanese Knotweed is growing on the banks of the River Roch and near to properties, was raised and this will be included in the proposed joint effort between the Council and United Utilities to establish an action plan to tackle the problem.
Action: Arrange joint site meeting in late spring to tackle problem (Stuart Hay)

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