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Land off Swift Road
The proposal to sell a piece of Council land off Swift Road is a real concern to many residents. A vast amount of hard work has been conducted by residents to prevent any sale. Councillor Sullivan outlined that the land has been available for community use for decades, evidenced by many residents, and the piece of land is referred to in some residents’ property deeds as a village green, although it is not registered as such. Councillor Sullivan has initiated enquiries to establish the status of the land and what conditions or covenants are applicable. She has raised it at Township Committee who have delegated an investigation and will visit the area. Residents have held meetings, Bamford Village Green Group have been informed and involved and a petition is ongoing. A press article is to appear this week. It was stressed how very important and precious this piece of land is to the community and how it needs to be kept as such. The meeting overwhelmingly and wholeheartedly supported the cause and gave evidence of community use. Both Bamford and Norden Wards have a very low ratio of play areas for under 12 years and scored very low in a survey, hence funding was put towards revamping the park in Norden. It is very important that the whole community supports the cause and not just residents adjacent as it is the whole community who use it.

Rumours of any proposed sale of Bamford Green are not true as it is left in perpetuity to the community and the only work proposed is United Utilities to install an underground water holding tank to ease flooding.

20mph Zone
The proposed 20 miles per hour zone was delayed due to objections and then negotiations with EON over signage installation that is all sorted. The works have been ordered with Balfour Beatty and the installation of the signs and road markings are awaited.

Norden Road Pedestrian Crossing
The pedestrian crossing on Norden Road near Bamford Precinct appears to have developed a fault as the timing is massively out. Although the crossing monitors traffic flow it is not operating for inordinately long periods.
Action: Request inspection of crossing controls (Stuart Hay)

Kissing gates at Jowkin Lane and Hollin Lane
Peel Holdings have agreed with Councillor Sullivan and Mick Ball from Environmental Management to remove the overly high stiles on the path between Jowkin Lane and Hollin Lane and will replace them with kissing gates.

Street light faults
There is a street light outside 4 Bell Meadow Drive which is not working, and two on Highlands Road, one outside number 6 and the other at the junction with Caithness Road which have been switched on permanently since being installed.

Action: Report faults to EON (Stuart Hay)

Additional street light on Highfield Road

The path between 10 and 12 Highfield Road is in complete darkness and a request was made for an additional light to be installed.

Action: Request Street Lighting considers installation of additionallight (Stuart Hay)

Replacement tree on Norden Road
Graeme Douglas at Environmental Management will be chased up over the planting of the replacement tree on Norden Road at War Office Road.

Ward Councillors’ Surgery
The Ward Councillors hold a surgery from 1000 hours to 1100 hours on the first Thursday of each month here in Bamford Chapel, although they often go beyond 1100 hours. Ward Councillors contact details are available on the Council’s Website:
Councillor Ian Duckworth – Telephone
01706 648393
or email:
Councillor Jane Gartside - Telephone 01706 658443 or 07812 228281
or email:
Councillor Pat Sullivan – Telephone 0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240
or email: