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Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 9March 2015 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given:

Bamford Way Surfacing
Bamford Way is included in this year’s (2015/16) Highways Maintenance Programme for micro asphalt surfacing. This work is likely to take place during the second quarter of the financial year (July to September 2015). There has been no litigation over previous re surfacing.

Potholes on Green Vale
Green Vale is definitely on the forward work programme but at this moment the timescale is dependent on adequate funding and the selection of the scheme by the Township Committee. The Ward Councillors will seek priority as the condition of Greenvale Road surface is so poor.

Norden Road Resurfacing
The junction of Norden Road and Martlett Avenue has been resurfaced and lined.

Traffic lights at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane
Highways response to the request for an investigation in to acceptable safety measures that could be taken at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane is that they continually monitor all recorded personal injury accidents within the Borough with the emphasis on key junctions and strategic link roads.  Every year they draw up a priority list which highlights accident hotspots. This year’s process is being finalised and the Sandy Lane and Roch Valley Way junction is currently 10th on this list due to the two recent accidents (last year it was 24th).  Once all the hotspots are identified Highways systematically carry out an accident investigation process to determine causation factors and where possible, look at appropriate remedial measures to address any problems. This process is currently ongoing but it must be recognised that there isn’t always a solution to all problems.

Rumble strips are not used within 250m of residential properties due to the noise generated, especially at night.

The pedestrian island at Pegasus Court is still to be installed and will be chased up again.

The offending driver responsible for the fatal road traffic collision on 9 November 2014 has been sentenced to six years imprisonment and may come under review to have the sentence increased.  Speeding enforcement has taken place and will continue.  Councillor Sullivan has requested all the road markings at the junction be repainted.
Action: Request urgent installation of pedestrian island (Stuart Hay)

Roch Valley Japanese Knotweed
Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management is treating the knotweed on Council land at River Roch Valley and prioritising any knotweed near properties. The rear of Oakenrod Hill is not Council land, but United Utilities informs the land does appear to be that of United Utilities and will pass on to their Security Desk for action. An example was given where the Council will treat knotweed on private property if it has spread from Council land.

Treatment near the water course is ongoing and a further application to DEFRA to permit further treatment near the water course is to be submitted.

Enquiries made as to the location being a Site of Biological Interest (SBI) and whether any funding, resources or special measures apply. Some of the valley is covered by SBI, specifically from the vicinity of Chadwick Hall Road to the vicinity of Crimble Lane, Meadowcroft Woods and Springfield Woods. Also Greater Manchester Ecological Unit who oversee SBIs may well have some thoughts in terms of funding sources, although SBIs don’t automatically attract additional resources, but the designation increases the chances of success with funding bids. The Council’s Principal Planning Officer will raise the issue at the next meeting about the Roch Valley and future funding bids, and will certainly try to include the issue in future bids (for example, from DEFRA through the Irwell Catchment Partnership).

Japanese knotweed on bridleway near Tyrone Drive
Complaints were made about knotweed growing on the bridleway from Tyrone Drive in to the valley and in the void left after United Utilities severely cut the trees down to create a pathway for the power lines. Both areas will be reported for treatment.
Action: Report all locations for treatment and liaise with United Utilities (Stuart Hay)

Norden Road and Highlands Road Blocked Drains
Blocked drains on Norden Road were cleaned and jetted within 10 working days from 11 March 2015. Clay Lane near the Treatment Work was allocated to an engineer to investigate which requires excavating and repair. The drains on Norden Road and on Highlands Road are blocked again and some need resetting.

Action: Report to Highways (Stuart Hay)

Land off Swift Road
Councillor Sullivan continues her ongoing work to keep the land off Swift Road as a protected open space. A site visit is still to take place and Councillor Sullivan will invite residents to attend in addition to any Planning letter invite which may not capture all interested parties.

Norden Road Pedestrian Crossing
The faulty timing on the pedestrian crossing was reported but has actually gone worse and will be looked at again.
Action: Request further inspection (Stuart Hay)

Street light faults
The defective street lights on Bell Meadow Drive and Highlands Road were tasked for repair to the EON Maintenance Team to resolve. All issues have been resolved with the exception of the light on Highlands Road near the junction with Caithness Avenue which is still defective and EON will be asked to re-attend.
Action: Request EON fix the one outstanding faulty light (Stuart Hay)

Additional street light on Highfield Road
Katie Moore from the Rochdale Township Office has asked Street Lighting to draw up a scheme and costs for additional lighting on the path between numbers 10 to 12 Highfield Road.

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