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Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 8 June 2015 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given:

White lines at junction of Sandy Lane, Bury Road & Roch Valley Way
Councillor Duckworth requested in writing that Highways renew the white lines at the junction of Sandy Lane, Bury Road and Roch Valley Way pointing out just how extremely busy and hazardous the junction is.

Pegasus Court Pedestrian Island
The pedestrian island near Pegasus Court was installed just after the last forum meeting.

Japanese Knotweed
The Japanese Knotweed on all the Council owned land in the River Roch Valley, has been treated. The land to the rear of Oakenrod Hill is all in private ownership. The actions last year of North West Electricity in totally clearing a large strip of land in the Roch Valley along the path of pylons, which has since been colonised by Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed, was questioned in relation to the designated Site of Biological Interest as mentioned in the last minutes.  It was asked how they were allowed to do it in such a brutal manner and whether Rochdale Council should have overseen the work. North West Electricity believe they acted in a reasonable manner.
Sites of Biological Interest are a non-statutory local designation and whilst they can be taken into consideration when considering planning applications which may affect them, they are not protected by law and if they are damaged by the landowner the Council is unable to take action in the way that it can in the case of, for example, trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders. The Greater Manchester Ecological Unit does try to liaise with landowners to give advice on the best management of these sites and the information will be passed to them.

Drains on Norden Road
The problem drains on Norden Road highlighted at the last forum have been cleaned and jetted and appear to be working correctly apart from the two drains near the junction with Highlands Road which require further work.  These drains have been placed on a list to carry out further investigations in the future, however, they carry a low priority as there is no risk of flooding to properties. The rest of the drains on Norden Road from War Office Road to Bury and Rochdale Old Road are to be cleaned and jetted within the next seven days.

Pedestrian crossing on Norden Road
The timings of the pedestrian crossing on Norden Road are still no better. The lights only ever change after waiting till there is no traffic. A request was made to write to the central control office to have this reviewed.
Action: Write directly to those in control of crossing settings (Stuart Hay)

Street lights on Highlands Road
The defective street light on Highlands Road near the junction with Caithness Avenue had been reported to EON for repair and passed to their maintenance team.

Public footpath off Bamford Way towards Teal Court
The signed public footpath off Bamford Way going towards Teal Court and all paths off it were cleared by the Clean and Green Team. The path off Highlands Road had also been cleared. Councillor Sullivan urged people to report any footpaths in need of clearing which will be attended to quickly.

Swift Road Green
Site meetings had been held on Swift Road Green with the Chair of Rochdale Township. Historically the Green was left to the people as an open space and Village Green status is now being considered. The question of what to do with the land by the Council is now on hold.

Tree on War Office Road land
The tree on War Office Road land at Norden Road is to be replaced and Environmental Management has been in touch with residents on Wood Top Avenue and a grove of trees are to be planted.

Martlet Avenue planter
Environmental Management has apologised for neglecting the Martlet Avenue tiered planter and will fill it with winter bedding.

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