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Blocked drains
The drains are blocked on Bury Road from Norden Road to Queens Park Road and on War Office Road at the junction with Bury Road near The Winston Churchill.  Norden Road and Bagslate Moor Road drains are blocked again; this is the third consecutive Area Forum this location has been raised.  These drains have been worked on the last two occasions.  Highways are further investigating two problematic drains on Norden Road at the junction of Highlands Road.  These drains are not a high priority due to no risk of flooding to properties, but these may be the cause of the ongoing problem further along the road and need sorting out.
Action: Request all drains are cleared and investigation is completed (Stuart Hay)

Pedestrian island near Pegasus Court
Thanks were given for the installation of the pedestrian island near Pegasus Court which is proving very useful to residents.

Japanese Knotweed
It was confirmed that Rochdale Council has a Japanese Knotweed treatment plan in place for the Roch Valley area for the coming years.

Unemptied bins

Half Acre Mews are not having their bins emptied.  Councillor Sullivan will raise the matter.

Bamford Green Christmas tree lights
The Ward Councillor asked for suggestions for the colour of next year’s Bamford Green Christmas tree lights.  The forum voted unanimously for multi coloured lights. Eon has had several sub-contractors looking at the electricity supply to the Christmas
tree which appeared to be a waste of time and money.  Eon have an agreed contract across the Rochdale and Oldham Boroughs and any time or money wasted on unnecessary visits is theirs and not Rochdale Council.

Mojitos Wine Bar extension
The proposed Mojitos Wine Bar extension has gone to an independent Planning Appeal in another area; Ward Councillors have provided additional information.

Have your say
on Rochdale Council savings for 2016/17 and 2017/18
Since 2010 Rochdale Council has agreed savings of £143 million, and by 2018 there is a need to save approximately another £37 million more.

Budget savings consultation will be an ongoing process until the estimated target for saving £37 million
is met.  Rochdale Council will have less money, fewer staff and resources and will not be able to do as much as it has so it is vital it focuses on the things that matter to residents.  It is those views which will help in the making of informed decisions as part of the budget consultation.  Consultation commenced on 24 November 2015 and the closing date is 1700 hours on Friday 8 January 2016.

A letter specifically in relation to the proposal to reconfigure the Community Safety Team and reduce commissioned budgets (reference CC103) had been sent out with the agenda papers and was available at the meeting.

The proposals can be viewed and commented on in person at libraries and customer service centres or online or Freepost RTKH-UCCB-JSJU, Rochdale Borough Council, Public Consultation, PO Box 100, Rochdale OL16 9NP.

All residents’
views will be recorded and considered and feedback will be provided to Elected Members before the final decisions are made at Budget Fixing Council on Wednesday 24 February 2016.

Ward Councillors’ Surgery
The Ward Councillors hold a Surgery from 1000 hours to 1100 hours on the first Thursday of each month here in Bamford Chapel, although they often go beyond 1100 hours.  Ward Councillors contact details are available on the Council’s website and are:

Councillor Ian Duckworth
01706 648393

Councillor Jane Gartside
01706 658443 or 07812 228281

Councillor Pat Sullivan
0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240

Township Officer Stuart Hay
Telephone: 01706 922230