Agenda item

PACT meeting - Greater Manchester Police


Sergeant P. Canavan, PC S. Firth and PCSO N. Bond attended the meeting for this item.


The Forum was informed that from May 2016 the Ward would be served by a Neighbourhood Policing Team. This would represent a complete restructure to present arrangements and would result in the Ward having one Sergeant, two Constables and four PCSO’s which represented an increase of one Officer.


It was hoped that by operating a Neighbourhood Policing model, officers would develop a good working knowledge of the Ward and would be in a better position to respond to problems.


During the previous three months the following incidents had occurred:


Theft of Motor Vehicle 8

Burglary (domestic) 21 – Four offenders had been detained.

Burglary (other) 31 – Takeaways, businesses and garages had been targeted.

Theft from motor vehicle 30

Drug Offences 11


The Forum was also informed that a drug warrant had been action today resulting in 200 wraps of Class A and Class B drugs being seized in addition to an amount of cash.


The Forum was reminded to use the following contact numbers to report incidents:


You should always call 999 in an emergency


Call 101 to report a non-emergency incident or make a general enquiry


You can contact your local neighbourhood team by telephone or email – 0161 856 9961 –


The following questions were asked:


-       Is GMP looking to reduce the numbers of PCSO’s?


Response: It was accepted that some Forces had reduced PCSO’s numbers because of austerity measures. However at this moment in time GMP had no plans to do this although it was not possible to say what would happen in the future. It was acknowledged that PCSO’s play a vital role in community engagement / community relations.


-       Where there any plans to deploy additional Officers into the Ward given that incidents of crime had risen?


Response: This issue is something that is continually monitored. There are plans to increase Officers in the Ward this coming weekend. The Forum was also informed that the Home Office had recently altered the way in which crime statistics are recorded which has resulted in some incidents now being recorded as a crime which were previously not.


-       Can an update be provided on the recent major incident in the Ward which resulted in the death of Jalal Uddin?


Response: It is difficult to comment any further on this issue as it is an ongoing investigation. However an individual has been arrested.


-       Is it true that a specialist unit of GMP has been involved in investigating this incident?


Response: The North West Counter Terrorism Unit has been involved in investigating the incident. The reason for this is that members of this particular team have the right skills to undertake the work that is necessary for this investigation.


The GMP representatives present commented that they were mindful of the ‘chatter’ that is prevalent on social media and in the press in relation to this incident. As a result of this it was acknowledged and accepted that certain sectors of the community will feel vulnerable. However those present at the Forum were reassured that GMP is attempting to manage this investigation as sensitively as possible and will release further information about the investigation when possible.


-       Concerns were raised about the way in which arrests had been made.


Response: GMP is an intelligence / evidence based organisation with arrests being made on this basis. A ‘rank structure’ within the organisation is tasked with determining the direction that should be taken when arrests are made. Arrests are not made without reasonable cause.


The Forum was reassured that GMP is committed to identifying those guilty and asked that the community carry on as normal.


The Community was also thanked for its help and assistance in this matter.


A local Ward Councillor informed the Forum that Mr Uddin’s funeral would take place tomorrow ( 11th March 2016) and that specific traffic management measures had been put in place to assist with funeral arrangements.


GMP representatives commented that no intelligence had been received to infer that right wing groups would be present in the area. The police approach at the funeral would be low key and engaging.