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Councillor Jane Howard was introduced and thanked for her hard work already.

Parking near Bamford Primary School
Vehicles are being parked indiscriminately (both where parking regulations are in force and where there are none) causing obstructions at school dropping off and picking up times in the vicinity of Bamford Primary School, particularly on Plover Close, Martlet Avenue and Curlew Close.
Action: Request civilian enforcement visits and Police attention (Stuart Hay)

Japanese Knotweed problem
Japanese Knotweed has been reported on the banks of the River Roch between the Harrow Drive area and the footbridge at the back of Springfield Park, and on the footpath off Edenfield Road next to Lower Green Cottage and the Golf Club entrance, down to the club.  The knotweed is spreading in the valley and Rochdale Council will treat any found on its own land.  Himalayan Balsam is also rife.
Action: Arrange treatment on any Rochdale Council land (Stuart Hay)

Oulder Hill Drive trees
Two of the Rowan trees planted on Oulder Hill Drive are dead and need replacing.
Action: Request removal and replacement (Stuart Hay)

Roch Valley Way Litter Bins

A lack of litter bins on Roch Valley Way was reported and a request made for the area to be assessed and the necessary bins installed.
Action: Request assessment of bin requirements (Stuart Hay)

Murrayfield Potholes
Three very large holes in the road on Murrayfield that have been repaired several times and are now worse than ever need a proper patch repair as opposed to simply filling them in.  One hole is at the entrance to Murrayfield on Norden Road, the other two are going towards War Office Road near the end of the bushes and are very obvious.
Action: Request inspection and proper patch repairs (Stuart Hay)

Queens Park Road/Bury and Rochdale Old Road Traffic Lights
The traffic lights at the Queens Park Road and Bury and Rochdale Old Road are not working and will be reported.

Rochdale Town Centre Improvements
The opening up of the River in Rochdale Town Centre is looking fantastic, is a great asset and well worth a visit and the new fully refurbished restaurant in the Town Hall is excellent.

Blocked drain on Clay Lane
The drain near the Water Treatment plant on Clay Lane is blocked again and a request was made for it be inspected and cleared.  Councillor Howard is exploring the possibility of resurrecting the scheme to install expansion tanks under The Green.
Action: Request inspection and clearance of drain (Stuart Hay)


Mojito’s are again spilling out on to and obstructing the footpaths with people, tables and chairs together with the associated noise.  Some obstructions may be on private property.
Action: Request Head of Licencing to conduct visits and deal with the issues (Stuart Hay)

Ward Councillors hold a surgery from 1000 hours to 1100 hours on the first Thursday of each month in Bamford Chapel (although they often go beyond 1100 hours).

Ward Councillors contact details are available on the Council’s website and are:

Councillor Ian Duckworth

Telephone: 01706 648393


Councillor Jane Howard

Telephone: 07870 172144



Councillor Pat Sullivan

Telephone: 0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240


Township Officer Stuart Hay

Telephone: 01706 922230