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Bridge Juniors Football Club
Barry Woodburn, Bridge Juniors Football Club Secretary, gave a presentation on what the club provides each week for 700 youngsters, male and female, aged from four to eighteen and until this year, the only providers of disability football and an FA Exemplar Club. The club has over 100 volunteers who all give their time of up 10 to 15 hours every week to provide five hours NHS target hitting physical activity per individual.

Barry explained what the club do to clean up after matches and encourage their visitors to park vehicles sensibly and considerately and to deter visitors from parking indiscriminately in the area.  The club issues a bin bag to all managers and instructs them to clear up their pitch after every game, and the club provides a skip which is available seven days a week all year around and it is used by lots of people not connected to the club and is emptied whenever full.  The site is not a closed one and is used by people not connected to the club who camp out, party and drink and leave a lot of waste behind.  The club clear up shovel fulls of dog excrement every Saturday morning and they are responsible for cutting the grass.  There used to be waste bins on site but these were constantly being filled with dog waste and were removed.

A discussion over the education of site users took place; the club does what it can.  All club members and parents are issued with a Code of Conduct which covers cleanliness and considerate parking of motor vehicles, both the club and League website lead with advice on considerate parking.  The road leading to Bamford Mews is a private road and has no Highways status at all and cannot be enforced.  Residents of The Mews could consider closing the road off; they would not need a road closure as it is not a highway, but there are planning issues and a Planning Officer is available for advice should it be required.

Councillor Jane Howard had received photographs of motor vehicles parked all over the part of Bamford Green not protected by Bird Beak fencing and consideration will be given to installing such fencing.

The club strives to be a community friend and anyone is welcome to visit between 8am and 1pm any Saturday.  A suggestion was made for the club to publicise everything discussed through the media and Streetwise magazine.
Action: Enquire into installation of Bird Beak fencing to match the fencing around the rest of The Green (Stuart Hay)

Rochdale Rugby Club ASB
Numerous complaints have been made about noise, anti-social behaviour, none licensed events and lack of any club control of social functions at Rochdale Rugby Club and concerns expressed about the proposed installation of an outdoor balcony which could make the problems even worse.  Residents are collating evidence and Licensing is aware.  Licensing Officers have attended but it was felt at the wrong times when no functions were taking place, and affected residents asked if they could have a telephone number for an on duty Licensing Officer so they can report issues as and when problems were occurring.  A number will be requested and if available will be passed on to residents.  There was absolutely no criticism of the rugby playing side of the club, it is purely the unruly social side which is an issue.

Ragwort Weed
The problem of the ever increasing and prolific poisonous Ragwort weed was highlighted with a handout made available to all.  An article in the Rochdale Observer drawing attention to it, stressing the need to be very careful when handling it and the need to control it was supported by residents.  Rochdale Council will treat any Ragwort on their land.

Land back of the junction of Norden Road and Bury and Rochdale Old Road
A resubmitted planning application to build a house approximately fifteen times larger than an average sized house on Greenbelt land at the back of land at the junction of Norden Road and Bury and Rochdale Old Road was highlighted with serious concerns expressed about the loss of Rochdale’s Greenbelt land and precedent setting for further developments.

Vermin Problem
Environmental Health is dealing with a rat infestation at the rear of the row of cottages up from The Grapes Public House.

Northdene Drive, Rochbury Close & Bury Road Footpath & Street Light
The footpath from Northdene Drive to Rochbury Close to Bury Road is overgrown with weeds and needs clearing and the street light at the end of the path is not working and needs repairing.
Action: Request clearance of path and repair of street light (Stuart Hay)

Bamford Green
Bamford Green is looking very good since the works were completed and the village planter is looking really good also.

Bamford Chapel Events
Events are continuing at Bamford Chapel despite ongoing work, such as a Rochdale Music Society concert on Friday 7th October 2016, The Mike Manship Jazz Trio on Tuesday 11th October 2016, Toby Hughes, double bass and Ben Powell on piano on Tuesday 8th November 2016.

Heritage Open Days
The Link4Life Heritage Open Days 2016 were highlighted with free access over four days from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th September 2016 to buildings normally closed to public access or usually charge for admission.

The Ward Councillors hold a surgery from 10am to 11am on the first Thursday of each month here in Bamford Chapel (although they often go beyond 11am).  Ward Councillors contact details are available on the Council website:


Councillor Ian Duckworth

Telephone: 01706 648393


Councillor Jane Howard
07870 172144

Councillor Pat Sullivan
0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240