Agenda item

Residents' Issues


Stopford Avenue
Concern was raised that Highways Maintenance vans have been parked at the end of Stopford Avenue causing an obstruction.  GMP advised that the PCSOs have spoken to and given advice to the driver, however, it would be the Council’s Parking Enforcement Officers that would be able to enforce this.

Praise was given for the work completed on footpaths and road widening.

Dropped Kerb Scheme – it was noted that residents have paid for this work to be carried out.

Accidents on Featherstall Road
Concerns were raised over the number of accidents on Featherstall Road between The Exchange public house and the filling station.  It was generally felt that the standard of driving had degenerated.  Residents highlighted this as a hot spot area and requested additional safety measures are implemented.  The forum were advised that a recent traffic survey results stated the location did not meet the criteria for the installation of a speed camera, however, the area has been registered as a Community Concern Site and will receive visits by the mobile speed camera van.

Highway Mirrors
It was confirmed that Highways do not install mirrors to assist motorists as they give an incorrect perception of the speed of traffic.

Burglary at Smithy Bridge Public House
Praise was extended to GMP for their action in dealing with the burglary at Smithy Bridge pub on 17 September 2015.  The owners have now been contacted and the pub is now boarded up.

Town House Road
Residents reported eggs being thrown at houses, doors being tried and cars being damaged by keys.  GMP advised that only four reports of crimes have been received in the last three months.  Residents had requested CCTV installation in the area but this was considered to be too expensive.  A discussion took place regarding whether the crimes could have been carried out by the same perpetrator; this is unclear.  Residents were encouraged to report every issue on 101 or 999 in an emergency as this helps to direct GMP resources.  Further solutions included leaving lights on when out of properties to suggest a presence which may deter burglars.
Action 2: Obtain a burglary report update (Sgt Martin)

Bandstand fire in Hare Hill Park
A fire on the bandstand in Hare Hill Park was reported.  Youths were setting fire to rubbish on the bandstand floor but did not damage the bandstand itself.
Action 3: Examine CCTV footage at the time of fire (Sgt Martin)

Traffic Lights – Halifax Road/Union Road/Smithy Bridge Road
A resident requested that the traffic light sequence on Halifax Road/Union Road/Smithy Bridge Road junction be reviewed; the sequence appears to be out of sync when turning left out of Smithy Bridge Road.
Action 4: Request traffic lights sequence be inspected (Tracey Knight)

Parks Funding
A discussion took place regarding the possible withdrawal of funding for work in public parks which has been debated in Parliament.  Residents are aware that there are constraints and legislation in place protecting most public parks/areas.

Fly tipping at Shop Wood
It was reported that a fork lift truck had been dumped between two garages at Shop Wood.  GMP advised there hadn’t been any arrests made and no further information became available.