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Minutes of the area forum meetings held on 24 August 2017 and 2 October 2017, matters arising and updates


Minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on Thursday 24th August 2017 were approved as a correct record. Updates with regards to the actions requested at this meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting and are as follows:




Clarification sought on which residents’ representatives have been involved in the development of the emergency response plan for the TBA site.

Response sent to resident. Please see below:


A multi-agency site incident plan was developed in 2014 after the fire on site in Jan 2014. At that time the Council involved the TBA Working Party Members and a draft plan was circulated. The plan was amended and incorporated the information and local knowledge provided by the group members. The final version of the incident plan was provided to the group.





The resident who is proposing to restore the Meanwood School fencing asked if it would be possible to obtain a fence panel to undertake restoration work.

Resident informed this would be possible.



Cutgate Road – traffic calming and 20mph zone

Scheme advertised



It was asked if it would be possible to circulate notification of Traffic Regulation Orders and Planning Applications relevant to the Spotland and Falinge Ward via the Forum database.

Council policy is to advertise in press, on website and lamp posts.



Additional meeting for TBA

Meeting arranged



Overgrown hedges / trees – Beaufort Street / Woodland Road




A resident asked why the ornate roof tiles had not been replaced on Meanwood School following the completion on the building work.

Informed that these tiles will be used during phase two of the building work.



Safety concerns were raised about the junction at Spotland Bridge and if stop signs could be introduced at the roundabout.

Stop signs cannot be used at roundabouts.



A resident asked if the barrier between Bridgefold Road and Pits Farm Avenue could be removed.

Highways fear that if the road was re-opened it may become a rat run.



A resident asked if gates could be installed within the perimeter fences that divide Innes Close and the open space on Ings Lane.

Being considered by residents



A resident asked why alleygates could not be installed on land adjacent to his property on Rupert Street.

Installation of gates does not meet alleygating criteria. The resident has been informed of this.



It was requested that copies of the footway maintenance programme be provided.

Please refer to additional attachment on email distributed to Spotland & Falinge database.



It was reported that the potholes on Cutgate Precinct Car Park had not been repaired.

Work completed



A resident asked if monies had been received from the building contractor who used the land on Ings Lane as a site compound.

£3200 was received. Investigations ongoing regarding current position regarding the income.



A resident asked if a representative from the TBA land owners could attend the meeting that is to be organised once the perimeter air sampling survey results are known.

Representative invited


Minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on Monday 2nd October 2017 were approved as a correct record.


Updates regarding the action points raised on the 2nd October were circulated to residents at the meeting and can be accessed via the link below.

Action Points – TBA Meeting

A number of comments were made by residents about the responses received, these included:


‘Cannot understand why the land is not designated as contaminated land’


‘Great shame that the responses have been circulated at this meeting – not enough notice given for everyone to comment on the responses’


‘It is clear that no Government money is available to develop the site’


‘Only one way forward – development’


‘The Council is between a rock and hard place’


‘Evident that the Council will use the planning process to develop the site’


‘Contingency plan is not good enough’


‘’What would happen if the owners decided to walk away’


‘Obviously a risk has been identified – no contingency plan’


‘Set up working group’


‘What documents does the Council have in connection with the TBA site’


Following further discussion the Forum supported the idea of re-establishing the TBA Working Group. A resident commented that if this group was to be set up it may be beneficial for the Working Group to be constituted. The same resident offered to help with developing a constitution if this was the desired way forward.


It was advised that in order for the Working Group to be re-established it would be necessary for Rochdale Township Committee (RTC) to be asked if they were willing to support this. A resident commented that he would attend the next meeting of RTC to ask the question.


The Forum also requested that Nicola Rogers, Service Manager attend the next meeting of the Area Forum to clarify some aspects of the responses given to the action points raised from the meeting on the 2nd October.



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