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Open Forum


Ian Trickett, Environmental Management attended the Forum meeting to discuss ‘in bloom’ projects and the proposals for the development of Ings Lane play area.


The Forum was informed that Rochdale Township had been very successful in this year’s ‘In Bloom’ competition and plans were already gathering pace for next year’s event. It was explained that Spotland and Faling Ward had expressed interest in being more involved in next year’s competition and discussions had already taken place concerning appropriate projects.


It was explained that the ‘In Bloom’ competition was community driven and not the Councils. The ‘In Bloom’ Committee were thanked for all their hard work and support.


Information was presented to the Forum which outlined the proposals for developing Ings Lane Play Area. A link to the plan can be accessed below.


Plan – Ings Lane Play Area


Generally the Forum was supportive of the proposals outlined however it was asked / suggested;


-        If fencing could be erected around the whole site?


Additional funding would be applied for.


-       Part of the land suffers from waterlogging and that this would need to be addressed.


Environmental Management are aware of this and will investigate further.


-       Could a climbing frame be included on the site?


This will be considered.


-       Could CCTV be considered?


Cost prohibitive, however local PCSO could be asked to increase patrols once the work has been completed.


-       Other funding may be available as the site is looking to develop an all- inclusive play area.


-       How much is the project costing?




-       It would not be possible to insure the new development because insurance costs are prohibitive.


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    A resident asked what would be happening now that the Dellar Street traffic survey has been completed.


It was explained that the findings of the survey recommended that no further action is taken, as there is no evidence to support that vehicles are speeding along Dellar Street.


A resident commented that he thought the traffic survey was conducted in the incorrect place.


2.    A resident raised concerns about traffic problems / congestion on Handley Street and that more enforcement was required.


The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to report this.


3.    A resident asked where the £3200 that was accumulated from the building contractor using part of Ings Lane as a site compound would be spent.


It was advised that investigations are still ongoing regarding the current position of this income.


4.    A resident asked if there had been any developments with the piece of land at the corner of Edenfield Road and Ings Lane.


This would be investigated further.


5.    A resident asked if there was any update on the Cutgate Road traffic calming measures.


The Forum was advised that the Traffic Regulation Order had been advertised and it was understood that no objections had been received. As a consequence the work will be progressing.


6.    A resident raised concerns about developers having the opportunity to apply for Section 106 contributions to be reduced. The Mellor Street development was cited as an example.


It was explained that the Government had changed the legislation in respect of Section 106 contributions and developers were within their rights to do this. It was suggested that the Section 106 Officer be invited to a future meeting of the Forum to fully explain the current situation with regards to Section 106 contributions.


7.    A resident stated that the Environment Agency had been spotted near to the TBA site.


8.    A representative from Vintage Worx attended the meeting to inform the Forum of the work that is undertaken by this organisation in the Ward and the classes that are available to residents. A link to the winter timetable is available below.


Falinge Park Winter Timetable


It was also explained that an application had been submitted seeking a community asset transfer of the Falinge Park building.


The Forum was also informed that Vintage Worx has access to gardening equipment and tools should ‘in bloom’ representatives want to borrow them.


Environmental Management and the Ward Councillors were thanked for the support they offer the organisation.


9.    The Forum was informed that the next meeting of the Friends of Denehurst Park is on Thursday 30th November 2017, commencing 6.30pm.










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