Agenda item

Locality Plan


Phil Burton (Engagement Lead NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group) attended the meeting for this item.



The Forum was informed that the Health and Social Care Budget was devolved to Greater Manchester in April 2016. As a result The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership was set up to oversee the devolution of Health and Social Care. To support this process a Transformation Fund of £450 million was provided until 2020/21 to transform the health and social care system and make it sustainable.


In order to achieve this vision a number of significant challenges have to be overcome:


-       The health and social care system can be complex to navigate which can lead to fragmented care gaps and duplication.


-       A complex system means that it is difficult for both service users and professionals to know where in the system needs can be best met.


-       A complex system wastes time and resources for all parties.


From a Rochdale perspective the above challenges are further compounded because:


-       The health of many in the borough is worse than the national average. Rates of smoking, obesity and many long term conditions are high.


-       Behaviour change is needed to prevent ill health and help local people get healthier.


Therefore Rochdale’s approach will need to target resources in communities where there is the greatest need, prevent the start of unhealthy habits and long term conditions and reduce the impact of those conditions. Prevention activity across the borough will need to increase.


From a Greater Manchester viewpoint the five transformational themes going forward are:


-       Radical update in population health prevention.


-       Transforming community based care and support.


-       Standardising acute hospital care


-       Standardising clinical support and back office services.


-       Enabling better care.


Rochdale’s locality plan themes will include:

-       Prevention and access. – changing lifestyles / easy access to services.


-       Neighbourhood and primary care – care as near to home as possible


-       In hospital care – more patient involvement


-       Carefully supporting children, young people and families


-       No health without mental health.


In simplistic terms it is hoped that the above will have a significant impact on health and social care across the borough and Greater Manchester.


Residents raised the following issues.


-       Timely GP appointments are difficult to arrange.


This was accepted and understood. However steps have been taken to try and reduce this occurrence with GP’s surgery’s opening longer hours. Attempts are also being made to recruit more GP’s.


-       Why are delays happening in the health care system


Numerous reasons – people living longer, people use service for wrong reason and there is still wastage in the system. However there are intermediate tiers in place at the four locality hubs which is easing pressure on Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E) and GP’s are also present at A&E.


-       Ashworth Surgery is good at getting appointments.


It was accepted that some surgeries are good at this and others need to improve. Work needs to be done to ensure consistency across practices.


-       Receptionists sometimes aggravate the situation


This was understood, however receptionists are gatekeepers to the service and will have been specifically trained in questioning.


-       What role does Healthwatch play in this transformation plan


Healthwatch Rochdale is the local independent champion for people using health and social care services in the Rochdale borough The primary purpose of Healthwatch Rochdale is to listen to what people like about services and what could be improved. This information is shared with those who have the power to make change happen locally


Healthwatch Rochdale can be contacted on www.


-       How will the Ambulance Service be affected transformation.


Unsure at this stage.


-       Where are mental health services situated in Rochdale.


Rochdale and District Mind, The Mind Wellbeing Centre, 3-11 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1RE -


-       Where will health and social care be in five years.


Unsure. Improvements are being made and more joined up working is occurring.