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Open Forum


Rochdale Harriers – 3 day event
P. Roberts attended and advised that the 3 day event will be held on 8, 9 and 10 June this year.  The event has gone from strength to strength each year and thanks were given to Rochdale Council’s J. Simpson, Footpaths Officer, for being instrumental in restoring the right of way near the Millcroft Tea Gardens which is on the route.  The Chair thanked Mr Roberts and his colleagues for their commitment to a great event which brings a large number of visitors to the Village each year.

Operation Dragster and ASB/off-road biking on the Moors
The Chair advised the forum of the recent joint efforts by local Ward Councillors to install barriers to deter unauthorised access to an entrance on Ashworth Valley.  Discussion ensued regarding the recent social media backlash to GMP’s Operation Dragster.

Mrs Pope from Rochdale and Bury Bridleways Association explained her personal experiences of the dangers and difficulties whilst riding her horse, when confronted with 4x4 vehicles approaching her at speed over the moorland.  Irresponsible use of these vehicles had spooked her horse and she and her mount had been very lucky to avoid serious injury.  It was suggested that landowners also need to do their bit to tackle the rising problem as GMP is experiencing increasing cuts to their budget.  United Utilities assist the funding of Operation Dragster as they have a vested interest in the land in the case of the water supply getting contaminated/polluted.  The Chair thanked United Utilities for their continued commitment to public safety on the Moors and urged the other landowners on the Moors to follow the example set by them.

Hutchinson Road TRO/Restrictions

The TRO will be considered at the Rochdale Township Action and Resources Sub Committee on 13 March 2018.  Local Ward Councillors attempted to negotiate changes for Ashbourne Street and modifications for the area near to the Bridge Chip Shop.  The Chair stated there needs to be more of a dialogue with the Council’s Highways Department.  Forum members expressed their disappointment that none of the modifications to this TRO suggested at the December Forum are in the document before the Rochdale Township Action and Resources Sub Committee.  A discussion took place and a resident requested that the Forum vote on the following proposition;

“This Forum urges that TRO H60/1182 should be withdrawn and be rejected by the relevant Committees.”  12 of 17 attendees voted in favour of the withdrawal of the Order.

School Lane adjacent to Scott House
The bannister is now demolished with the wood being taken and poses a risk to anyone using the steps.
Action: D. Lodwig (Public Realm Inspector) to enquire with the Council’s Environmental Management Department.

Furbarn Lane – Swing gate at the end of the kissing gate/tiger trap
The wall has broken away and therefore could give unauthorised access to motorbikes or cyclists.
Action: D. Lodwig (Public Realm Inspector) to enquire with the Council’s Environmental Management Department.

Fly tipping
A query was raised by the Forum regarding the cost per tonne to the Council to remove fly tipping.
Action: D. Lodwig (Public Realm Inspector) to enquire with the Council’s Environmental Management Department.

Thanks from the Chair

·           M. Widdup, Director, and other Council officers for their level of commitment to the community in the snow.

·           J. Simpson, Rights of Way Officer, for attention to footpaths.

·           Local Ward Councillors for installation of grit bins for the ward and the new flag pole.