Agenda item

Open Forum

Half an hour has been set aside for members of the public to raise any issues relevant to the business of the Committee and the Township.





The following matter was raised in the Committee’s Open Forum session:


a)    Repairs to Roads – Ashfield Road

The Township Committee received a written question, submitted in advance of the meeting by Mr. T. Butterworth who asked if the Council had plans to repair the roads in and around the Ashfield Road area of Deeplish, Rochdale. Mr. Butterworth was not in attendance at the meeting and it was agreed that the Head of Highways forward a written response to his question.


b)    Friends of Rochdale Maternity Care

Mr. Mohammed Hanif addressed the Township Committee regarding the work of the Rochdale Maternity Care group that was campaigning for a Birth centre and labour Ward to be established in Rochdale. Mr. Hanif explained that the group was actively campaigning for the introduction of these facilities for expectant mothers from Rochdale who had to travel outside the Borough, mainly to Oldham, to give birth. It was agreed that Mr Hanif’s question be referred to the Council’s Director of Public health for further consideration and that she be requested to write to Mr Hanif in this regard.


c)    Former TBA Site, Rochdale

Mr. Mick Coats addressed the Township Committee seeking information regarding the ownership of the former TBA Site in Rochdale; if the Council could facilitate a meeting between residents and the site’s owners; whether the results of the owners’ survey, undertaken in March 2017, had been shared with the Council; and what strategies the Council were developing to tackle the many issues presented by this site? 


In response Mr. Coats and the meeting were informed that the site was owned by Renshaw Properties Ltd, Geneva Place, Third Floor, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The Council was in contact with the site owner’s representatives and were willing to request if the owners (and/or their representatives) would be willing to attend such a meeting, as requested by Mr. Coats. In response to Mr. Coats’s third point the site owner’s representatives had explained to the Council that the site owner had received the report and was committed to sharing with the Council but had firstly wanted time to consider the findings. The meeting was informed that the Council was carrying out a range of measures at this location including periodic walkover surveys, air perimeter monitoring (to try to gauge if airborne asbestos posed a risk to residents). In addition the Council was examining ways of redeveloping the site, provided potential redevelopment plans were acceptable to the Authority.


d)    Friends of Heritage Green

Mr. Mark Hope, on behalf of Heritage Green, addressed the Township Committee updating Members on the application for village green status in respect of land at Cut Lane/Caldershaw Road. Mr. Hope explained that the application had been referred to a neutral third party to determine, in this case Cheshire East Council, however following discussions between officers at Rochdale and Cheshire East Councils it had been agreed that the application be brought back ‘in-house’ due to a change in the legal situation as to whether the Council could determine the application when it was also the application site’s landowner. Officers from Rochdale Borough Council were to write to Cheshire East Council seeking a recall of the application. It was agreed that a report on this matter be presented to a future meeting of Rochdale Township Committee.