Agenda item

Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the ward


The Forum was informed of the following events:


-       Spotland & Falinge In Bloom Meeting – Monday 11 June – 17.30 at Spotland Library


-       Wonderwall Summer Planting Session – Thursday 14 June – 18.30 at Rochdale AFC, Sandy Lane.


-       Bloom-Ing Spotland Urban Walking Trail Opening Day – Sunday 24 June – 13.00 – Next to Spotland Library.


-       Rochdale in Bloom Regional Judging – Tuesday 3 July / Wednesday 4 July – Boroughwide.


-       Rochdale in Bloom National Judging – Thursday 9 August – Boroughwide.


-       Spotland & Falinge Area Forum – Thursday 23 August – Spotland Methodist Church.


-       Denehurst Park Gardening Volunteer Session – every Wednesday 10.00 – Noon – Denehurst Park.


-       Falinge Park – It’s a Knockout Community Challenge 2018 – Sunday 17 June – 10.00 – 17.00 – contact 07760 354 698 for details


-       Falinge Park – Around the World Family Fun Day – Sunday 22 July – 11.00 – 16.00 – contact 07760 354 698 for details.


-       Falinge Park – 5k Obstacle Run / Family Fun Run – Sunday 5 August – 10.00 – 16.00 - contact 07760 354 698 for details.


-       Falinge Park – Paws in the Park – Sunday 19 August – 11.00 – 16.00 - contact 07760 354 698 for details.


Residents raised the following issues:


-       Rooley Moor Road Route Study


A lengthy debate took place concerning the above which would involve a study along the full length of Rooley Moor Road to identify potential locations for new waiting restrictions.


Several residents were unhappy with this proposal and argued further restrictions where not necessary as very few problems exist. It was also put forward that the introduction of more restrictions would prove detrimental to businesses and by reducing the number of cars who can park on the road would more than likely result in speeds increasing.


The Ward Councillor who initiated this request (Councillor C. Biant) argued that she had asked for this this study in response to concerns raised by local residents which centred on the current parking behaviour of some residents which can hinder sight lines on the road.


Residents also raised concerns that any proposals for future restrictions would be discussed with Ward Members before a scheme was formally drafted. Residents argued that they should have input into any scheme being proposed.


Although it was commented that the Council’s Policy for schemes of this nature is as outlined above, the Township and Engagement Officer agreed to clarify the process.


-       Parking on Pavements


A resident raised concerns about the number of cars that are parked on pavements and that residents should be encouraged to use their drives.


The resident was informed that parking cars on the pavement is not an offence unless they are causing an obstruction or are parked dangerously. If this is this case it is a Police issue and should be reported via 101.


A resident commented that she was a member of a disability group who are trying to get the law changed in relation to this problem. The group can be contacted via Facebook – Disability DDA Group.


-       Spotland & Falinge response to In Bloom


The Chair of the Norden Area Forum thanked the Chair of Spotland & Falinge Area Forum and residents from the Ward for their enthusiasm and involvement in, In Bloom.


-       Council Policy on Noise / Nuisance


A resident raised concerns about the noise and nuisance she is experiencing because of chickens and a rooster.


She was advised that the Public Protection Team would deal with an issue of this nature.


-       TBA Site


Several residents raised concerns about the lack of progress being made with the above site and expressed that the Council should be doing more in relation to site security and pressing the site owners to publish the site survey report.


Residents again stated that children access the site, noises have been heard and lorries have been on site. A resident also commented that she has raised her concerns with the Council, without reply at this stage.


It was commented that any concerns should be directed to the Council and the Council had limited powers due to the land being privately owned.


Residents asked that the following questions should be put to the Council:


1.    Who are the owners of the TBA site? – contact details.


2.    Who their representative is? – his / her contact details.


3.    Who is ultimately responsible for safety on the TBA site, ie if someone was to be injured?


4.    Who employs the employees in the site office?


5.    Do Public Health have any concerns about the site (particular concerns raised about child safety)?