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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday 8 March 2018 were agreed and the following update was given.

Fly tipping
All reported fly tipping on Holborn Street, Chelsea Street, Manchester Road and Dixon Fold was removed as there have been again numerous subsequent reports since the last meeting.  Thanks were given to the Clean and Green Team for the excellent job they did in clearing up the rear of Mayfair Gardens and Finsbury Street.  Many wheelie bins are still being permanently left out on Holborn Street and Diane Lodwig is still working on improving the situation.

Road surfaces
The refreshed road markings at the junction of Holborn Street and Finsbury Street are still awaited.

Cotton Lane water problem
Cotton Lane has been cleaned up and the grass cut, however, more bags of rubbish have been dumped since in and around the substation.  A request to have the area cleared up will be made.  No chippings have been put down as it is dry and not under water at the moment.  Environmental Management will be asked to consider putting chippings down.

Roch Valley Way speed survey
The Roch Valley Way speed survey has been concluded, but the results are still not available and will be shared when published.

Holborn Street fly tipping
Diane Lodwig inspected the fly tipping in the ginnel in the vicinity of 70 Holborn Street and the massive amount on the land at the rear of that row of houses.  No evidence was forthcoming and she requested the Parks and Countryside Rangers to clear up the fly tipping.

Brimrod Lane damaged grass verge
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have inspected the grassed area on Brimrod Lane which had been seriously damaged by vehicles driving/parking on it and they have been asked to make good the area and also consider measures to either provide hard standing car parking, grasscrete or to prevent vehicles from driving on to it.  The response obtained from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing as follows:
“Regarding the grassed area on Brimrod Lane brought to Brimrod, Marland and Sudden Area Forum and the problems with cars parking on the grass.  I have discussed the problem with our Asset Management Team.  At present we do not have any funding available for 2018/19 financial year.  We feel that tenants and residents need to be consulted to consider what they would prefer to be done with this land when funding is available.  Once we know this then perhaps we can tailor a solution that best suits the problem being faced.  If people suggest that they want say car parking this option can be explored but as it would be by far the most expensive we cannot make any guarantees.  If we need to prevent vehicular access then installing knee rail or bollards would be the best option but obviously we cannot guarantee them being damaged and the cost to repair or renew.  At present the grass is effectively a recreational space.  A consultation with residents will take place this year.”

Blocked drains
The blocked drains on old Manchester Road in Sudden Village were requested to be cleaned and investigated, but it was reported some are still blocked.  A further request will be submitted.

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