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Greater Manchester Police


An update was provided as follows:

Type of Crime

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018





Theft of motor vehicle




Theft from motor vehicle









PACT meetings are now a virtual meeting online and access to this meeting will be sent out a few days prior to the meeting on the Facebook page for both GMP Pennines and GMP Rochdale by way of a link.  The link will give residents access to the chat room where queries can be raised.

The online PACT dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

25 September 2018
23 October 2018
20 November 2018
18 December 2018

Main discussion topic was that of speeding vehicles through the village, mainly on Manchester Road.  A resident attended who had started an online petition (via Facebook) for a speed camera to be installed due to the fact he and his family had experienced a near miss at the junction of Nixon Street and Manchester Road, coming through the lights.  GMP updated that a speeding is a concern for residents within Castleton and also ran through to the adjacent Queensway and up to Sandbrook Park Retail Park as a route for irresponsible drivers.  They informed that speed operations had been carried out by speed vans who were clocking speeds of 37-42 mph near to Queensway.

GMP has had dialogues with Rochdale Council’s Highways Department who advised that on Manchester Road little more could be done by way of speed restrictions due to the traffic lights, columns and width of the road.  The PC advised the forum that a speed camera would cost in the region of approx. £20-30k.  A statement given by the Council’s Highways Department was read out to the forum:


·           The Council and the Police work in partnership in relation to speeding issues

·           There are strict Government guidelines in relation to the siting of speed cameras, they include:

o   Number of serious accidents and their locations

o   Number of fatalities

o   Reason/cause of accidents


Recent accidents in Castleton occurred in different locations and were not all speed related.  In one instance the cause was a driver ignoring a red light, and in another it was a motorist driving on the wrong side of the road.


·           The Council owns the camera housings; the Police are responsible for the cameras and their activity/ticketing.

·           Both organisations have to be sure that the location meets all the criteria in order to site a camera.

·         Requests for speed cameras are received across the Borough on a daily basis

GMP advised residents could assist the cause by carrying out a community speed watch in collaboration with the police, which is designed to visibly reduce the speed of offending vehicles passing and give control back to the public by way of checks and data monitoring at the roadside.  GMP have advised they will be in future talks with Highways regarding the matters raised tonight as residents agreed further action/traffic calming measures must be addressed in light of recent incidents.  A resident posed a question as to whether a specific type of pelican crossing is available to give a warning sound to any blind residents crossing to advise them that the cars have come to a stop, allowing them to cross safely.

GMP further advised that a vehicle was recently seized on Smalley Street after it was witnessed being driven around in an erratic manner. Residents complained about wait times on GMP’s 101 line.  PC Farmer advised the line is now a national number, not specific to Rochdale Police Station.  Other resident gave advice that they had instead completed an ‘online enquiry/chat’ instead which had proved very productive.