Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


PC Jones, PC Davis and PCSO Vohra attended the meeting for this item.


The Forum was informed of the following:


Burglary – this has become a problem in the Ward in recent months with New Street, Dewhirst Road and Shawclough Road experiencing repeat incidents. GMP are putting a significant amount of time and effort into trying to detain a suspect who is known to be a prolific offender. The Forum was reminded to be safety and security conscious over the coming months.


Motor Vehicle Theft – Seven vehicle thefts have occurred over the past three months – three of which have been recovered. Forum members were reminded to keep vehicle keys away from front doors and out of site. Residents with keyless entry systems were encouraged to be extra vigilant.


Off-Road Bikes – Although GMP accepted that this issue is still ongoing the number of reports to 101 for the Healey Ward are not particularly high therefore it is difficult to justify deploying a specialist team to deal with this issue.


Residents informed the Officers that this is a regular occurrence in the area. Syke Common being identified as particularly problematical.


It was accepted that this may be the case, however unless reported the deployment of resources will not happen. As a consequence residents were encouraged to report incidents of this nature to 101.


Drug Dealing – Forum members were informed that no reports of drug dealing had been received relating to the Syke area for the last three months. It was understood that this issue is raised regularly at the Forum which has resulted in the local PCSO spending more time patrolling the area. However as previously stated unless incidents are reported via 101 it is extremely difficult to justify allocating resources.


Speeding – Two targeted traffic operations where recently undertaken in the area with a number of drivers being issued with fixed penalty notices (FPN) for a range of offences, including no seatbelts and the use of a mobile phone whilst driving. Although a number of drivers where stopped for speeding, they did not meet the threshold for an FPN and received verbal advice.


The Forum was also advised that at a recent Council meeting the Chief Executive was requested to bring together a range of organisations and stakeholders to address the marked deterioration in the standard of driving that is witnessed on a daily basis across the Borough.







Residents raised the following issues:


·         Concerns were raised about the ineffectiveness of the 101 service.


GMP are aware of the problems being experienced by residents attempting to access the 101 service and are looking at ways of improving this.


The Forum was advised that GMP’s website now provides a live chat facility.


·         A resident raised concerns about the traffic chaos and general anti-social behaviour that occurs as a result of the bonfire celebrations that are held on the Common each year.


It was accepted that problems have occurred in the past and that GMP Officers and local authority marshalls would attempt to mitigate incidents of this nature at future events.


·         A resident commented that the Healey, Shawclough and Syke Homewatch information is comprehensive however better co-ordination of the leaflet is required.


·         A resident raised concerns about the organised high powered car events that take place in the borough.