Agenda item

Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the Ward


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    Bin – Shawclough Stores


A resident commented that the above bin had been removed some time ago and had not been replaced.


A Ward Councillor and the Township and Engagement Officer had been informed that all concrete bins in the Borough were to be removed and replaced with light weight plastic ones. The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to investigate this further.


2.    Land to the rear of 8 Mill Nook


A resident stated that the above land was overgrown and infested with vermin. The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to investigate this further.


3.    Travellers on the Common


It was commented that the injunction seems to be working as no travellers have been on the Common this year – well done to everyone.


4.    Sale of white goods.


It was reported that a business on Shawclough Road is putting white goods outside their premises. Concerns were raised about the safety of this, particularly during bad weather. This will be reported.


5.    The alleyway between One Ash Close and Mountside Close / Whitworth Road.


It was reported that the above is full of weeds although much of it is on private property. This will be reported.


6.    Falinge Park Trees


It was commented that two red arrows have been nailed to trees in Falinge Park. It was asked if the Council have a policy on this / if not should one be created? Similar damage had also occurred to a tree at Horse Carrs. This will be reported.


7.    Syke Road Bus Stop (near to Church)


It was asked if a shelter could be installed at the above bus stop. This request will be referred to Transport for Greater Manchester.





8.    A resident asked for an update on the following projects;


-       Mizzy Road Traffic Calming


It is understood work will commence on this project in November 2018.


-       Bentley Street Traffic Calming


It is understood this project will commence in January 2019


-       Shawclough Road Traffic Calming


No update available


-       Outcome of Whitworth Road Traffic Survey


No update available


-       Bus Stop Clearway – Falinge Road


Highways have been instructed to proceed with the work


-       Talbot Head Bollards


No update available


-       Fingerpost (Healey)


It is understood this work will be completed soon.


9.    Drainage Problems on the Common (Greenbank Road)


A resident asked if the above could be revisited. Environmental Management will be contacted.


10.Whitworth Road Signage


It was asked if signage could be improved when approaching the mini roundabout at the Whitworth Road / Mizzy Road / Fieldhouse Road. This will be referred to Highways.


11.Bin Collection


Prior to the meeting a resident raised the issue of her brown bin being used by refuse collectors to empty brown caddies into. In addition she is concerned that emptied bins are left scattered along the footpath and not returned within a reasonable distance from where they have been collected from. This has been referred to Environmental Management.






A resident raised concerns about potholes at the junction of Belmont Way / Ashmount Drive. This will be reported.


13.Syke Road Traffic Issues


This issue was raised again.


14.Road Markings – Junction of Ashmount Drive / Mizzy Road


It was commented that the road markings at the above junction had not been replaced since the carriageway was resurfaced some time ago. This will be reported.