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Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 4 September 2018 were approved and the following updates given.

Tetrosyl – Planning Permission and approval from the HSE
The Chair wrote a very detailed letter on 29 September 2018 on behalf of the forum with a full chronology since 1 March 2015 to MP Liz McInnes with a request for her to assist in the speedy progression of the matter, but had only received a holding response from Councillor Neil Emmott.

A letter dated 23 November 2018 from David Rogers, Group General Counsel of Tetrosyl Limited to Rochdale Council’s Director of Economy, John Searle, was read out.  The letter gave no detail and stated they are operating below the lower tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) thresholds and hence it is not currently subject to these regulations but hope to obtain an upper tier COMAH Licence in the New Year.

Pending an update from Councillor Neil Emmott, the Chair will write a further letter to Rochdale Council’s Chief Executive, again on behalf of the forum, expressing the concerns of the community and requesting that at that high level pressure is actually put on the Health and Safety Executive to police Tetrosyl and establish the actual situation, levels and type of storage.

Smalley Street – House cellars flooding due to lack of resurfacing works
The resurfacing work has all been completed to a high standard and thanks were given.

Castleton Hotel – Allegation of unauthorised change of use to hostel
Rochdale Council’s Housing Standards Team is investigating and they have been asked for an update.

Cherrington Drive road surface
Highways have been asked to inspect the poor resurfacing work, assess and carry out remedial repairs and they have been chased up for an update.

Royle Barn Road fly tipping
The fly tipping has been removed, the area cleaned up and all graffiti removed.

Chesham Avenue road surface
All the remedial repair work has been completed.

Silk Street – Lorries parking opposite Tesco’s entrance
All repair work to the footpath and kerb edges has been carried out.  Councillor Hornby has escalated the congestion issues to Highways.

Former Carcraft Site fly tipping
The area has been cleared and cleaned up.

Alley gate at Alexander Street/Partington Street/Jameson Street – Fly tipping and bins issues
All fly tipping was removed and the skip, but further fly tipping has taken place which will also be removed.  This situation is a work in progress and Rochdale Council’s Enforcement Team is serving Notice on the residents.

Royle Road/Gypsy Lane Corner sewerage smell
Environmental Health has been asked for an update on the pungent sewerage smell at the corner of Woolworth’s Club, next to the electricity sub-station.

Smalley Street/Station Approach Junction – Vehicles Driving Up No Entry

Highways have assessed the junction signage and report that the current signage is adequate and the issue is a moving traffic offence which is a matter for the Police to enforce.

The Farewell/Royle Barn Road – Damage to kerb edges
The repair work to the damaged kerb edges has been completed.

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