Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police


PC Farmer gave the crime statistics since the last forum.  She reported there have been fifteen burglary dwellings, nine thefts from motor vehicle and five thefts of motor vehicle.

She has met with the Ward Councillors and Highways over speeding issues on Manchester Road and read out the following Highways statement:

“Any requests for Speed Cameras, fixed or mobile and Red Light Cameras have to go through a strict criteria set by The Government.  This criteria is based on the number of recorded personal injury accidents over the last three years which are speed related or red light running, current vehicle speeds and the provision of a safe place for equipment to be sited and in the case of a mobile site a vehicle has a safe and legal area to park.  Any potential site has to have a history of road casualties over the last three year period available which have been linked to speeding or in the case of traffic signals, red light running.  Speed surveys would also have to be undertaken to check the average speeds and the 85%ile.  Looking at the latest collision records for Manchester Road, the area would not reach the required number of points to meet the criteria for a Fixed Camera Site, it may meet it for a mobile site, although the majority of collisions are not speed related.  A mobile site would also have to have speed surveys and be assessed for a safe, legal and visible place for a mobile van to be located.  The traffic signals would not meet the criteria for a red light running camera as there have been no recorded collisions”

Community Speed Watch Operations have been carried out , the speed gun used is not calibrated and cannot be used as evidence to enforce, but written warnings can and they have been sent to offending vehicle owners.

PC Farmer explained that there are already approved locations for the siting of mobile enforcement vehicles which are used and will continue to be used.  She is planning in the New Year to replicate the recently publicised Operation Considerate, during which a large number of vehicles were seized.  The Operation will involve other agencies and address the issues of speeding, no vehicle documentation, not wearing seat belts, use of mobile phones and vehicle worthiness.  Highway plans are being developed for Manchester Road in the next eighteen months which will reduce lane width and naturally slow vehicles down.

Public Realm Inspector, Diane Lodwig, is obtaining quotes to install knee rail around the lower points of Kingsland Common to prevent vehicles driving on to it; installation of a knee rail around the entire common would be too costly.  Consideration is being given to allowing the grass around the perimeter to grow to three or four feet, leaving the centre to be used socially.

Long standing anti-social behaviour and drug abuse around the canal bridge was discussed and the area is being patrolled.  The presence of shrines is a delicate subject and if on private land is a matter for the land owner to resolve.

All were reminded to be aware of home and vehicle security, not to leave valuables or presents on show, keep lights and alarms on and make it look like someone is home.

PC Farmer is holding a Christmas coffee afternoon at Castleton Community Centre between 12 noon and 3pm on Friday 14 December 2018 with mince pies, a raffle and carol singers from St Edwards Primary School, all are welcome.