Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police


PC Giblin introduced himself as the Neighbourhood Officer for Bamford, Norden and some parts of Spotland and Falinge.  The following crime statistics during the past three months were given.

32 in total, 19 in October alone.
 Most burglaries were patio door breaks in non-specific areas.  Numbers have dropped since the arrest and incarceration of an individual offender.  A further two arrests were made in November resulting in a further significant drop in offences.  PC Giblin intends to work with Homewatch Schemes, social media and leaflet drops.  He also intends to make best use of hi-vis patrols, plain clothes operations and analysis of crime patterns.

Business burglaries
5 in total, including a school, a public house, a farm and the Co-op store.

Taking from motor vehicle
14 in total, some vehicles were insecure and some displayed valuables.

Taking of motor vehicle
4 in total, some included removal of car keys from jacket pockets in public places.

Interfering with vehicle
10 in total.

2 in total, one at the Co-op store and one outside St. Michael’s Church.

Sgt Simon Sutcliffe will be responsible for the P1 beat, and he will be supervised by Insp. Jameson.  Bamford and Norden Wards will also be allocated one PCSO each.  Plain clothes operations require more resources which will inevitably mean staff will sometimes be required to help each other across other wards.  PC Giblin hopes to re-establish Pub Watch.  A new shift system has been introduced for response officers consisting of 2 x morning shifts, 2 x afternoons and 2 x night shifts.  Officers will have designated areas which will allow them to assist in neighbourhoods when possible.

PACT meetings
A long discussion took place around the online PACT meetings.  It concluded by the forum unanimously agreeing that they would like to resume face-to-face meetings; the forum accepted that they may not take place monthly as previously.

Neighbourhood Speed Watch
Residents would like to repeat the exercise done in the past on Seven Acres Lane.  PC Giblin happy to take this forward.
Action 2: Liaise with Rochdale Council’s Highways concerning the Neighbourhood Speed Watch (PC Giblin)

Edenfield Road Speeding
A discussion took place and it was acknowledged that speeding vehicles are an issue across the Borough.  There was a suggestion that average speed cameras might be used in the Village.  Councillor Winkler explained that this situation was a National Government matter and the issue had been so contentious that future planned schemes had been shelved.  Councillor Winkler confirmed that the matter of speeding and dangerous or irresponsible driving is being discussed at full Council.  Councillors also confirmed that discussions were taking place with GMP and Highways regarding the use of community speeding initiatives.

Keela is a Community Engagement Worker and she works with 110 stores and 67 funeral services across the North of England.  Keela gave an informative presentation which included the following information:


·           The dividend is currently frozen, a new membership has been introduced, and the organisation has reverted to its Co-op logo.

·           1% of members spend goes back into the community, any group can apply – details on the Co-op website.  Groups that have recently benefitted include:

o   Girl Guides

o   Bridge Juniors FC

o   Whittaker Moss PTA

o   Friends of Ashworth Valley

o   Hebron Church

o   Rochdale AFC

·           A Co-op store is targeted for violent crime across the North West every 6 days.  The Co-op is currently running a pilot scheme to work with communities to identify initiatives to combat this situation.  Workshops are taking place and results will be shared with other retailers.

·           Their Member Pioneer Scheme links with communities, stores and funeral care.

·           Co-op is working with Bright Futures to educate and employ victims of modern day slavery across the UK.

·           The Co-op has recently recognised Paul Ellison as a Community Hero.  Keela thanked Paul for all his efforts.