Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police - Update

To receive an update from Greater Manchester Police


Chief Inspector Warner (Greater Manchester Police (GMP)) updated the Township Committee on activities and initiatives that had been undertaken or were currently active by GMP in the Rochdale Township.


a.     Further to Minute 23 of the meeting of the Committee, held 10th October 2018, Chief Inspector Warner verbally updated Members on GMP’s management structure in the Rochdale Township area and undertook to circulate these details in writing to the Township Members.

b.     Chief Inspector Warner updated Members with regard to GMP’s 101 telephone number, especially with regard to abandoned calls due to the length of time that callers often have to wait. 

c.     A successful operation had been undertaken by GMP, in conjunction with the Council’s Children’s Services and other agencies, to counter anti-social behaviour by young people which had led to a series of arrests and a subsequent reduction in the reported behaviours.

d.     Operation Gallant – this was an exercise undertaken in November 2018 to counter drug dealing and modern slavery. This exercise alone resulted in 18 people being arrested, a number of whom who are now facing criminal prosecution.

e.     Operation Treacle – an operation that was undertaken during the autumn period to work against anti-social behaviour that was often associated with ‘Halloween’ and ‘Bonfire Night’, especially in relation to the misuse of fireworks (this exercise was carried out in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service). This operation was in the main successful but there were incidents of anti-social behaviour at the traditional bonfire at Cronkeyshaw Common.

f.       Operation Elf – an initiative to reduce anti-social behaviour in Rochdale’s town centre

g.     Operation Infinity – an ongoing operation to counter the large number of reported instances of anti-social behaviour on the Metrolink service between Rochdale and Oldham

h.     Operation Considerate – an initiative to clamp down on illegal and dangerous driving practices. This exercise was undertaken over a few days at different locations in Rochdale and resulted in action being taken against drivers for offences such as using mobile phones whilst driving, drivers and front seat passengers not wearing seatbelts and drivers not having not valid road tax or insurance for their vehicles (in these latter cases a number of vehicles were consequently impounded).

i.       Co-ordination of a number of ‘street watch’ schemes by local residents with the intention of these residents protecting their own streets.


Members of the Committee asked if some of the police’s resources could be used to target the illegal use of ‘off road’ quad bikers which were causing a significant nuisance to residents at different locations in the Township, especially in public parks and open spaces.



1.     The Greater Manchester Police update be noted and welcomed.

2.     Greater Manchester Police be requested to forward to Members of Rochdale Township Committee details of abandoned calls to their dedicated 101 telephone number due to the length of time that callers often have to wait for a response. 

3.     Greater Manchester police be requested to circulate to Members of Rochdale Township Committee, written details of their management structure in the Rochdale Township area, as presented verbally by Chief Inspector Warner, including the names of the appropriate senior officers and the areas in which GMP teams operate.