Agenda item

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Presentation on services provided


The Chair welcomed Mr. P. Cheetham, Ms. J. Reynolds and Ms. C. McCann from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust to the meeting who were in attendance to provide a presentation and general update on the services provided by the Trust within and without the Borough. Pennine Care provides mental health and community services to people living in the boroughs of Bury, Oldham and Rochdale, also providing mental health services in Stockport, Trafford and Tameside and Glossop. In this regard the Trust served a population of 1.3 million people, operated from 250 locations and had a workforce of over 5,000.


In the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale area (HMR) the Trust’s “service offer” was broken down as follows: Adult services (Primary Care, Community and inpatient), Child and Adolescent (Community and inpatient), Older People’s (Community and inpatient), Substance Misuse, Leaning Disability and Rehabilitation and High Support.


The Trust currently offers community services, which are provided by a large range of clinical and support staff including: district nurses, school nurses, health visitors, therapists, dentists and allied health professionals.


In terms of specialist services, Pennine Care provided Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, mental health support for Children, Young People and Families, dedicated Transition, Neuro-developmental, Primary Mental Health and Cared for Children mini teams integrated within the Service, including links to tier three inpatient units.


The presentation looked at ways of integrating services with the local health economy and in that regard examined all the different partners and other agencies that had a role to play in the provision of services by the Trust. In the Rochdale Borough the Trust had a series of locality teams which were largely split along the boundaries of the Borough’s four Township areas. Each of the locality teams had staff that worked in the community and in schools.


Members of the Committee were advised that the Trust was the subject of a ‘well led’ CQC inspection between August and October 2018, which concluded that overall the Trust still ‘required improvement’ but nonetheless had highlighted a number of areas of good practice within the Trust’s footprint such as dentistry, oral health and children’s mental health services.


Members asked questions and sought clarification from Mr Cheetham and his colleagues including:

a.     Provision of ‘out of hours’ services that are offered by the Trust

b.     Clarification was sought relating to the provision of dentistry and oral health services

c.     Clarification of the current financial situation appertaining to the Trust

d.     Details of the Trust’s workforce strategy and staffing levels

e.     Outcomes of the recent CQC ‘well led’ inspection and details of any follow-up inspections that the CQC may be planning to undertake


Members of the Committee expressed an interest in visiting the Trust’s facilities and services that were on offer at Nye Bevan House, Rochdale.


At the conclusion of the presentation the representatives from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust were thanked for their attendance and invited to attend future meetings to provide an update on the issues that were discussed.



1.     That the presentation by representatives of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust be noted and welcomed.

2.     Arrangement be made for Members of the Committee to visit the Trust’s facilities and services that were on offer at Nye Bevan House, Rochdale.

3.     That details of the ‘out of hours’ services that are offered by the Trust be forwarded to Members of the Committee.

4.     That the representatives of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust be invited to  future meeting of the  Committee to provide an update on their service provision in the Borough of Rochdale.