Agenda item

Open Forum


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    Illegal Tipping


Reports were submitted about illegal tipping in the alleygated area that runs between Deepish Road and Middlehurst Road and the area around Osborne Street and Ashfield Road.


2.    Stoneyfield Park


The Forum was informed that approximately £14k had been secured for the development of the above site. It was acknowledged that to make significant changes to the site it was highly likely that additional funding would be required.


For the time being, however Environmental Management, who would be leading on the project needed to know what the community wanted from the site which in turn would enable a costing exercise to be undertaken.


Following discussion it was suggested that improvements to drainage were required on the site and improved lighting around the kick pitch was needed. It was also suggested that changing facilities would be beneficial and that a consultation exercise be undertaken.


A resident also commented that the gates in the park had been welded together.


3.    Bridlington Square


It was reported that access to the garages on Bridlington Square are being obstructed by vehicles.


4.    Mere Street / Castlemere Street


A lengthy discussion took place about the introduction of a one-way system on Mere Street and Castlemere Street. Forum members were reminded that this request was part of the recent highway consultation exercise that was undertaken in the Ward. Highways had concluded that the introduction of such a scheme would not be supported on the grounds of cost and safety. Some residents challenged this finding. Councillors present at the meeting stated they would re-visit this request.


A resident asked why William Street was one-way given the fact that it was a wide carriageway. It was also commented that Kent Street required attention in that residents park on either side of the road making it potentially difficult for emergency service vehicles to access.


It was commented that Highways are currently looking at Kent Street with a view to improving the situation.


5.    Milkstone Road Traffic Regulation Order


In response to a question is was explained that the above order is being progressed.


6.    Code of Conduct


A resident commented that discipline should be maintained at meetings and the code of conduct respected.


7.    S-Bend on Milkstone Road


A resident asked if the road could be re-configured on Milkstone Road to remove the s-bend.


8.    Bollards – Tweedale Street


The Forum was asked if they thought the placement of bollards along a stretch of Tweedale Street would be beneficial to stop parking on the pavement. The Forum was in support of this suggestion.


9.    Placement of Traffic Signs


It was commented that two traffic signs have recently been placed in inappropriate locations on Tweedale Street and Mere Street. This had been reported previously – a reminder will be sent.


10.Pothole Repairs


In response to a question it was acknowledged that a schedule for pothole repairs is in operation, however timeframes for specific repairs were not known.


11.Neighbourhood Watch Presentation


It was agreed that a presentation in connection with the above will be included on the agenda of the next Forum meeting.


12. A discussion took place about the lack of bins on Millkstone Road / Tweedale Street. It was suggested that suitable;locations should be forwarded to the Township and Engagement Officer.


13.It was commented that motor vehicle repairs / sales are taking place

     within the alleygated area near to Vivian Street.


14.A resident asked what plans were in place within the Borough to introduce more charging points for electric cars.