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Middleton Town Centre Management Company
Victoria advised that she has developed a great working relationship with Diane Lodwig and visits will be arranged on a regular basis to deal with any issues in relation to the Town Centre.

Councillor Martin queried how Middleton Market is performing and she was advised by Victoria that December and January are always difficult months for markets, but it is continuing to grow.

Victoria stated new backing sheets for the market have been ordered and these will update the markets and also serve to protect the traders from poor weather conditions.

Friends of Middleton View
The Friends of Middleton View advised that their application to Township for funding to repair the knee rail fence was successful, and the grant should be paid within the next few days.  Works will be undertaken by the Green Volunteers.

The Friends of group stated that there are ongoing issues at Tonge Fields regarding fly-grazing, which they have previously discussed with Lauren.  Unfortunately, without knowing who the owner is/having an address for the owners there is very little that Rochdale Council can do.  The Estates Team have written to the last known tenant’s address with no success.  The group have been advised that they should contact the RSPCA if the horses are in danger.  It was agreed that if anyone is able to provide information regarding the horses’ owner and their address, this information can be passed to Lauren confidently to be shared with the Estates Team.

Friends of Jubilee Park
All works to the Exedra are now complete and look fantastic.  The group were thanked for their ongoing work in keeping the park looking as good as it does.

Friends of Wince Brook
The Friends of Wince Brook advised that during the very heavy rains on Saturday 16 March 2019, Wince Brook did flood and all four bridges within the brook were submerged in water.

A grant application to Township was successful and £7,100 was approved to create new pathways.  These paths won’t be situated near to the river as Wince Brook is a flood plain.

The group have also applied to Tesco Bags of Help, and they will be in stores in March and April.  Everyone was asked to use their tokens to help the group receive funding as these funds will be used with the Township grant towards the pathways.

A discussion took place regarding what will be used to create the pathways, as the recent heavy rain washed away some of the cinder pathways.  The group advised that some of the boardwalks will be removed and replaced.

Green Volunteers
The Green Volunteers usually meet on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and this morning was spent repairing pathways in Alkrington Woods.

Friends of Alkrington Woods
Since re-launching the group, the Friends of Alkrington Woods have now got a bank account and constitution in place.

One of the first schemes the group are looking to develop is a scheme around the McBride’s Wood area, which is the nearest gateway into the Woods from the Town Centre.

A litter pick was scheduled for Saturday 16 March 2019 but it was called off due to the flooding.  The group advised that the floods were the worst since December 2015, and when the flooding started it brought sewerage.  It was agreed that Lauren would ask Sarah Pilkington from the Environment Agency to make contact with the group regarding this matter.

The pathways installed by the Mersey Trust have been, in parts, washed away, and queried if they could be moved further up to stop this happening in the future.  It was agreed that Lauren will ask Mike Cummings to put the group in contact with Officers from the Mersey Trust.

The group’s Chairman advised that there are a number of ongoing ASB issues in the Woods at the moment, and in recent weeks there have been four muggings and knives found.  Also there are still issues with ASB around Rhodes Lodges.  The group queried if the old toilet block and layby could be removed?  Concerns were expressed that if the block was demolished it could open up an opportunity for building on the site.  All agreed that it will need a multi-agency approach to try and resolve the ongoing issues.

Councillor Martin advised that a clean-up/litter pick has been arranged with pupils at Alkrington Primary supported by Mike Cummings.

Friends of Boarshaw Cemetery
Lauren had been advised via email that the next group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9 April 2019 from 2.00pm at the Old Boars Head.

A member of the group asked that thanks to the group Chairman be noted, especially as the group is quite small but continues to work hard to ensure that the cemetery is an attractive and nice place for families to visit.

Friends of Hopwood Woods Nature Reserve
The group again raised concerns about the gullies on the cycle path that have still not been cleared.  It was agreed that Lauren will again raise this issue with colleagues in Highways.

Absolute Angling
No representative present to provide an update.

Friends of Bowlee Community Park
The majority of the fencing is now completed, although there may be a small shortfall in funding and it could necessitate a grant application to Township.

A litter pick has been arranged for Saturday 30 March 2019 at 10am.

The Chairman advised that in relation to a school, he has been checking the DfE website for updates and there are now three bidders on the site.

There are a number of markers within the park with poppies on and they may apply to Township for a grant to renovate them.

The next group meeting will take place on 25 April 2019 at 7pm in Bowlee Pavilion.

Friends of Mellalieu Street
The group advised that they have been having some ongoing issues with surface water and suspect that this situation is being caused by blocked drains.  It was agreed that this issue would be passed on to Highways by Lauren.

No representative present to provide an update.

Middleton Cricket Club
No representative present to provide an update.

Councillor Martin advised that she has concerns that some parks are given a lot of support, but others such as Limefields and Penrhyn Park don’t receive the same level of support.

Councillor Martin stated that following the last meeting, she met with Environmental Management Officers about the bushes that were encroaching on the fields and football pitches and this resulted in them being cut back.

Councillor Martin asked that it be noted what a great job the gardeners, Steve and Duncan, do in the fields.  They attend most morning and clear up and maintain the area.

Middleton Civic Association
A representative asked if there is a Council contingency regarding Warwick Mill, as the owners haven’t completed what they originally planned to.  Councillors advised that Rochdale Council do attend when they are made aware of issues at the site, and will undertake urgent works as needed, and then bill the owners.  The Council also continues to put pressure on the owners.

Middleton in Bloom
A representative from the group advised that the Great British Spring Clean takes place on Sunday 14 April 2019, but as this falls within purdah no Members will be present.

The group advised that they have been at a meeting today about ‘social prescribing’, which will allow doctors to suggest involvement in groups such as In Bloom to improve patients’ health.

Measurements have been sent to Highways regarding the installation they are planning at Springvale.  This installation will be a steam train planter, in addition to other ideas throughout Middleton.  Once Highways and Environmental Management have given their agreement, the proposals will be sent to Middleton Township Councillors for comments.

Middleton Brass Band
No representative present to provide an update.