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Open Forum


Community Speed Watch
The forum was advised that GMP are to provide dates when they are next available to assist with the campaign.  A resident will be leading on this initiative during the pre-election period.

Coronation Lodge
The issue is still with the Council’s Planning and Legal departments, and this situation may lead to prosecutions in the future depending on the outcome.

Milnrow and Newhey Masterplan
Priorities will need to be set for the villages.  Transport for Greater Manchester has a budget available for new car parks; the issue is usually that they don’t have land available.

Crossing patrols
Residents expressed their concern regarding the crossing patrol proposal and the safety impact.  It was explained that the Council are not proposing they remove the crossing patrol, they are proposing they remove the budget and ask schools to pay for the service themselves.

Brook at Butterworth Hall
A resident expressed their concern and frustration that the work needed to clear debris from the brook has not yet been carried out.  Councillor Davidson explained that the Environment Agency (EA) are responsible for the work and she is working with Council Officers to ensure that the EA fulfil their responsibilities and carry out the necessary work to ensure the water flows as it should which will help prevent the flooding of the residents’ homes.
Action 2: Update residents with progress (Councillor Davidson)

Pedestrian Island top of Bentgate Street
Residents reported that the island was badly damaged in a road traffic accident in December last year and the repairs have still not been carried out.  Debris from the crash hasn’t been removed and residents are concerned for the safety of the school children and pedestrians who have to use the island in its current state.
Action 3: Liaise with Highways to request immediate action and update residents (Councillor Bamford)

Harbour Lane gully and footpath
A resident reported that the gully is higher than the footpath causing water to pool and as a result the surface of the footpath is breaking up causing an uneven surface which presents hazards for pedestrians.
Action 4: Request Highways inspection (Tracey Knight)

Rear of Rochdale Road, Firgrove
A resident raised a number of issues regarding the land at the rear of Rochdale Road.  Some issues have been dealt with by Environmental Management.
Action 5: Request Clean and Green Team clean-up (Tracey Knight)

Pot holes
Pot holes were reported at the rear of Sandringham Drive and Fairway; Bentgate Street and bottom of Severn Drive (the cobbles are also loose at this location).
Action 6: Report to Highways and request inspection (Tracey Knight)

Balfour Beatty Contract
A discussion took place regarding the tender process for awarding the highways contract.  Residents raised concerns about the standard of work from Balfour Beatty.  Residents were advised that an Officer has now been employed to inspect the contractor’s work.

Experimental Traffic Regulation Order on Ladyhouse Close
A resident spoke against the Order which prevents vehicular access onto Ladyhouse Close from Elizabethan Way.  For residents in this area it means they are diverted through the already congested village to get to their homes.  Alternative suggestions have been submitted to Highways but there has been no response.  One suggestion was to install enforcement cameras; this option has been looked at previously but wasn’t feasible due to the cost.  It was also reported that vehicles have been seen driving on the wrong side of the road to enter Ladyhouse Lane.  It was explained this experimental Order came about as a result of the number of complaints from road users who were held up by vehicles waiting to turn right into Ladyhouse Lane resulting in traffic being backed up at peak times.  Whilst some residents are unhappy with the Order, it has also been supported by others.
Action 7: Pass this information to Highways and request that they include the residents’ suggestions in their final report (Tracey Knight)

Strange noise in Derwent Avenue area
A resident of Derwent Avenue had reported that she can hear a strange noise at all times of the day which sounds like it could be a factory or chimney noise.  She wanted to check if anybody else could hear the noise before she reported it.  Many other nearby residents confirmed that they could hear a similar noise.

Questions raised in advance

Council Tax increase
Why have the Mayoral Police Precept and Mayoral General Precept both increased by 13.8% and 13.2% respectively?  This is more than 5 times the rate of inflation, so is not acceptable.
The question has been raised with the combined authority, and they have responded by saying they signpost such queries to the information held on their website, please see the link

Off road bike
An off road biker is frequenting Smith Hill daily from 3pm.  Residents reported that two bikes have been seized recently which should help to alleviate the issues.

Travis Street, Newhey
Dead end/No Through Road sign at the end of Travis Street, Newhey.  Cars are speeding up trying to avoid traffic even though the street is a dead end.
Highways have confirmed they have requested a ‘No Through Road’ Sign to be installed.

Untaxed cars
Untaxed cars on road, who do we report to?  Reported to DVLA a few times, but cars still on the road?
Highways have advised that the Council has no enforcement powers regarding untaxed vehicles.  Residents are advised to continue reporting issues to DVLA and refer to their complaints procedure if they are unsatisfied with their lack of response.

United Utilities employee was assaulted in Milnrow last week and they had their van stolen and three cars from one household have been stolen over the weekend.
Action 8: Issue forwarded to GMP for response (PC Hutchinson)

A resident suggested it would improve trust and public relations if the PCSOs engaged with the local community by calling into shops and businesses as they patrolled, which doesn’t appear to be happening.
Action 9: Issue forwarded to GMP for response (PC Hutchinson)