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Staffing and Workforce Development Strategy

Director of Strategy - Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, to report


The Trust’s Executive Director (Workforce) gave a presentation to the Committee regarding the Trust’s Staffing and Workforce Development Strategy. Pennine Care currently employed approximately 5,650 staff with a further 936 staff on their temporary bank which provide ad-hoc cover to fill gaps created either by sickness or vacancies.


The workforce comprised staff that worked with Mental Health/Learning Disability and Community Services across the Trust’s footprint. The current staff turnover rate for the Trust was 11.58%, which was within the `average’ range compared to other Mental Health/Learning Disability NHS Providers in the North of England. The Trust’s vacancy rate was currently 11.37%. Staff sickness rates were 5.66% which was above average, when compared to the Trust’s ‘peer group’.


The ‘harder to fill’ roles within Pennine Care mirrored the regional and national gaps in this regard, including: Medical Staff, newly qualified nursing roles (especially Band 5 level nurses in Mental Health services), walk-in centre staff and Health Visitors.


In terms of Brexit a risk assessment had been carried out into potential implications for the Trust’s workforce. It had been deemed that this presently warranted a `low risk’, based on the fact that only 1.8% of the Trust workforce were, presently, non-UK EU nationals.  The Trust had monitored its leaver rates since 2016 and there had only been five non-UK EU nationals who have left the Trust’s employ in the last two years.


It was though recognised that the national implications of Brexit may impact on the future supply chain for the wider NHS workforce which may impact on Pennine Care as other competitor organisations look at different pools for recruitment.


To address future workforce challenges the Trust’s Workforce Strategy had established areas of focus and action to address various challenges. The workforce strategy had been set against four key domains:

a.     Effective and Sustainable Workforce – the Trust aimed to have the right numbers of staff, with the right skills in the right types of jobs in the right place to deliver effective and safe care, including a representative workforce that is flexible to meet challenging service requirements in the future.

b.     Capable and Skilled People - all staff to be appropriately trained and have access to the most effective and efficient learning and development opportunities.

c.     Effective Leadership – this includes valuing and supporting staff including leaders who can model the Trust’s core and key values and behaviours. Performance measures would be used to ensure the Trust is providing effective leadership. 

d.     Health, Wellbeing and Staff Engagement – this includes the promotion of a healthy organisational culture where staff contribute to the delivery of organisational objectives and are able to demonstrate the Trust’s values.  These key areas are underpinned by an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

The report considered also the transfer of Community services and the Committee was advised of the timeline in this regard:

i)       North East Sector (Oldham, Bury and HMR Adults) – Salford Royal NHS Trust Board is due to consider the business case for transfer towards the end of April 2019. Following formal ratification, the TUPE consultation process will commence with effect from 1st May 2019 with a view to staff transferring 1st July 2019.

ii)     Trafford – Manchester Foundation Trust Board is due to consider a business case for the transfer of services in May 2019.  Following formal ratification, the TUPE consultation process will commence with a view to staff transferring on 1st October 2019.

The transfer will affect those staff working directly in the clinical services within the community along with a number of corporate staff who provide support into the community services.


A detailed action plan and performance report have been developed to monitor progress and impact.  The Trust’s People and Workforce Committee have oversight of the workforce strategy implementation.


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