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Objections to Traffic Regulation Order - Hollingworth Road and Canal Street, Littleborough

To consider objections to a proposed Traffic Regulation Order, at Hollingworth Road and Canal Street, Littleborough


The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which described a request that had been received for the Council to investigate the introduction of parking restrictions along Hollingworth Road. Members of the public had reported issues of obstructive parking along the route. The parking activity was associated with members of the public visiting the lake and it was reported that during busy periods parking occurs on both sides of the Hollingworth Road. This affected both traffic and pedestrians.


A scheme detailing new parking restrictions had been drafted and approved by local members. The restrictions were then formally promoted and during the consultation period the Council had received two letters of objection.


In general, the objectors reported that the restrictions will unnecessarily reduce the number of available on-street parking spaces for visitors accessing the lake and request that the Council first look to increase the number of off-street spaces available for visitors.


The Committee had received a written question on this matter from Mr. Cropper, asking if there was an option for this proposed traffic Regulation Order to include: ’no waiting at any time’ restrictions. The Highway Officer informed the Committee that he had replied in writing to Mr. Cropper, advising him that this was not an option available for consideration.


An objector was present at the meeting and with the permission of the Chair she addressed the Committee to amplify these concerns.


The report outlined the reason for the proposal, the objections received and the responses to the objections.


Alternatives considered:

The Committee could consider recommending that the proposal be amended or abandoned.



1.    The Traffic Regulation Order, Borough of Rochdale ((Civil Enforcement of Traffic Contraventions) (Various Streets) (Pennines Township) Order 2008) (Amendment) (No.71) Order be implemented as advertised

2.    The Director of Neighbourhoods be requested to submit a report to a future meeting of Pennines Township Committee that reviews the provision of parking for buses and coaches in the vicinity of Hollingworth Lake and which also reviews the car parking tariffs


Reasons for the decision:

The Director of Neighbourhoods reported that a request was received from Littleborough Lakeside Ward Members to review the existing restrictions on Hollingworth Road with a view to addressing issues of indiscriminate parking. An approved commissioning form has been received from Rochdale Township for the Council to promote new restrictions.


Hollingworth Road is classified as the B 6225 and extends from Hollingworth Lake to Littleborough Town Centre. The road is one of two access routes to Hollingworth Lake, the areas main major tourist attraction. The road is also a bus route and the alternative route for high vehicles avoiding the low bridge in Littleborough. It forms part of the Council’s strategic route network.


There were existing restrictions in place at the southern end of the road in the form of double yellow lines on the west side and a single yellow line on the east side. These extend to a point approximately 200 metres north of Lake Bank. The single yellow line restricts parking on weekends and bank holidays between Noon and 8pm. There are no further restrictions except towards the northern end of the route.


It was reported that visitors to the lake are parking to the north of the restrictions, often in a double parked arrangement, despite spaces being available within the dedicated car park located on the west side near to Lake Bank. Vehicles also park wholly or partially on the footway and on the single yellow line outside of the operational times.

Eligible for Call-in: Yes.

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