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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday 21 February 2019 were agreed and the following updates were given.

Brimrod Lane parking
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have provided a response concerning the picket fencing installed on Brimrod Lane Green: “This work was carried out in response to a high number of complaints from residents about people using the green area for parking.  Our Neighbourhood Action Plan also identifies that despite being a neighbourhood made up of almost entirely of family homes, there was little or no space for children to play.  We have to consider the neighbourhood as a whole and unfortunately, we sometimes make decisions which don’t please everyone.  The grassed area should never have been used by residents for parking on and was always intended to be used as a ‘green’.  As far as the Neighbourhoods Team go, there are no current plans to do the same work on Holborn Street.  If you would like to pass on the details of the tenants who raised this at the meeting, we will contact them directly to explain”.

Details were passed on following which a further response was received: “To summarise his complaints and our response to him.  The Neighbourhood Action Plan identified requirement for children’s space to play.  Brimrod is a neighbourhood of family housing.  We have to consider the whole neighbourhood, not just those with a car.  He wasn’t consulted – I advised him that the NAPs are available to our tenant members for consultation (he’s an Owner Occupier) but that said, we don’t have to consult on every decision we make for our land.  We haven’t removed any parking spaces, we have just made the land suitable for the purpose its intended, ie a green space  I said I’d speak to Asset Management about doing a driveway programme for tenants – he said that won’t solve any issues it will cause further problems with people blocking driveways.  There is very little parking in Brimrod – advised him we are not responsible for the infrastructure and roads but that he could approach a Councillor about that issue (I think Highways or Street Planning would have to look at that).  He quite rightly said that the double parking means that the access for emergency services could be impeded (we will raise that issue with our fire officer when he returns to work, however, the result may be double yellow lines down one side of the road if they feel it will cause them a problem).  He is our only complainant, we haven’t received any complaints from anyone else, in fact there have been a couple of passing compliments from our tenants.  He advised us that he is having his own driveway built on his property, we think that’s an excellent idea and have given permission to one of our tenants to do the same”.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing would not further meet with the resident to go over the same issues.

Dog fouling
A letter was sent to the suspect offending dog owners concerning the dog fouling on Holborn Street Green and ‘No Dog Fouling’ stickers put up on various lampposts from 28 Holborn Street to 120 Holborn Street and also around the Green and Brimrod Lane area.

Fly tipping
The fly tipping at the end of Brimrod Lane was removed.  Hit Teams attended the location and searched for evidence.  If and when evidence is found, Enforcement Officers will write to the offender and ask them to come in for interview, and if they do not attend then a process is followed and the offender will be prosecuted.  If they attend the interview and admit the offence then the offender will be fined or pay costs and receive a caution.  Fixed Penalty amount is £400 reduced to £250 if paid within first 7 days.  If the issue proceeds to Court, the maximum fine is £50,000.

The black bags dumped on Dixon Street were examined by the Hit Team.  No evidence was found and the bags were removed.

Cotton Lane trees
The diseased and unsafe trees on Cotton Lane at the top end near Rouse Street have all been cut and cleared and some logs were left behind to rot down for ecological reasons.

Marland Golf Course
Bamford Ward Councillors’ campaign to save Marland Golf Course was effective in changing minds and resulted in an agreement to have it run by a professional for a full year to make it successful.  The future is looking good for the Golf Course with take up and free classes for children.  Ward Councillors continue their support.

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