Agenda item

PACT meeting - Greater Manchester Police


PS Sutcliff, PC Marvell and PCSO Stewart attended the meeting for this item.


In response to a question the Forum agreed that since the last Area Forum meeting in March residents had noticed a more visible GMP presence in some areas in the Ward – South Street park, Ramsay Street and Entwistle Road near to the Leisure Centre being identified.


However it was also commented that some areas are being neglected -Greenbank Road being cited.


GMP then provided a brief overview of activities / issues they had been involved in since the last meeting:


-       Increased presence around Oswald Street as a result of concerns raised by residents at the last meeting.


It was also commented that the Council is looking at ways in which access to the area can be restricted although this is a complex issue as the area is adopted highway therefore legal processes apply to any changes introduced.


In response to a question GMP acknowledged that early hour responses to incidents is poor. It was explained that this occurs because of the shift patterns of Officers, however this is being looked at.


-       Seizure of cars on Oswald Street, Ramsay Street and Gower Street.


-       The introduction of a Homewatch Scheme.


-       Introduced a ‘pulse’ policing initiative which involves GMP Officers flooding a particular area which in turn increases police presence and visibility. Results from this type of operation have been positive.


-       Consideration is being given to the introduction of Ward surgeries / pods to improve engagement between GMP and residents and provide another mechanism to aid communication in addition to the PACT meeting which occurs every three months.


The Forum thought this would be a good idea with suggestions being put forward about possible locations – Mosque, hot spots anti-social behaviour areas – Oswald Street, Jack McCann Court and the lodge area adjacent to Hamer Hall Crescent being identified as ASB areas.


-       Ongoing investigations into drug activity in the Ward with four drug warrants being issued.


-       GMP suggested the introduction of area walkabouts with Ward Councillors.


-       A neighbour dispute is currently ongoing concerning access to the Ajnabi Community Garden. It is hoped that an agreement between the parties can be reached. This was supported by the Ward Councillors.


-       A number of CCTV enquiries are ongoing.


-       Contact cards have been distributed.


-       Incident figures for the last three months demonstrated that anti-social behaviour, residential burglary, community burglary and robbery were down, whereas criminal damage was up. No changes had occurred in relation to theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles.


It was also commented that GMP’s investment in recent years had focussed on front line officers, serious crime officers and specialist operations arguably at the expense of neighbourhood policing. However the current Central Ward Team are looking to improve this particular element of policing. The Forum was also informed that plans are in place to recruit another Sargeant into the area.


The Forum congratulated GMP on their approach and plans for the Ward.