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Police and Communities Together


PCSO Sana Haider is being moved to another area in Rochdale and she was thanked for her hard work, efforts and high visibility whilst serving the Bamford area.  Sana’s replacement will be PCSO 71119 Becky Renshaw who is very experienced and she have several weeks to work with Sana and hand over.

PC Martin Giblin and PCSO Becky Renshaw presented the crime statistics from the date of the last forum on 22 August 2019 to today’s date 14 November 2019 and presented the following information.


Crime figures are low with two burglary dwellings since the last forum to date, three criminal damages, one theft from motor vehicle and no thefts of motor vehicles.


The Neighbourhood Team will continue with high visibility patrols in the areas of concern along with leaflet cocooning in areas of demand at peak times.  In addition, the team have provided updates and crime prevention advice to the area Home Watch Coordinators, Whats App Groups and GMP social media.

Theft from motor vehicles
The Bamford Team together with colleagues from the Spotland area have been carrying out high visibility patrols in the Oulder Hill, Hudson Walk and Cemetery areas during the day as both areas had experienced a number of incidents.  One suspected offender has been recalled back to prison for a non-related incident.  Another group of males have been identified by area officers as carrying out similar incidents.

Pulse policing
Pulse policing is an operation where a mobile team on night shifts is formed comprising of Officers from other areas within Rochdale.  The team patrol various different hot spot areas which may be having problems regarding issues such as anti-social behaviour or criminality, and they provide reassurance in the area.

GMP reminded residents that due to the nature of the burglaries consideration should be given to changing their routines.  In addition, residents were asked to review their home security, in particularly access points, lighting, alarms and ensuring all keys are kept in a safe place.

Dark nights
With Christmas around the corner, safety is really important now the clocks have gone back as it gets dark around 6pm, so a reminder was given to close windows and doors and carry on with crime prevention activities.  There will be an increase in high visibility patrols around hot spot areas, leaflet drop for properties in darkness and where appropriate crime prevention advice given.

Community Speed Watch
Speeding in the ward is a very serious concern and further Community Speed Watch initiatives will be set up and organised to take place in the evening when speeding is at its worst.  PC Giblin will ask for scarce Force Traffic resources to be allocated to the area to conduct speeding enforcement, but there will be competition as there is high demand from all areas in the GMP area.  Another high profile initiative Operation Considerate will be conducted using Automatic Number Plate Recognition to enforce document and driving offences and this presence will act as a deterrent against speeding.  Given the long standing problem and the fact that the use of Force Resources is neither guaranteed or particularly under the control of the Rochdale Police Division, Councillor Sullivan has formally written to the Divisional Commander of the Rochdale Division about the issue.  She informed him the forum and all Ward Councillors would be very grateful if the Divisional Commander could investigate the acquisition of calibrated speed enforcement gun(s) and training for PC Giblin and other eligible Officers in the use of that equipment to give the flexibility and responsiveness to combat speeding vehicles and when carried out to publicise results as a deterrent.

It was asked whether the registration number of vehicles where drivers displayed poor driving standards could be passed on to the Police.  It was confirmed they can for information but there would be evidential requirements.