Agenda item

Greater Manchester Police


Crime statistics
GMP advised on the following crime statistics since the last forum (17 September 2019):

Residential burglaries
7 reported.  Occurred primarily at mid to very early morning via patio/rear doors.

Commercial burglaries
1 reported.  Norden Post Office.  2 arrests made.

Theft from motor vehicle
2 reported.  Various times of the day.  Residents reminded to leave vehicles empty and locked.

Taking of motor vehicle
2 reported.

Criminal damage
5 reported.  Occurred at various locations.


Officers advised the forum they had been actively leafletting local areas of concern and liaising with neighbourhood groups to circulate any relevant intelligence and crime prevention advice.  ‘Operation Dark Nights’ had resulted in shift patterns being temporarily changed to allow beat officers to patrol through the night in plain clothes covering hot spot areas.  This action had resulted in a reduction in the reports of burglaries.  Advice was given to the forum attendees regarding home safety and crime prevention.

Pub Watch
The successful ‘Pub Watch Scheme’ is set to meet again on 23 January 2020.  Meetings are held quarterly throughout the year in alternate public houses to share local information.

Operation Dragster
Operation Dragster took place on 28 October and 3 November 2019.  Three seizures were made (2 bikes and 1 van), four Section 59 warnings were issued to deal with offences such as no insurance, etc.

Speeding Operation
GMP advised of a recent speed operation carried out along with officers from the Spotland & Falinge ward.  Another one will be carried out in January 2020.

Residents queried matters with GMP including:

·           What happens to vehicles which are seized?  GMP advised the vehicle is taken to their compound and a fee is payable for its release (£150 + £25/day) on the proviso there is a valid insurance certificate.  If not collected in 28 days the vehicle is crushed.


·           Could there be a policy drawn up to fine those people whose irresponsible activities cause fires to start on the moors?  Oldham Council were fining people recently in the spate of fires started upon Saddleworth Moor.  Councillor Gartside advised he would be in support of this action.


·         Edenfield Road speeding and parking issues

GMP clarified the extent of what measures can be undertaken including requesting ANPR cars to patrol areas and monitoring equipment to be placed on the road by the Council.  Parking Wardens can issue tickets and GMP can get involved in any obstructions.  Areas of concern can be reported to either the Council or GMP via their websites.

Action 1: The Chair advised he will raise the matters with an associate who collates statistics on non-injury accidents, etc. and report back to the forum.


·         Shawfield Lane speeding and parking issues

Residents requested assistance from Councillors and GMP concerning speeding on Shawfield Lane stating that 20 mph speed restriction signage that used to be situated at the top of the lane doesn’t exist anymore.  GMP advised they would add the area of concern on to their list of locations for future speed initiatives.  Councillors advised that they will ask Highways about replacement signage.  Other suggestions included making the road wider to improve parking provision near to the school by removing grass verges and also changing the road to one-way.

Action 2: The Chair advised he will raise the matters with PC Giblin regarding a speed initiative and Councillors will escalate the signage request to the Council’s Highways Department.