Agenda item

Pennines Township Funds 2019/20

To consider applications for funding from the Township’s Capital and Revenue Funds 2019/2020


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which provided an update on the revenue and capital expenditure, commitments and balances of the Pennines Township Funds 2019/20, which would enable the Sub-Committee to consider the allocation of funds to proposed projects.


Alternatives considered: In considering the report, Members considered whether or not to approve the allocation of funds to projects as appropriate.



1.               That the expenditure, commitments and balances for Pennines Township revenue and capital funds as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the submitted report, be noted;

2.               That decisions made under delegated authority as detailed in Appendix 3 of the submitted report, be noted;

3.               That it be noted that the Townships and Communities Manager has assessed proposed projects that were to be considered for funding against the criteria of eligibility for the Pennines Township Fund, the priorities of the Township and that any specific risks were identified in the submitted report;

4.               That the applications for Township Funds 2019/20 be dealt with as outlined in the table below.





Projects Fund




Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation – Pennines TRY

Approved: £2,850.


The Star Tree Studio CIC – The Gig House

Approved: £10,800

Town Centres Fund




Littleborough Food and Drink Sub-Committee - Littleborough Food and Drink Festival 2020

Approved: £2,669.60

Capital Fund





PCC of Holy Trinity Church – Holy Trinity Project 2020

Approved: £20,000 (£13, 519 to be funded from the Township’s Capital Fund and £6,481 to be funded from the Township’s Revenue Fund)


Hamer Community Primary School – Calder Street restrictions

Consideration of this application be deferred for further consideration at a future meeting of the Sub-Committee, pending a site visit to the application site by Smallbridge and Firgrove Ward Councillors and the submission of a revised application

Smallbridge and Firgrove Ward Capital Fund




Councillor Hussain – bollard at Ditton Mead Close

Approve: £150


5.               That the Townships and Communities Manager, in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Sub-Committee, be given delegated authority to make decisions on any deferred projects.


Reasons for the decision:

The recommendations in the report were presented as management of the Pennines Township Fund is a function that is delegated to the Pennines Township Delegated and Funding Sub Committee. Pennines Township Funds are allocated to projects that benefit the Township’s community and environment, and realise the Township’s priorities and which will enable the Sub-Committee to monitor and review the use of the Pennines Township Fund to ensure the continued efficient and effective use of the funds.

Eligible for Call-in: Yes

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